Hiya! Welcome to my newest fanfic, All It Takes! Now, ok, one thing you gotta know is that this story doesn't mean I'm not against teen pregnancy, I only did this because....well, I thought it'd get hits! I read other peep's versions of Rae getting pregnant, and they were great and all, but I wanted to make my version special. So, they are teens, and Rae will get pregnant, but there's another catch. You'll have to read to find out! So, here's the Intro to my newest romance story!

All It Takes


Excruciating pain filled her whole body and Raven let out a scream which was certain to shatter hearing barriers. The pain was so intense; she couldn't even open her eyes at first. She simply lay on her back in the T-car, her legs spread apart and her knees up in the air. She listened to her rhythmic breath and gave Beast Boy's hand a tight squeeze. "It'll be alright," he replied soothingly. He then reached up and kissed her cheek from the floor in which he sat. "I promised I'd do all it takes to get you through this, and that's a promise I'm going to keep." Raven smiled a bit as her eyes opened. A vision of the ceiling came into place, but pain soon over came the pacifist once again and her eyes clamped shut. 'This is it, I can feel it...' "It's coming!" Raven heard Starfire shout excitedly. The intense pain swept over her once again and she burst out screaming until the dream faded away....

Raven shot up in bed, panting and sweating like crazy. It was early morning, and the moon was still out, but Raven could see her room clearly. She released a sigh and looked down. "That dream again..." Before thinking of anything else, she turned to her side to find Beast Boy sprawled out snoring. "Good, he's still asleep." She watched him sleep peacefully as she caught her breath, and then she dropped her feet over the edge of the bed. A large, framed picture soon caught her eye, and she smiled, forgetting the dream. The picture held Beast Boy, who was dressed up in a tuxedo, a blush across his face. Beside him stood herself, in the most beautiful of all wedding dresses imaginable. Her eyes shinned with happiness, something all other photos of her have never captured. She remembered her wedding day clearly. 'Who couldn't? It was only a month ago.' Since then, the wall that connected Beast Boy and Raven's rooms together was torn down. Their bedroom was very large and even included it's own bathroom! For the first week of their marriage, Raven found that the floor was often littered in Beast Boy's belongings. She spent time and time again cleaning up their suite, until Beast Boy got the hang of putting his things away. Besides the room, not much else had changed around the tower. The five Titans still spent most of the day together, except for the private time that the couples required. Of course, Beast Boy and Cyborg still spent most of their time on the couch, killing each other in various video games. But when desperate times called for desperate measures, the changeling's pranks and constant laughter could be found throughout the tower, a sign of revenge for his losses. Although Raven and Beast Boy had changed a little, Starfire and Robin's relationship hadn't budged an inch. 'Probably because Robin's too scared to pop the question.'

Raven let out a soft sigh as she rose up from the bed. The moon glistened high up in the mid morning sky, surrounded by billions of twinkling stars, and shooting a transfixed beam of yellow light through the only large window in the room. Raven was of course compelled to come closer. She stepped into the light and approached the window's sill. The moon's reflection shimmered in the sea below as Raven watched it with half eyes. "Rae? Is that you?" Beast Boy had woken up and stuck his head out of the canapé covered bed, looking over towards the window. "The dream came again...." Raven replied as Beast Boy came up from behind her and embraced her gently. "Did you find out what was coming this time?" "No....but...the pain was so real," Raven placed her hand right over where the dream had tightened her stomach. It seemed to have left a tiny knot of anxiety. Beast Boy put his hands over Raven's and spoke once more. "Rae, I think you should take it." "I know," Raven replied, her eyes focused on the moon above. "I'm just a little-" "Nervous?" "Yeah..." Beast Boy nuzzled his face into Raven's soft hair and kissed her cheek. "I'll wait outsider the door if you want me to." Raven nodded and gently took Beast Boy's arms off of her. Bravely, she walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Author's Corner

Okay, so that's the intro! If you liked it, or have become hooked (some fics can do that, I dunno if mine can though) don't fear because the first chapter will be posted really soon! Arigatougozimasu, for reading bows Ja mata! Colie