Chapter 2

The last thing Hermione could remember was Malfoy's shocked face before everything went blank. In her head she was in a tunnel with lights at the end of each side. She didn't know which way to go.

All of a sudden, noise could be heard coming from one end of the tunnel. Hermione looked around at where the noise was coming from and her eyes widened.

A red light was coming closer and closer to her. Hermione stepped out of the way to let it, what ever it was, pass by. But as it approached her, Hermione shielded herself with her arms.

Then it just stopped right next to Hermione. She could hear nothing so she removed her arms covering her face and looked in front of her. A jet-black steam train was waiting there.

Hermione looked down at the ground. But there were no tracks! Just as she was examining the train, a short old man walked out and said, "You will now be boarding the 'CrowsHead, watch your step and hurry along." He looked past the slip of parchment he was reading off of to look at Hermione.

"Are you going to bored Miss?" He asked her in a kind voice. Hermione wasn't really sure, but she nodded her head politely and stepped on the train. She followed the old man until they reached a compartment that was empty, except for a bed, bookcase, and another room that led to the bathroom.

"I am Matthew and I will be your host until we reach Hogwarts. Is there anything I can get you?" Matthew said. "Just a glass of butterbeer would be nice." Matthew nodded curtly and left her in the room.

Hermione walked to the queen sized bed and sat down on the end. 'Where am I?' Hermione thought. 'Maybe I'm dreaming...' When Matthew came back ten minutes later, he had a mug filled to the brim with butterbeer. There was a little umbrella in it too.

Hermione graciously accepted her drink. "Miss, we are nearing Hogwarts, get ready for the crash..." Matthew said with no fear at all on his face. "What crash..." Hermione asked when all of a sudden, the train ran of the cliff into the piercing cold-water bellow.

Coming back to reality, Hermione opened up her eyes and found herself staring at the ceiling in the Infirmary. As she tried to sit up, Hermione felt a surge of pain closing in all through out her body. As her reaction, she let out a piercing cry.

Harry woke up suddenly in his chair next to Hermione's bed. As he rubbed his eyes he looked at the others who were once asleep but now immediately awake. Finding the source of the disturbance, Harry realized that Hermione was awake too but in what looked like an excruciating amount of pain.

Before Harry or Ron or anyone else could do anything, Madam Pomfrey came into the closed in room and ushered everyone out so she could take a look at Hermione. The door closed behind everyone after Harry had last stepped out of Hermione's little room.

"What do you think is the matter with her, Ron?" Harry asked with concern written all across his face as clear as daylight. Ron had the same look too, and he couldn't answer. All he did was open his mouth and closed it right after.

Madam Pomfrey came out of the room so silently that know one knew she was right where she was standing until... "Excuse me, but Miss Granger would like to speak to Harry and Ron, only." Harry and Ron exchanged glances and entered the room.

Hermione was sitting up in bed with a half smile half frown on her face. She patted the side of the bed motioning them to come over. As they did, Harry and Ron saw that instead of a warm color filled Hermione, was a pale deadly looking one. Harry sat down on the bed while Ron staid back, as if he feared Hermione.

Hermione seamed to take notice. "Ron, I might look bad right now, but I am still the same Hermione! I won't bite you for heavens sake! So come sit down!" Hermione said, and a little color of red appeared on her face.

Ron obeyed her and sat down next to Harry. "So Hermione, what happened earlier? We were worried about you, you looked sort of...I don't know...sort of mad." Harry said, as Hermione looked his way. "I will tell you this Harry, I just had a bad dream and fell into a body of freezing cold water and when I woke up, well, I guess my body was in shock of the dream, thinking it was real and reacting with the pain that shouldn't have come." Hermione said matter-of-factually.

"Well I am so tired and need some sleep, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow in classes, if I am not still stuck in this room." Hermione reached out and gave each of the boys a hug and they left her in peace. Yeah...that's what Hermione needed, peace. And she fell back into a peaceful slumber.

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