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Chapter 2 - Haunted


"GEORGE! Can you just get me back to the Common Room? Please? Tomorrow…tomorrow we can…we can-" Hermione fainted.

"HERMIONE?! O God o God…Hermione wake up! Come on. Come on, Come on…" He said taking her into his arms.

He had to get her to help.

'But I go to the nurse questions would be asked and answers would have to be given…MY ROOM1 That's it!' thought George.

He was for some reason been made Prefect this year with a Ravenclaw who was excessively compulsively clean.

He ran threw the halls thankful the ball was keeping everybody busy. For it would look rather strange seeing an extremely tall 7th year boy hold a passed out 6th year girl who looked quite scruffy.

He took her up the stairs and placed her on his bed. While carrying her he relived she was leading on her stomach. Blood was seeping out threw the front of her gown.

'Now, what do I do?!' he thought franticly

'DOLT take the gown off and get a rag and stop the bleeding, smart-one. Or better yet use you WAND! You did remember you had one rite? Slowest boy I have ever seen! '

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He slowly rolled Hermione onto her stomach and unzipped her gown. He then rolled her back and began to take off the gown.

It looked like a tough spell had caught her right in the stomach. He then muttered a spell. White bandages strung from George's wand around Hermione's cut.

Then he sat down and began waiting for her to wake up.

'WTF?? Where am I ?! Hmm…this is a cozy bed…Can't be THAT bad, where ever I am.' Hermione thought.

Hermione popped open one eye, and then slowly the other. As she began to get up she suddenly felt pain in her stomach. Looking down the events of last night rapidly plummeted into her head.

Slowly tears began to leak from her eyes. Search the room and saw George asleep in a chair. She thought not to wake him and started to get up feeling a slight pain she began walking toward the door but collapsed. She let out a loud scream.

George snapped awake looking around he could have sworn he heard someone scream. Then her spotted her.

"Hermione?! What are you going? Let me help you." He said coming toward her.

"NO! No, I'm…I'm okay. I just need to get up." she said waving an arm signaling for him to take a step back.

"Hermione just let me help you get back into bed and-" he said starting toward her again.

"GEORGE, I AM FINE ALL BY MYSELF!" She slowly got up and shuffled back to the bed. Taking short quick breaths.

" I have class, and an essay due in 3 weeks! I'm behind. I have to go!" She said exasperatedly.

"Herimone, it's Sunday."

"Oh." she answered looking down.

"Do you want to…talk?" George asked slowly

"Lets, not fool ourselves. We were never friends. And you don't need to pretend like you care." she whispered quietly.

George stood shocked.

'If only you knew how much I cared…'

"Hermione, I…If I didn't care wouldn't I have left you downstairs? If you weren't ever my friend why did you talk to me last night? Herm, I care."

"Can you go and ask Madam Pomfrey for a Health Pepper Potion, If she asks what is for just say…say Snape needs it." She layed down and closed her eyes.

He began heading for the door.


"Yes Herm?"

"Thank you." she whispered.

George smiled and left.

Hermione fell into nightmare about Draco.

"Hello Granger, your looking quite stunning … for a mudblood."

"O sod off Malfoy." Hermione replied coldly.

"Do you think I have time for this? NOW, thank me for the compliment." He said angrily, moving toward her swiftly. He came face to face with her.

"O for Merlin's sake!" Hermione said now getting angry herself.

In one quick swift movement he stole her wand.

"Look who's in control? Now, didn't I say to thank me?!" He said with his class act grin.

"Give it now. Or else-"

"Or else WHAT?"

"I'll…I'll scream!" She said staring him down.

"No one will hear you there all at the ball."

"What? Big bad Malfoy couldn't get a date?! I'm sure if you called Death Eater Daddy he's get you a hooker instead." Hermione said smirking.

The smirk slowly left his face. It turned into a scowl.

"Think ya funny Mudblood? You'll pay." He grabbed her and flug her into a dark class room.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she said scared.

"He took her and flung her against a wall and threw a curse at her. It hit her right in the stomach and she crumpled to the floor.

"All you had to do was say 'thank you'…Might as well get one good screw tonight now that Pansey's mad at me. This is a true honor for you! You get me! A MALFOY!"

He slowly walked toward her grinning.