Cupids Arrow Inc

Chapter one: The YFTM case

Disclaimer: I'll put this only once in my story. I don't own any of the people in this story and yes do realize that there are cupid stories out there but I assure you this is far from anything you've ever read. I do own this idea though.

"ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!" A raven haired girl shouted at the black sky rattled with dark rain clouds. She was soaked to the bone with rain water. It stuck to her cloths making them stick to her. She fell to her knees and cried into her hands.

"Are you happy now?" Her voice whispered harshly. Her dark brown eyes where over flowing with tears and it seemed as if she couldn't cry anymore but they just kept flowing.

She took in a deep shuttered breath and stood up in her red v-top and black pants glaring at the sky. "ARE YOU? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW! YOU JERK! YOU RUINED IT!" she clenched her fists tightly.

A low wind blew by her causing the rain to move slightly. "I'm sorry..." a small voice whispered to her.

"YOU JERK STAY AWAY FROM ME!" She yelled stumbling past a small garden being drenched in the rain.

"You can't go any where in your condition and you know it." the voice whispered.

"YOU'VE HELPED ENOUGH NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" She yelled putting extra emphasis on the last three words and spacing them out. She stopped the voice form saying anything else. "No! Don't you say anything else to me! It's all your fault! I never want you to try and help me again!" she shouted and stumbled to a highway.

She slowly walked out into the center and sat down. The sound of a horn of a truck came and she didn't care. All she cared about was him, and that annoying little voice ruined it all. The sound was coming closer and she just closed her eyes and waited for it.

There is few words to describe an angel. Most people don't even know how to describe one. Most don't even think about it. But when you see one in real life, the words flow to you in an instant. You start to notice things that you never had before. The mixture of lights, flowing silky color of the cloth around it, the glow of it's beautiful skin, and the mere essence of it, it's hard to describe really. This is no fairy tale.

Here at Cupids Arrow we strive to make your love life better. More love results in less violence, killing, and a better world to live in. As our motto says "Love makes the world go round." And now, that's true. Since our agency has started Love has made the world go round. There's less killing, less violence, only more happiness, just as it's intended. Of course not all of it is gone but it has lowered dramatically.

Our plan is simple really. We have over five million workers who are fluent in every language known to man and some outer space pedestrians that travel here now and then for vacation's languages. Our work is not easy but we still pull it off with a smile.

When a sad love sick person prays for a soul mate, we give them one. Everyone is born with a soul mate and if they do not marry that soul mate they are destined to be sad or lonely. Here at Cupids arrow we help those poor love sick people on the road to happiness, destination, their soul mate.

We never fail to make someone happy and we help them fall in love with a smile. Each angel has a supervisor, you can call it a conscious, but there is a fine line, with out it our angels become mere mortals. If an angel breaks a serious rule they are separated from their supervisor and turned into a mortal while the supervisor takes their place as a new angel.

Our angels are trained to the dime but there are some angels that excel in just one field and more that excel in at times four. Sango Hiraikotsu is our best employee. Her skills surpass that of any normal angel she is skilled in every field available and currently is working in the Asian department in Japan on vacation.

Our angels have been called 'Cupid's descendants' but the truth of it is, Cupid is in everyone. There is no little baby that flies around shooting people with arrows and making them fall in love. In fact only higher classmen angels are permitted to use arrows, and that, is only if they sense a disturbance in the romantic vibe powerful enough to cause damage to anyone.

Our angels are any but babies. Every member of our staff is at least sixteen years of age and anything but immature.

So on behalf of our staff we'd like to say "Welcome to the road of happiness."

"No no no no NO! ARG!" yelled a lady in her mid 2o's angrily. She had long black hair and no bangs and was wearing the outfit of the angels, it was a simple wrap, angels wore a silk so soft it was hard to not run though your fingers, and of course it covered them fully, there was no need for people to think they where that open. She was currently seated behind a glass sleet floating in mid air. She sat in a black rolling computer chair in a creamy colored room. It was decorated uniquely with 2D shapes floating in mid air all around. Behind her was a large window looking down into a smooth looking city, pathways and crossings where also floating in mid air to the point where it looked almost like there was no gravity.

"Anything wrong Midoriko?" asked a young girl who looked about five or six. Her name was Satsuki and she was Midoriko's assistant. She really couldn't do anything since she was about six and also, she was a mortal, the only one who lived in the city of Angels. A long time ago when Midoriko was just a superior angel there was the accident.

Satsuki cowered in the corner of a warehouse trembling terribly. She heard the sound of foot steps come closer to her and she hid her face in her hands hoping if she couldn't see them they wouldn't see her.

"There you are!" yelled a sharp gruff voice the belonged to a young looking business man. Satsuki whimpered slightly and tried to back up more to get away from him but she came in contact with the wall.

The man picked up a piece of wood and grinned, he smelled of beer and cigarette smoke. She closed her eyes tightly and put her hands over her head bracing herself for impact.

"Stop right there and put that down." A woman's voice commanded. Satsuki looked up and saw a light glimmer in front of her very eyes. Slowly Midoriko appeared.

"Ryozo, stop right there. You have no right to take out your anger on this child." she said holding her arms out to the side to block him from getting to Satsuki.

"It is my duty as a angel belonging to Cupids Arrow to stop this nonsense. It was also my duty to stop you from dating that woman, she's not your soul mate and look what she's driven you to do. You did not listen to my advice and now you're taking your anger out on the child you two adopted." He covered his ears from hearing what she was saying so she spoke louder.

"You have committed a sin and have made attempts to stop Cupids Arrow from existing. These are crimes that cannot go unseen. For that I must punish you by sentencing you to our highly guarded correctional facility till death. Your sentence starts now any attempt to stop this sentence or refuse your capture will result in dire consequences."

He glared at her and griped his piece of wood tighter. "The hell I'm going!" he shouted and lunged at her.

Midoriko held her hands out in front of her and the man was knocked back. She mouthed something and a bright light emitted from her spreading all around the room. "Resistance is futile. This light is purification it will bring you to justice and clear your mind of any harmful thoughts."

Ryozo stumbled into a gas tank and pushed it over then lit a match all the time grinning at Midoriko. She gasped. "NO!" She yelled and ran forth to put the match out. "Breeze!" she yelled shoving her hands out in front of her. A giant wind came just a moment to late as he dropped the match into the gasoline.

Midoriko shuttered at the memory. There was almost a unnecessary death that day. The warehouse had gone up in flames and everyone in the area had to have their memories erased. Women, children, men, and even elders all have a blank on that day. It took the angel task force three months to make sure the warehouse was rebuilt, give the locals a new memory of that time, each one of them, there where no traces of the incident, and also no video tape or photo evidence that would lead to the discovery of Cupids Arrow. It was all Midoriko's fault if she had stopped Ryozo before he even got to the warehouse.

Cupids Arrow, though it might be a large business, is strictly secret. The discovery of Cupids arrow would result in everyone becoming to dependant on them to find their love. Soon that would end in riots. You see Cupids arrow covers up everything.

But back to Midoriko.

"Anything wrong?" Satsuki asked again breaking Midoriko out of those memories.

Midoriko sighed and rested her elbow on the glass desk and setting her head in her palm. "This is so frustrating!" she sighed.

"What cha doin?" she asked sliding on the table and knocking some papers off accidentally. She slide off it and picked them up before sitting back down.

"I'm trying to write a description of our agency for the written tour that's part of the class F grading system to enter our society and decide what branch of our organization they would like to join..." she trailed off. Satsuki blinked for a moment before making a small noise to tell her she didn't understand.

Midoriko sighed. "It's a paper for people who are going into training." she said flatly lowering her shoulders. Satsuki smiled and jumped down off the table.

"Oooh! I get it!" she grinned and walked to the window.

She smiled and looked out at everyone waving. She smiled again when she saw them wave back at her cheerful as ever. "This really is the perfect home." she giggled.

Midoriko smiled at her watching her examine the people in the walkways. She floated over to her and smiled placing a hand on her back gently. Satsuki looked up at her confused. "Come on little one, let's go visit them."

Satsuki looked up at her amazed and smiled from ear to ear. "Yeah!" she said excitedly allowing Midoriko to pick her up and float out of the room.

Kagome slammed her head against her wall in frustration letting out a weird noise that sounded like a bad expression of a cow in labor. She had long raven black hair that went down to the middle of her back and dark brown eyes.

She continued to hit her head against the wall until Sango stopped her. "Kagome! You're going to get brain damage!" she sighed, Sango had long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes also.

"But their hopeless!" Kagome whined. She acted like she had a bow and arrow in her hands. "I'd like to take one of those sacred bows and-" she made a shooting noise and acted like she let go of the string. "Pcut! Their in love!" She waved her hands in front of her like she created a image before her eyes. "I can hear the angels sing now!" she started to hit a high note perfectly.

"Kagome, you know those bows and arrows are only used for extreme cases." Sango sighed and brought her legs up so it was like she was sitting in a invisible chair floating in mid air.

"You have GOT to be kidding me Sango! This IS extreme! They wont even look at each other!" She practically yelled from inside their apartment in Strawberry Short Cake apartments. Some person thought it would be funny to name the street after a dessert in America. 'Strawberry Short Cakes' they where good but naming a apartment complex after it, that was stupid.

Sango sighed and floated over to Kagome. "Let me see their file." she held out her hand. Kagome picked up the files and hugged them to herself scooting back from Sango.

"No no no no no! If I let you help me again I won't get promoted!" she had half a mind to hiss at her.

"Kagome, I won't tell if you don't tell!" she winked.

Kagome hissed at her trusting that half of her mind this time. "No!" she said and jumped on her bed.

"Oh come just a peek at the file!" Sango pouted.

"No!" Kagome said and hopped off crawling under the bed.

"You're acting childish again Kagome." Sango said hearing a small muffled 'no' from under the bed.

Sango smiled and lifted the bed up with a stroke of her hand. Kagome sat up and pointed to her. "Don't you angel power me!" she warned trying not to laugh.

Sango smiled. "And why not?" She asked crossing her arms.

"Because it's not fair you know I got my powers taken away fortwo weeks!" she frowned. Sango let out a cry of frustration and playfully glared at her, Kagome ALWAYS acted like this when her powers where taken away, it was her way of sulking.

"It's not my fault you-" stop stopped and made quotation marks in the air with her hands "'Accidentally' knocked that guy off the walk way and into some experimental fluids with your powers."

"HE HIT ON ME!" she yelled and clutched her fists looking to the side. "That jerk disserved it!" she made her voice go deep and rolled her eyes up rocking her head back and forth mocking him. "'I'll be your angel if you ride on my cloud' THE NERVE! I say I should have knocked him straight into-" Sango cut her off.

She wagged her finger. "Ah ah ah Kagome, be nice that's not very angelic." she smiled.

"Oh and as if you've never gotten your powers taken away for beating the crap out of a few employees yourself." Kagome gave her a sly grin. "Does the name 'Houshi' come to mind?"

"Ah but who has their powers now?" Sango grinned leaning back in the air more.

"Ah but who has the file that someone wants to see in their arms?" Kagome asked.

"Okay no magic." Sango said letting the bed down slowly on Kagome's head.

"Woah woah woah!" Kagome said scrambling out before it could reach the floor.

"Now for that file..." Sango started moving over to Kagome.

"No." Kagome said turning away from her and clutching the papers close.

"Kagome! Don't make me tickle you!" Sango warned.

Kagome took in her bravery and eyed Sango. "Just you try..." she warned.

Sango lunged at Kagome just as she shoved the papers in her sash making Sango stop dead in her tracks. "Ah! Kagome! That's disgusting! Don't put them down there!" She said backing up a bit.

Kagome grinned and turned around pulling them out of the blanket like uniform and looking at the papers. Sango flicked her wrist and the papers flew out of Kagome's hands and into hers. "HEY! I thought you said no magic!" Kagome whined.

"I lied." she said skimming the papers.

"That's not very 'angelic'" Kagome said mocking Sango and using her ever helpful quotation marks.

"A HA!" Sango said loudly slamming her fist into her palm.

"What? WHAT!" Kagome asked.

Sango smiled and handed her the papers. "Have the guy and the girl meet up in the rain and give him flowers too- Tulips- those are her favorites. His car breaks down and her bike crashes." Sango grinned.

"Awe..." Kagome sighed. "I wanted to figure it out..." she frowned.

Just then a small jewel around Sango's neck glowed making a small humming noise. She picked up the necklace and placed it in front of her. A image floated up of Midoriko.

"Sango, we have a relationship crisis." She warned.

"Yes Midoriko?" Sango asked.

"It has been brought to my attention that a young man by the name of-" she paused and saw Kagome. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know Kagome was in the room hello Kagome." She smiled. Kagome said a small hi and Midoriko went back to her speech. "We have the plan figured out, it's strictly confidential. And Sango." she said.

Sango blinked. "Yes?" Midoriko smiled at her playfully.

"That 'I won't tell you if you don't' doesn't work, I still hear about it in HQ." Sango sweat dropped. "Well anyways the paperwork is being sent over as I speak by Satsuki."

Kagome smiled. "Oh you mean that adorable mortal child you adopted?" She asked.

Midoriko smiled and ran a hand threw her hair. "Yeah, it took me a few hours to convince everyone that I could keep her." She laughed.

Sango chuckled a bit too. "Yeah I remember that. Well I guess I'll pull off vacation early for this one but you owe me extra time!" She warned.

Midoriko gave a nervous laugh. "Oh come on!" She frowned.

"Extra time or I pass it off to Kagome." She said crossing her arms. "And we all know how that will turn out. Remember the New York incident?"

Midoriko shutterd, ignoring Kagome's protests of how that turned out. "You drive a hard barging so...I have here by decided that you AND Kagome will be working together to hook up Inuyasha." She said fastly. "BYE!" was the last thing she added before closing connection.

"WWWHHHAAATTT!" The girls screeched.

"Y-you mean THE Inuyasha. As in Mr. I-Can-Send-Any-Angel-Away-TRAUMATIZED Inuyasha! NO WAY!" Kagome screeched.

Sango sighed. "She disconnected her phone!" she cried shaking the jewel.

"W-who would he be paired up with! The guys a jerk!" Kagome tried not to yell. "I heard the last angel he threw off a building!"

"Opposites attract Kagome, or so Midoriko says so I guess we'll find out...I hope this isn't a YFTM case..." she sighed.

"YFTM?" Kagome asked dumbly.

"You Find The Match." Sango sighed.

Kagome flopped back on her bed. "We...have to help him find his soul mate?" She asked herself. Kagome and Sango...would not be getting out of the case so easily...