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Chapter 14

Beka looked at the screen in anger. How could he do this to her? Just like everyone else? She thought he was different.

"it might have been good to have her around though. You know, with the Apocalypse coming and all." Rhade said. He didn't seem to be talking to Dylan. Caida didn't notice. Beka cocked her head to the side...Apocalypse, apocalypse...APOCALYPSE!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!!! When Rhade and I were talking that first night he said he would love me until the apocalypse comes and then 100 years after that! He knows the camera is there! He is playing Caida as the fool!

All of the sudden she felt her hands to be a lot free-er. The ropes fell away. Caida didn't notice.

"Yes Rhade yes! You see Beka, Rhade loves me! Beka..." Caida looked over and saw Beka and Trance gone. Yet, the door hadn't opened...she realized she was trapped in the room.

"Beka! You just can't stand to see me with him! You know thus is right! It will always be right!"

Out of the shadows, a figure ran at her. Beka was fighting Caida hand to hand. Trance was standing to the side, watching as Caida successfully was demolished and fell to the ground.

"Come on Trance, we have to go meet Andromeda."

"No, Andromeda is coming here."

"What? How do you know that?" Beka asked incredulously.

Trance smiled. "Harper announced they were going to slipstream when you two were fighting. I think he forgot he shouldn't be talking." Trance grinned.


After they had picked up the Maru, Rhade and Beka went to the mess hall to have some time alone.

"You scared me." Beka said, looking down.

Rhade raised his eyebrows in alarm. "I did? When?"

"When you were posing for the camera, to fool Caida."

"Ah yes that. Well halfway through I realized she might show that to you, try to make you angry."


"Beka, I want you to know that I would never hurt you. I will never leave you, I will bne honest with you and I promise to always be there."

Beka felt her heart melt. "I love you."

Rhade hugged her back. "I love you."

The end. Kinda bad ending I know. But hey, there is a sequel on the way! Yay! Duh duh duh!