Chapter 1

Rhade suddenly woke up. At first he thought it was because of the dream. Then he realized Andromeda had awakened him. "Rhade." "Yes? What is it?" he asked breathing hard. "Well," Andromeda began,"You were breathing hard, your pulse was racing and you seemed to be mumbling. These are the signs of a virus that has infected some of the crew. Have you experienced fever?" "No." "Nausea?" "No." "Headache? Dry mouth?" "No, I'm fine. I was just dreaming." "Alright. In that case Dylan wants you in command in ten minutes." "Ok." Holo-Andromeda disappeared. Wow what a weird dream. He had dreamt he and Beka were getting married, Dylan was giving the bride away, Harper was the best man, Trance was the maid of honor and Rommie was marrying them! To make it worse, Tyr had shown up claiming Beka as his. Then Beka had shot him and they used hit body as a punching bag for the ceremony go-ers. Rhade shook the thoughts of the dream from his head. It's ridiculous. Beka would never marry me. She hates Nietzscheans too much. Too bad. Rhade blinked. Did he just think Beka hating him was bad? Well of course it is bad. To be a good team, we all have to trust each other. He knew why she didn't trust him. Tyr Anasazi, the idiot. Goes and betrays his friends then tries to kill them! People like that give Nietzscheans a bad name. Not that I'm surprised.

In Command... Rhade entered Command to see Beka and Dylan standing there. Rhade nearly did a double take. Is that Beka? Beka's eyelids were drooping and her hair stuck out to the side instead of straight down. She let out a yawn and shot Dylan a reproachful look. "Apparently, Beka doesn't like being wakened in the middle of the night." "Now gee, why would that be?" Beka mumbled, "I would like to apologize in advance for anything I say that may seem crude, rude or inhuman." "More then usual?" Rhade asked. "Oh ha ha" Beka muttered. "We have received a tip from a reliable source that an agent of the Abyss is on a Trinanova trading complex. His name is Jaysin Trien and he is hiding somewhere on the complex." Dylan said. "Yeah, that's all well and good but why did you have to tell us now? Couldn't you wait 'til mo...mor ...morning?" Beka said, yawning. "Because if we leave now, we will make it right at evening on the planet." "We're leaving now!" Beka asked. "Yes, let's go."

On the Maru...

Beka gave another huge yawn. Rhade looked at her. "Are you alright?" "Fine. Just feel like slee...eee...eee...eeping," she said through yawns. "I could pilot if you want to sleep?" Rhade offered. Beka turned and looked at him suspiciously. "Are you saying that because you are afraid I'll crash and kill you?" "No, I am saying it because you said you need some sleep and I am just trying to help." Rhade said. Beka smiled at him. "Thanks, but I'm fine. Nothing like mid-night field trip piloting to wake me up nicely." Beka said. She was waking up a little, but she still hated feeling like this. Her senses weren't fully alert yet and she still felt half asleep. This sucks. Rhade taking pity on me. I am just sad he has to see me like this. Hold on stop Valentine! You said you would stop thinking like that! Rhade is just another Nietzschean. He isn't worth the time. But he isn't like the rest. Beka shook her head, trying to rid herself of her thoughts. The little voices wouldn't stop fighting! They were making her head hurt. Nietzscheans don't have feelings! They just want strong mates! Rhade and Dylan stood behind her. "Remember we want this guy alive. But if there is no other way..." Dylan said "Understood." "Beka, how far are we from the planet?" Rhade asked. "About five minutes."

On the trading complex "This is...disgusting." Rhade said. The trading complex was polluted and had garbage and sewage everywhere. The dealers were selling many different goods and animals and... "People." Rhade said, looking disgusted. A nightsider was selling women and children. Rhade made a movement towards them but he felt Beka's hand on his shoulder. "Rhade these guys are sick. There's nothing you can do. They will just pick up and start somewhere else." Rhade turned and saw the look of pain and sorrow on Beka's face as she looked at the kids. "So young..." "It is wrong." "Don't I know it, but there isn't anything we can do. Trinanova isn't in the Commonwealth so we can't do anything. Let's just find this Trien guy and get outta here." Rhade growled but nodded.

Dylan was walking on the other side of the complex. Beka and Rhade hadn't contacted him yet so he assumed they hadn't found anything. Dylan couldn't believe the poverty these people lived in. He should tell the Triumvirs to get this place into the Commonwealth so maybe they could save these people and all the inhabitants of Trinanova.

"There!" Beka muttered to Rhade, "That's the Jaysin guy." Rhade nodded. "It is." The man standing in the shadows grabbed a women walking by. She looked about 25 and had black hair with blue highlights. "Let go of my CREEP!" She shrieked. Jaysin tried to drag her away but Rhade pulled her away from him. Beka drew her forcelance. "Don't even think about it." She said. The people around them just kept going like nothing had happened. This must happen a lot. "The Abyss knew you would come. The Abyss will win. You will die." Jaysin said. "Really. Let me see, why don't I believe that?" Beka asked. Jaysin shot at Beka but she dodged and shot him. "Dylan we got him. He's dead." "Understood, I'll meet you at the Maru. Hunt out." Beka looked at the girl Rhade had saved. She had blue dots from the middle of each eyelid to each ear and was walking right beside Rhade. Beka didn't recognize the species. She was looking at Rhade adoringly. Beka narrowed her eyes. Rhade saw this and raised an eyebrow. Beka blinked and looked away. "My name is Cindee. Thank you so so so so so much." The blue chick said is a high, breathy voice. Beka rolled her eyes and looked away. Rhade smiled slightly at her reaction. Cindee mistakenly thinking she had caused him to smile, snuggled up against him as they reached the Maru. Beka snorted and turned around to see Dylan jogging up. He nodded to Beka the looked at her inquisitively and jerked his head in Rhade's direction. Beka raised her eyebrows and threw her arms out in an exaggerated shrug. Rhade smiled. Cindee pulled away. "Rhade, Beka, let's get back to Andromeda." Beka and Rhade nodded. "NO!!! DON'T LEAVE! STAY WITH ME!" Cindee shrieked. Beka looked extremely annoyed. "Um...I would rather return to the Andromeda." "NO!" As the Maru was taking off, She threw a Tracer to its hull. "I'm coming for you Rhade. Don't worry, you'll be happy with me...I promise."