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-Sirius is a free man. The ministry figured out Pettigrew was indeed alive and working for Voldemort so was accordingly set free.

-Sirius and Harry are publicly together. They're married actually.

-The war is still going on.

-Harry is disguised at the beginning of the story for the sake of the mission he's on. That includes altercations to voice and handwriting. The disguise must be taken down magically.

-Harry is an Auror.

-John is just a filler character to move the plot along.

Amazingly, that's it! I hope you enjoy it!

Slash. A guy is with another guy. M-Preg. Somehow, in my twisted little mind, men can become pregnant. R. This is mostly for swearing and the available deleted scenes that will more than likely be present somewhere in the fic. If you don't like any of that, please don't read it. If you have a problem with anything I've mentioned so far, don't read it either.


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Glasses clinked and laughter was heard all though the Three Broomsticks. It was wizarding happy hour and no one planned to leave before Madame Rosemerta kicked them out. Harry Potter, 'savior' of the wizarding world, sat undercover next to his partner John Fredrick watching the known Death Eater before him.

"Why can't we just attack him now?" John asked impatiently.

"Because those weren't out orders. We sit here, listen to his chat with the other guy, then we leave and tell out boss what we heard," Harry replied. "We're only on a simple mission. Not one where we actually have to do anything. I've got too much to lose to die in something stupid like this."

"How are we supposed to hear them if we're sitting over here and they're over there?" John pointed out.

"Fred and George Weasley's invention of the extendable ears. Were you paying any attention when we were briefed for this mission?" Harry asked irritably.

"Of course I was...I just missed that bit," John said.

"Right...Now shut up and listen," Harry said pulling his end of the extendable ear closer to him.

One of the men at the table being observed started talking. "Who are we supposed to take out next?"

"The Dark Lord said something about it being the Fredrick's. Excluding the 'happy little wife' of course," The other one replied.

"Yes. I don't doubt Mia should be happy that she no longer has to fake her loyalties," the first laughed.

John clenched his teeth, his eyes flashing. Mia was John's wife of 6 years and the mother of his two young sons.

"John? John, calm down. We're on a surveillance mission only. Think of your kids- my kid! Don't do anything hasty-"Harry said trying to reason with his angry partner. It didn't work. John stood up and sent a curse to the table where the dearth eaters were seated. It was the worst move he could have made. The Death Eaters fired back and soon the Three Broomsticks was set in confusion, throwing curses every which way, glasses shattering, tables splintering, and people screaming.

Harry was dodging things left and right, occasionally aiming a curse at a death eater. He got up again to try and get things back under control, but was immediately hit by something. He saw his partner John not too far off, but shrieking. He crawled painfully over to him and held on to him as they both bled profusely and looked as if they had been through a meat grinder.

Harry attempted to clear his mind to apparate, but was hit forcefully in the head just as they left. The world spun 'round and 'round and Harry had only enough presence of mind to register that his surroundings had changed. His head hit the ground, and he was swallowed up into darkness.


"Where...Where's Harry?" Sirius asked as the Aurors cleaned up the ruins of the Three Broomsticks.

"Sir, you need to stay back," one of them reminded him.

"But...Harry-"Sirius tried again.

The Auror gravely signaled a healer that was on the scene. Said healer sighed sadly and said, "Mr. Black, allow me to express my deepest sympathies on you loss. All we could find left of Mr. Potter was this." The man handed Sirius Harry's wedding ring.

"Mr. Potter was a great man. We are sorry to see him gone, along with 100 innocent victims," the healer said.

"But...you must be mistaken. Harry...Harry can't die on me. Not when..." He swallowed the lump forming in his throat and looked down at the small bump his stomach made.

The healer simply bowed his head. Sirius glanced around at everyone around him, hoping this was just some sort of sick joke. 'A joke. Just a joke,' Sirius thought to himself.

"We've got more trouble. Send a team of Aurors to the Fredrick residence. Mia Fredrick has been one of you know who's supporters all along. We have to get those poor kids out of there." Some Auror not too far from where Sirius stood said.

Sirius gasped quietly in shock. Finally he sank to the ground brokenly and wept for all that he had just lost.


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