Harry Potter/LOTR Crossover

Out of the Forest One Day

Chapter 1

"No Harry! You can't!"

"Hermione, I'm not taking any chances. What's in that forest could harm us!" Hermione stepped back and Ron took her hand. They cringed as Harry approached the Forbidden Forest.

"Come out!" Harry yelled, wand pointed forward. "You coward!"

The bushes rustled. The three friends closed their eyes as out of the forest stepped........

Four really short people.

The little people looked around. They had extremely hairy feet and were wearing the strangest clothes. One had blonde hair, another black, and the other two brown hair. They were looking about in a strange way. Until the one with blonde hair said

"Mr. Frodo? Uhhh I don't think this is the Fires of Isengard." The black haired one took a ring out of his pocket and all of a sudden the camera went in for a close up on him opening his hand.

"HEEEEEY! This is a Harry Potter fanfiction! Bring the camera back on ME!" Harry waved his arms widely.

"I beg to differ." A tall man with a ragged outfit and weapons came out behind them. "I am Aragorn, King of Men, and this is a Crossover fanfiction. So we're ok here." He glanced around. "Hey wait a second.........."

"WHAT IS GOING ON??" yelled Hermione.

"Aragorn?" Yet another person came out of the forest along with a man with a long white beard. The person resembled an elf, and maybe he was, but he was wearing very strange clothes and carrying a bow and arrow. Ron squealed in fear. The long bearded man was carrying a big staff and wearing white robes.

"Ummmm.......who are they?" Legolas asked, pointing to the three children.

"No idea." Aragorn took an apple down from one of the trees to the small Pippin, who was jumping up and down eagerly. "Where's Gimli?"

"Here!" An extremely short dwark like man came out of the forest last. He was carrying an axe and Harry jumped back sticking his wand further forward. All was quiet until Ron gulped and managed to say "Who are you?"

"Why, we're the Fellowship of the Ring!" Sam said.

"Fellowship of the Ring?" Hermione took a step closer. "I read a book about you!"

"You did?"

"Yes! Oh I know........."

"HOLD IT." Harry yelled. "I'm still confused."

And the eight people who had come out of the forest explained everything. Harry, Ron, and Hermione also explained.

Apparently, the four mini people were Hobbits. They were Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. The elf was Legolas, and the dwarf Gimli. The bearded man was named Gandalf. Ron asked if he was sure his last name wasn't Dumbledore, or if he had a brother named Albus. Gandalf said no irritably and turned his back, mumbling something about high wizards.

When all was explained, Harry, Ron and Hermione took the people into the castle.

"Dumbledore will understand." Harry whispered to Ron."

"I dunno." Ron glanced back at the people. "This is pretty weird if you ask me."

Dinner was strange in the Great Hall that night. Frodo sat with Sam at the table they called "Gryffindor." He was sitting with the boy that was named Harry Potter. They found they had much in common.

"Really? YOU had to battle a giant spider too?"

Sam sat at the same table as Frodo next to the boy named Ron Weasley. He knew what it felt like to be second to the hero.

"Yeah, then you're like, COME ON! I did HALF the work!" Ron said loudly. Sam nodded.

Pippin sat with the Hufflepuffs. He didn't talk. Just ate a lot and chuckled randomly. Luckily, that's exactly what all the Hufflepuffs did as well. He fit in perfectly.

Merry found himself sitting among people they called "Ravenclaw." He felt comfortable among them as he talked about the hardships of being in the Fellowship.

"Yeah it's like you're just THERE." He complained, as the Ravenclaws nodded in agreement. "You don't change the course of the story, but they put you there to fill a gap. Then you don't get to do anything!"

Legolas found himself sitting next to a lady who kept insisting to tell his fortune. But he kept insisting that it was fine, and that he already possessed powers like that.

"I saw it in you the moment I saw you!" she said mystically.

"Yes..........." Legolas eyed her suspiciously and took a sip of wine.

Aragorn was sitting next a particular despicable character who went by the name of Snape. He didn't talk much but would occasionally ask suspicious questions. Aragorn felt very uncomfortable and kept his hand on his sword at all times.

Gimli was sitting next a man named Flitwick, who was his size. It was very nice to be able to talk to someone who knew what it was like.

"Are you ever teased by other people?"

"Oh yes often. See that man? Well, elf. He loves teasing me. But no one tosses a dwarf!"


And finally, Gandalf sat next to Dumbledore.

"What kind of wizard are you?"

"I'm a headmaster."

"Ah. Well I'M a WHITE wizard!"

"That's very fascinating!" Dumbledore nodded politely and continued to eat, but in fact, he didn't understand a word Gandalf was saying.

Gandalf didn't understand a word Dumbledore was saying either, although he found it very suspicious that Dumbledore looked like him.

Finally, the meal ended and Dumbledore excused the students.

"Come." He beckoned to the guests. "Madame Pomfrey will show you to your rooms. Please sleep well."

The fellowship looked at each other then back at the teachers leaving. They all got up and left quietly, looking back at the strange group of people. When they had left, Pippin came up rubbing his stomach and grinning.

"That bacon was good!" he said. "I hope they serve second breakfast here!"

Aragorn slapped his forehead and followed a lady out of the Great Hall. The rest followed.

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