Harry Potter/LOTR Crossover

Out of the Forest One Day

Chapter 8

Author's Note: After a long break, in which I wrote an entire story, and got high school sorted out, I have thought of lots of ideas (with help from Cary. Everyone say thank you Cary!!)

Ron: About time. I really hope the reviewers were praying for me.

Pippin: chomp

Ron: Not you again.

Me: Be nice Ron. Pippin, don't eat plastic, it gives you diarrhea.

Pippin: So do grapes!

Ron: And presidential elections.

Me: Tell me about it. Onward.

The ring wraiths gave out loud cries and their horses reared back, neighing and screeching with their masters. The ring was closer than they had expected. Now they could feel its power, its calling, its wanting to go home, its smell....

Well, no, not it's smell.

Anyway, the horses began to gallop across the dead Forbidden Forest, killing small animals as they went. Dust flew behind them and the ring wraiths could feel the ring grow closer. Its power pulled them to a castle at the opposite side of the island. Whoever had the ring would die. And they knew who it was. He would not live for any longer.

The ring wraiths stopped at the castle and their horses reared up again, whinnying. The doors were closed, but with one screech from each ring wraith, they blew away from their hinges (upstairs, Dumbledore was too mesmerized by fungus on the wall to notice.)

The ring wraiths charged into the castle, on horses. But soon their horses stopped abruptly. The ring wraiths tried to make them go further, but nothing worked. Even their powers from the Dark Lord (Sauron, not Voldemort) did not work. Something, a power, in the castle, was stopping them.

The ring wraiths dismounted and floated off the ground into the castle. The ring was even closer now. They could sense it. One made a hideous, not-for-the-dinner-table sound, and screamed. It floated forward, and the others followed.

They were gliding smoothly, when suddenly, they heard a noise from around the corner. They stopped and listened. It was two people talking...

"I voted for Bush!"

"You IDIOT!"

"Frank, the world does not revolve around the environment."

"Sure it does! The world IS the environment!

"Huh yeah...."

The ring wraiths looked at each other in a clueless way, then, assuming that this was an inferior race, jumped out and screeched. But what they saw made them scream and jump back. The other cloaked figures also jumped back and screamed.


"What the...?!?"

Each group stared at each other, looking up and down. There was something familiar about these people....but...what....

"AH HA!" Frank jumped forward and laughed. "I know you! Peanut convention '93 right?"

One of the ring wraiths slowly lowered his sword and stepped forward shyly.

"Hey yeah! Almonds lecture, right?" he said, growing more comfortable now.


"Nice to see you!" They went up and hugged each other warmly with a pat on the back.

"How you doing?" Frank asked.

"Good. Got a job for some hot shot named Sauron. Wants us to kill a guy with a ring or something."

"So I've heard."

"How about you?"

"I suck people's lives out."


They chatted for a bit more, and then said their good byes. Each group carried on.

Isn't it nice to see old friends?

Anyway, the ring was even closer now, they could sense it. They walked into a corridor with two doors. The ring's power was strongest from the left one, so they pushed the door open and ran in.

Four small short figures were laying in their beds.