By Alden


"You're a natural," She whispered to her partner, smiling and moving to the music. Pressing her body to his oewn, she could hear him gulp. She almost laughed at hisawkwardness. "Don't worry, dancing is like this."

She'd expected him to fold, to crumble at tyhe thought of dancing. She'd hoped he'd stop, look at her with those white eyes, and tell her dancing was below him. She hadn't expected him to look at her flatly and accept... or that he'd take her challenge as an invitation.

She hadn't expected him to take her advice, when she said, "Just let go of yourself. Stop trying so hard, and just... dance!" She hadn't expected him to suddenly fill the role of preferred partner so quickly, to become the best dancer she'd ever danced with. The pure emotion in his moves astounded her. He seemed ecstatic, and she lost herself in the music with him.

As he spun her, as she spun back into his arms, he broke every expectation. As they twirled, stepped, held eachother, supported eachother (She likened him to a pillar) and danced like they'd never before, she was lost in the moment. She pulled him closer, and pressed her lips to his own.

It was far from perfect. Her hair was speard over her face, his all over. He was no longer the composed one she knew, and she knew she was being completely unfaithful to her dream of Sasuke... And didn't care one bit.

And when they said goodbye, she walked the whole way home hugging herself..


(Good things happen when you least expect them....)