All It Takes

Chapter 8

"You can't catch me! Nah nah!"

"I can too!" the little girl picked up speed as she chased after her brother. For a couple of five year olds, they sure were destructive.

"You will never get me, HA-HA-HA!" Apollo laughed as he skidded down the hallways. He ducked under his Uncle Cyborg's legs and continued running.

Cyborg spun around. "Hey! Ya'll gotta stop that!"

Apollo turned around to stick his tongue out at his twin sister. He paused when he noticed that she was no longer running after him. She stood still, her eyes closed, and her arms folded. "Hey, what gives?"

"Chasing you is pointless." Athena replied, in a tone much like her mother's.

"Dude, you think everything is pointless!" Apollo complained, plopping down on the floor. "You're no fun…"


Beast Boy walked out of his room whistling. He came into the main room to find Raven sitting on the couch reading, with Apollo and Athena chasing each other in circles around her. Slowly, the changeling reached down and picked up Apollo, who struggled to get free.

"Hey! Dad, put me down!"

"Dude, Apollo, quit buggin your sister! She might blow you to bits like mommy does to me!" Beast Boy explained, earning a terrified look from his son.

Raven rolled her eyes from behind her book. "Just, cut it out…"

"He started it!" Athena argued.

"I did not!" Apollo cried, his large purple eyes glaring with anger.

The sounds of her children arguing seemed to fade as Raven read her diary from the past five years. In it, she had written about her pregnancy, and about her children growing up. She had to admit, she did feel old, even if she was still in her twenties. She remembered the hell she had gone through during her pregnancy, but it was all worth it in the end, and it was now finally over.

Starfire and Robin had finally gotten married. Of course, the wedding was delayed a few months so that Raven could have the rest she needed to be in the ceremony. The twins were even brought to the wedding, although, they were too young to remember it. Starfire had just informed the whole team that her greatest dream had finally come true: she was pregnant. Just thinking about it brought the tiniest of smiles to Raven's face. She knew that Starfire had wanted a child, and now she could have one. Star was there for Raven the whole time she needed her, and Raven vowed to be with Starfire in her time of need. The only problem was, that she was keeping a secret of her own.

She stared over at her husband, who had turned into a puppy and was running around the room with his children. He loved them dearly, and Raven was correct in thinking he would make a great father.

Beast Boy looked over at the clock. "Okay, you guys, time for bed."

The children let out moans and began to complain. But Beast Boy picked them both up and he and Raven headed to the twin's room. This room used to be Beast boy's old room, and the bunk beds now belonged to his children. He placed Apollo on the top bunk and Athena in the bottom. Raven watched as he kissed them both good night.

"I'll be waiting for you in our room." He told her with a wink.

Raven grinned. "Alright."

Raven watched her husband walk out of the room.

"Mommy, why is daddy so weird?" Apollo asked with a yawn.

"He was beaten with a rock as a child." Raven replied sarcastically.


"No, stupid! She's being sarcastic!" Athena snapped at her brother.

Raven smiled. Her children were exactly like her and Beast boy. She bent over and kissed Athena on the forehead. "Be nicer to your brother, please."

"Whatever…" Athena replied grumpily as she closed her eyes.

Raven floated up and glanced down at Apollo. Gently, she kissed his chubby cheek and played with his hair. "Night, sweetie."

"Night, mommy."


Raven opened the door to her room quietly. It was pitch black, except for a few candles which had been placed around the bed in the middle of the room. A grin spread across her face. Beast boy hadn't changed a bit.

She approached the bed, catching sight of the green boy, who was smirking, sitting naked under the covers. "Hmm, I wonder what all this could be for."

"C'mon, Rae! Stop playing around, you know what it's for!"

Raven took her robe off and let it slide off her slim body. It landed on the ground with a soft thud as she got into bed. She crawled over to her husband, and positioned herself on top of him in a seductive manner. "You did all this for me?..."

Beast boy reached up and kissed Raven's neck in various places. "I'd do anything for you…"

"All it takes?"

"Of course."

Raven smiled and let herself lay pressed against the changeling's soft, smooth skin. She played with his hair and kissed his passionately. "Beast boy, would you ever want more kids?"

"Uhmm….I dunno, why?" he asked, looking up at her with curious green eyes.

Raven smiled and sat up. "No reason." She replied, playfully.

Beast boy raised an eyebrow. "Rae?"


"Dude, I just know you're hiding something from me!" the changeling pouted. "Please tell me, pleaseee!"

Raven laughed. "You don't have to beg."

"Tell me!"

Raven put on a thoughtful face. "No, I don't think I will."

"That's it!" With that, Beast boy grabbed Raven and pulled her into his embrace on their soft bed. "Tell!"

Raven stared at him. His bare chest brushed against her face, and his teeth shined in the darkness. His green messy hair was all over the place, but his eyes were what caught her attention. They were bursting with curiosity. How could she resist a face like that? "Alright, alright, I'll tell."

Beast boy sat forward, his ears perked up, listening intently. There was a moment's silence, which he just couldn't stand. "Well?..."

She smiled once again. She loved him too much to keep him waiting, so she leaned in close to his ear. "I'm pregnant."

The changeling's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "WHAT!"

"You heard me, we're having another baby."

Beast boy couldn't hear her, actually, because he had fallen over and fainted.

"Beast boy?...BEAST BOY!"


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