When Family Comes.


Johnny was walking into the VIP headquarters when his phone rung ."Hello" he said but no one answered. Then a machine kicked in and it said some address that was only fifteen minutes away. He told Tousha and quick who were in the office, and they took off to the address.

Back at the warehouse

Man, if these aren't the right codes, she will die (he points to Nikki) PUT THEM OVER THERE!

One of the other men put the girls over buy the nooses and two men stood watch by the door as the other men left with codes and put them into a computer. About two minutes later the computer screen popped up and said "Incorrect Access Coed". The man was furious. He stormed into the room were Nikki and Emily were. He walked right up to Emily and said, "you have picked the wrong guy to mess with!" He then turned and grabbed Nikki and thru her into one of the other men who then took her and put her up onto the barrel and wrapped the rope around her neck. He looked at Emily then back up at Nikki.

Emily " Those are the codes I swear try them again" she yelled

The man looked even more angry, "Kill her" he said. Just then the door busted in and in popped Johnny, then Tousha and Quick. They started after the men in the room, but Nikki was wobbling back and forth. The barrel was on the side so she had to keep her balance. Johnny went over to get Nikki down but Quick knocked a man into the barrel and it went flying across the room, Tousha saw what happened and thru one of her knives at the rope, bulls eye it hit and cut the rope down. She landed right on top of Johnny.

Nikki starts to cough Johnny, "are you ok?" Nikki, "my head, it feels like its going explode. (she said laying her head down on him) Johnny, "come on we have to get you to the hospital..., Nikki?Nikki?

He picked her up chains and all, and went out the door. just as that happened quick and Tousha finished off the men Quick grabbed Emily, and ran out the door to. on the way to the hospital they called the cops and told them what happened. When the got to the hospital they rushed Nikki strait to the ER. They what'd for two hours before the doc came out.

Doctor, is there any family hear?" They all looked at each other. they knew if they said no the doctor wouldn't tell them if she was ok. Johnny, "I am!" he jumped up Doctor, "how?" Johnny, "husband" Doctor, " Well Nikki was shot with a tranquilizer gun it hit her close to her spine and her nerves couldn't function right which caused other problems and it caused her brain to fill with fluid and start to shut down. But we stopped it just in time, We drained the fluid and shocked her heart cause she stopped breathing. but in all she will make a full recovery." Johnny, "thank you so much can we see her?" Doctor, "she's not awake but only family can right now!" Johnny, "what room?" Doctor, "205" the doctor walked away. Johnny, I'm going to see her!"

In her room Johnny sits down in the chair he pulled up right next to her bed. Johnny, "hay Nikki, I don't know if you can hear me but you have got to get well soon. I am sorry this happened but I'm glad you helped me out, you help me out a lot and I don't know what I would do with out you.

Nikki, " Well I know what I would do with out you, I wouldn't have gotten hurt"

Johnny, " How are you feeling?"

Nikki, "ok but I would feel even better if I… Nikki reached up and grabbed Johnny buy the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss.

5 days later Nikki had gotten out of the hospital and everyone was at the airport saying bye to Emily.

Emily, "well I will come and visit again some other time!" everyone gives her an odd look. "When I'm not in any trouble." Johnny, "well you better not get in any more trouble!" Nikki, "Yah or we will have to hurt you." she said sarcastically.
then the pa system came on "flight 26c to Hong Kong is now boarding. Emily, "alright thank you everyone for helping me and I will miss you all." Quick, "well you take care of yourself." Emily, "I will, bye" She hugged Johnny then got on the plane. Quick," you know your sister..." Johnny," no, don't even say it, she's off limits." quick, "common man cant you hook a brother up?" Johnny, "no, quick no, I wont." Nikki comes over and interrupts.

Quick "He's got a lot of nerve."

Nikki, "You know I think the lady over there at the desk was checking you out." (She said as he was walking away from them.)

Johnny, "I think she's married?"

Nikki, " He doesn't know that.) she said as she drew him in closer for a kiss.

Every one began leaving the airport. but Quick was to busy flirting with the desk clerk he hadn't noticed. Lady, "I think your friends just left?" Quick, "what?" He looks behind him and sees them walking out the door. "Hay what up guys" he yelled as he ran towards them.