I got the idea for this after listening to Mark Schultz's Letters from War. The song was written in honor of our troops fighting to keep us safe everywhere. However, I began to imagine this song as if it were applied to Jim. And this is what came as a result.

Note: The songs lyrics are entwined with the mini-story. But I've exchanged some words to go with the Treasure Planet setting.

It was a very, very beautiful morning on Montressor. The heavy rainfall of last night had brought forth a sparkling, clear, clean and bright dawn. The sun-star Cornelio rose upon fields and patches of dew-dressed, fresh grass. The trees—maple, mulberry, oak, fir, purp and juniper—stood like pure emeralds of every shade green found within nature's realm.

And amongst this floral counterattack against the now-diminishing traces of mining and exploitation, there stood the still-brand new Benbow Inn, a well-known and beloved respite and shelter for both citizen and sailor.

Indeed, many had passed through alder-wooden front door with weary spirits and heavy bodies and yet concluded their stay with high spirits, refreshed hearts and warm memories of their generous, kind and comforting hostess, Sarah Hawkins; the goofy, sentimental yet all-around helpful & useful B.E.N.; master chef, storyteller, liquor connoisseur and pardoned villain, John Silver and the Grump family, the Inn's most loyal and earliest customers who had stayed to serve as housekeeping and dining room staff. And sometimes, Delbert and Amelia Doppler could be found there along with their children: Andrea the redhead, Chloe the brunette, Adam the puppy and Olivia the blonde.

On this dream-like morning, Sarah, accompanied by Adam and Olivia, stepped daintily onto the set-granite stone pathway. Sarah gave each of them a happy smile that spoke of deep affection for each of them. She walked straight along the stone-and-rock pathway while Olivia and Adam hopped and jumped from granite rock to granite rock, laughing and giggling. Finally, Sarah came to her destination: the big mailbox that hung from one of the iron lampposts that ranked along the walkway.

She walked to the mailbox/On that Bright Summer's Day

Upon opening the door, she pulled out a big stack of envelopes and telegrams. She shuffled through the smaller items on top and was beginning to inspect the middle pieces when all of a sudden she froze. "Ooooohhhh, Oh my goodness!!!", she shrieked with intense delight. That earned her two looks of curiosity from Olivia and Adam. She just looked up at them as some of the bottom envelopes fell out of her arms. "Oops," she spoke embarrassed at her actions. Gathering up the fallen papers, she hugged them tight to her bosom and ran as fast as her ankle-length afternoon dress could allow. "What's wrong?", cried out Olivia as Sarah sped past her and Adam. They both turned around to run after her.

Sarah slammed the door open and sped to the nearest unused table as fast as she could. Her behavior caught everybody's attention; even Silver and B.E.N. poked their heads out of the kitchen. Amelia came stepping over lightly to the table as her son and youngest daughter passed through the wide open door. "Adam, shut the door, if you please.", she spoke as he passed over the threshold. Once the door was shut, Amelia sat down as the three kittens—Andrea, Chloe and Olivia—came over to the table. Sarah, meanwhile, had taken the one envelope that had caught her attention and ripped it open. "What's it about?", asked Amelia as she reached for the cast-aside envelope. Sarah didn't answer but scanned the letter with anxiety in her eyes. "Sarah, dear," Amelia tried again, "I'm sure that it would be in all of our best interests if you could at least read it aloud."

This got Sarah's attention and she looked up. "I-It's-It's from Jim!", she stammered in her excitement. "Jimbo?", Silver repeated as he ambled over to stand behind his employer's chair. "Ya mean, Jimmy's started to write to us?", asked B.E.N. "Yaaaaayy," cheered the kittens and puppy. "Shhhh, quiet down, Loves," their mother shushed with her finger to her lips, "Let Aunt Sarah read what it says." "Okay," whispered Chloe as Olivia folded her hands and made a bashful face. Andrea just climbed up onto Silver's back with a little help from the gentle cyborg. Adam just leaned on the tabletop with his chin in his palms. Thus prompted, Sarah cleared her throat and began to read.

Found a Letter from Her son / In a war far away

"Dear Mom, Silver, Amelia, Doc, Andrea, Chloe, Adam, Olivia, B.E.N. and all others hearing this,"

"It's me Jim. I'm well and in high spirits although I miss you all very much. Morph is still with me; Thanks to You, Silver, for letting him stay with me."

"The Etherium out here is pretty bright from the Daisy and Fire Nebula's sixteen different shades of colors. It means the days are a little longer out here, but we can still rest whenever we're tired."

He spoke of the weather / And good friends that he'd made..

"Anyway, There hasn't been too much fighting going on; I'm still on the same ship that I shipped out on and we're running blockade duties. We did capture five Procryon vessels and defeated two that came at us with cannons aimed pretty well. Thanks to their shots, I and most of the crew have been busy patching, rebuilding and replacing parts of the hull, wiring and bulkheads. The commander and captain seem to be impressed by how well it was done in the end."

"The Fleet Commodore also has got me doing patrols and reconnaissance on my board every day and nighttime. The girls—Anya, Dolphy, Jennadelle and Meg—like to use the other five boards I brought; good thing they know all about solar surfing themselves. But unfortunately, they don't know about maintenance or keeping them in ship-shape order, so I'm the only one who fixes and recharges them. Whatever."

"Silver, Thanks for, well, what you taught me. You really did give me hope and belief when I didn't have any. You're like the father I've always wanted. I love you very much as you are. I'll always remember you, Morph helps me with that."

"Captain, um, I really do appreciate what you've helped me to do. And, uh, Thank-You for helping me get into the Academy and for trusting me so much. I owe this to you and Mr. Arrow—May God Bless his path now.

"Doc, You really are the best astronomer and navigator. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. Oh, and thanks for helping to downplay any life-threatening parts that have ever happened. Keep it up."

"Andrea, Chloe, Adam and Olivia, you all are the best. You've all been like my brother and sisters to me and I really miss playing with you every morning. I promise to bring back something for each and everyone of you; It'll be a surprise that you'll really like, I promise."

"B.E.N., well, I miss you too. Stay out of trouble and just let Silver do all the hard and complex stuff in the galley, okay?"

"Mom, I've been feeling different in some ways now that I've been away for more than two weeks. I keep thinking about you and all the things that made you unhappy when I was still sullen and breaking the law. I really regret what I did and I'm sorry that I made you cry and that I disappointed you. I wish I could see you know and hug you again. I really do want to be better than I was or the way Dad was." "

Said "I'd been thinking 'bout Dad / and the life that he had / That's why I'm here today"

"I care about you so much Mom. You're the reason I chose to be here: to defend you and everybody whom I love and care about. I love you and all the others."


P.S. I'll keep writing as long as I can.

And at the end, he said/ "You are what I'm fighting for."/ It was the first of the letters from war

Sarah finally stopped reading and handed the letter over to Amelia who began to read it for herself. Sarah then pulled out her handkerchief and began to dab the tears streaming down her cheeks. Silver chuckled although both his human and cyborg eye showed tears and grease. "There, there, Missus Hawkins," the old salt said tenderly as he patted her shoulder from behind her chair. "The lad sez he's alright 'n he'll stay that way." Sarah turned to look back at him and gave her best smile. B.E.N. was just as confident as Silver. "Yeah, Mrs. H, Jimmy's got a lot of knowledge of thing and he can do a lot a things." Then with a slightly skeptical look, he whispered to Silver, "Jim can do anything, can't he?" Silver just chuckled deeply and gave the somewhat-nutty droid a noogie that left a polished area on his brass head. "Hey, hey, that tickles!", B.E.N. nearly yelped.

At that moment, Delbert came through the front door and hung up his raincoat. "Daddy, daddy, DADDY," the four Doppler kids raised a living melee as they ran to greet their pap with open arms. Delbert was occupied for a few minutes with gathering them all up in his arms and shoulders as they all began to chatter to him at once. After the few minutes Delbert had calmed them down ( No easy thing at all!!!) and got filled in on the correspondence from Jim. "Oh, well, I'd like to see what he's written myself, if you'll just let me go Andrea." "Okay Daddy," and the redhead slid off his shoulder and down his back to the floor. Delbert walked, or rather, was lead into the dining room by Chloe, Olivia and Andrea pulling their daddy by his arms and shirtsleeves. "Well, um," the canine astrophysicist cleared his throat before continuing, "The children have led me to believe that Jim has written to us." "Here you go, dear. See for yourself," responded his feline wife as she held out the two pages of yellowish parchment. "Yeah, doc, it's really good news.", blurted out B.E.N. before Amelia shushed him. "Let him read, metal man." "Aye, Captain," replied the poor robot sheepishly.

Then, Amelia turned her head and realized that the entire company of dining patrons and waitresses were paying attention to the scene. "AHEM!!", she pretended to clear her throat loudly. This made everyone turn back to what they were doing. Having accomplished this, Amelia turned back to her friend Sarah. "I'll make sure that no rumors are perpetrated from this letter, if you are secure in that." The blue-eyed woman across from her just nodded with sad eyes but happy smile. "I just miss Jim so much; I'd give anything—even leave the Inn—just to go find my son and hug him with all my might."

"Oh, fret not about it. Jim will come home, isn't that right, Mr. Silver?" "Why, that's jest what tha lad's gonna do, come storm or fleet o' cut-throats!! Jimbo's got a heap o' spirit 'n spunk in his 'eart 'n nothings going ta keep the pup down!" "Thank-You Silver," answered Sarah with a brighter countenance.

Later that evening, just as the children were preparing for bedtime, Chloe went walking down the 4th floor hallway while she brushed her teeth in the waning darkness. She paused when she saw light coming from Aunt Sarah's room. Her curiosity peaked, she padded over to the door and slowly pushed it open with one hand. Sarah sat slightly bent over her writing table with a quill pen in her right hand. But the moment her ears picked up the creaking of the door hinges, she sat up straighter and turned towards the door. "Oh, hello Chloe. What is it?", she said as she leaned on the chair's left arm. "Wa o witee?", spoke the little aqua-eyed kitten with toothpaste and toothbrush in her mouth "I can't understand you. Go finish brushing and then come back." "O-hay.", and Chloe turned and left. She returned a few minutes later and Sarah patted her own lap. Chloe got the clue and climbed up onto her "adopted aunt's" lap. "Watcha' writin'?" she asked full of curiosity ( cat & curiosity—get it???), "It's to Jim," explained Sarah as she held the page in her right hand with her left arm around Chloe. She began to review her words of thanks and praise to her precious son.

She started writing "You're Good / And you're Brave / What a Father that You'll be someday / Make it Home, Make it safe

"That's pretty," commented Chloe, "I hope Uncle Jim likes it." Sarah smiled grandly. "I think he will, Chloe." Neither of them spoke for a moment and then, "Are you going to write some more, Aunt Sarah?" Sarah nodded. "Yes, I'm going to write a lot more lettersâ€until he's home safely."

She wrote every night / and she prayed

Author's Note: This is the end of Chapter 1. Boy, what a long one. I wanna say thank-you so very much, Janna Hawkins and Etherium's Angel, for your reviews—they was excellent and ultra-encouraging.

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