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"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Darin! Happy Birthday to you!"

Harry, Sirius, Ray, Alex, and Darin were all gathered around a large birthday cake getting ready to eat it in celebration of Darins' 16 birthday. Alex and Ray looked entirely bored. It didn't matter. Harry and Sirius couldn't be prouder of their little family.

After the war, Harry decided to resign from his position as an auror. He had served his purpose and fulfilled the prophesy. He did not want to put himself in a sacrificial position again. All he wanted was to be normal for once.

He had a lot to live for now, even more than he'd had directly after the war. After more than two years of basically being a housewife, Harry knew he was ready to do more. He had more money that he knew what to do with. The money his parents had left him alone could have covered the cost of putting all three boys through universityand providing them a comfortable life style without anyone ever having to work.

Being an auror for as many years as Harry had had also added to the surplus of money Harry had. It was a high paying job, and most of the money he'd earned during his time as an auror was put into a vault in Gringotts. There was a lot of money totaled there, not even counting the money that the ministry awarded him for his defeat of Voldemort. (And not counting either the smaller monetary contributions made be the people in thanks.)

Sirius had, and was continuing to make, a decent salary of his own. Sirius, being an eternally restless man, especially after having wasted 12 years of his life in Azkaban, had taken up journalism for the Daily Prophet. He was determined to turn the publications' policy of lying around. After so many years of being thought a criminal, he wanted to be able to grant people the fair chance they deserved and to get the real truth out there.

Even so, Harry could only be content to raise his children and nothing more for a short period of time. Soon enough he began to plan other things. He wanted to do something and he didn't want to hoard away all the money he had. That was when he thought of his childhood with the Dursleys'. There was no love form him at all in the household. He never had any pocket money…or god forbid enough food.

The Dursleys' often told him how lucky he was that they didn't just put him in an orphanage. He was glad in a way that they didn't. Some orphanages were just plain miserable places to live, including the wizarding ones. And selflessly he thought, had he been placed there, he had no doubt Voldemort would have attacked it and children would have died.

But what if Harry could change that? The beginnings of a blue print had formed in his mind at that moment. He would start his own orphanage. Not only would it give him something to do, but it would give him an excellent chance to be charitable to the people who often needed it the most. He could stop kids from having the kind of childhood he'd had.

The world had seen first hand the kind of monsters that could be formed when children were neglected, Voldemort himself among those. That gave Harry pause to consider just how many other evil witches and wizards and even Muggle criminals that were neglected children.

Nowadays, Harry had over 50 children to provide love and support for. None of his children would grow up the way he did. And this, the day of his biological son's sixteenth birthday, was no different than the kind of birthday Harry provided for everyone.

"Wow Darin!" Harry said hugging his son. "Now that you're 16…Sirius is going to have to give you 'The Talk™'."

While Harry smiled brightly, his son could only grimace at what this could mean. Though Darin had yet to inform his parents of whether he only liked boys or girls…or even both, Harry and Sirius seemed dead-set on finding out.

"Dad. No. I already know. We've had 'The Talk™' before," Darin said trying very hard to get away from this discussion.

"No we haven't. You just listened in on the same speech with Alex and Ray," Sirius said with a slight pout.

"Isn't that good enough?" Darin asked, squirming and trying to get away.

"Dad. The squib guy is here," Ray, now 18, said pointing over towards the doorway.

"Brian! Hi!" Harry said walking over to his old friend. Darin sighed in relief. That was one parent down. One to go. Even though he was a bit sad that the distracting force was Brian…

"Ah…I think I have found the information I seek!" Sirius said placing two fingers on his sons' forehead and acting like a psychic. "You like….boys! And…Ooo…Let me see… Brian!"

Darin smacked his fathers hand away from his head. "Cut it out dad. He's coming over he-"

"Hello Sirius! How have you been? Keeping Harry busy?" Brian said walking towards Sirius and Darin.

"Not bad. You know what? Harry and I will go get some drinks and join you in a minute. Darin, would you do me a favor and entertain our American guest?" Sirius asked winking at his son. Darin merely glared.

"How's my favorite houseplant been?" Brian asked smiling widely. This had been Darin's nickname since he was first introduced to Brian. The reason being was the fact that he tried to hide himself…as a houseplant. He was only four, but the nickname stuck.

"Not bad," Darin said looking down at his shoes, a heavy blush coloring his cheeks.

"Right," Brian said looking down at Darin's shoes curiously. "I didn't know your shoes were more interesting than me."

"They're not!" Darin replied finally looking up, Brian just smiled brighter.

"What do you say we go get some cake or something?" Brian asked.



Harry and Sirius watched their son from a quiet corner not too far from the punch bowl.

"Aww… Look at our little boy… all grown up and talking to the other boys," Sirius cooed.

"Are you sure about this? Brian is like twice his age and…" Harry started.

"Harry love. I'm twice your age. Don't pretend age matters now," Sirius pointed out easily.

Harry sighed and wrapped his arms around his husbands' neck. "I know. I'm just… not ready for him to grow up. I don't want to let go."

Sirius grinned down at him. "We'll figure it out. Besides, we've got at least 50 more to learn with."

Harry grinned and kissed his husband. "I love you."

"I love you too," Sirius murmured before leaning down and catching his husbands' lips in another kiss. This kiss tasted the same as all the others they'd ever shared had. It was the kiss that had captured their hearts. It was perfect.

The perfect kiss for their own piece of heaven.

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