My Immortal

George Weasley walked crept through the corridor thinking vigorously about one girl. He had just left the Halloween Ball, leaving behind his date, Kelly Row, a Hufflepuff. She wasn't the girl he was mind was wrapped around though.

He turned a corner when he bummed in a small figure and she fell to the floor, he realized the girl was crying and that the girl was none other then the girl George was thinking about.

Draco Malfoy was on the floor...

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The girl looked up and quickly wiped her eyes.

"Oh, uhh... hullo George. I was just going to the Common Room."

"What's wrong, Hermione?"

"Nothing, I just...I've had a terrible night."

George looked at her and saw her gown was shuffled and her hair was again frizzy (as she'd used a potion to straighten it). Her make-up had began to run due to her crying. One of the strapes on her dress had broken. She looked a mess. A beautiful mess.

"Mione, WHAT happened?" George asked putting an arm around her shoulders and helping her up.

The second she was up she moved away from him not wanting to be touched.

He looked puzzled while she just started talking.

"If I tell you you've GOT to swear you won't tell a soul."

"I swear."

"I was heading back to my room to go to sleep and I...I ran into Malfoy."

She said his name with such hatred. George was a little afraid of what he had done to her.

"I told him to leave me alone and he...he grabbed me, stole my wand, and threw me into the a dark classroom. I! GEORGE I SAID NO..."

"What did he do?" George asked his anger rising toward Malfoy.

"He...he raped me." she whispered.
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-Lady Black of Azkaban-