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"Carina, are you almost ready?" Lily Evans called out to her best friend.

"Almost," was the response.

"Hurry up, we're going to be late," Lily yelled across the apartment. Lily and her best friend Carina Gallagher were going out to lunch that Sunday afternoon. They did that every Sunday, rain or shine. It was a tradition, because for about a year they didn't live close to each other. Now, however they were roommates, but it was still nice to get out of the house.

"Carina, I'm leaving without you," Lily shouted.

At that moment, Carina strolled out of her bedroom. She was wearing her long blonde hair down today, and had on a beautiful black shirt and blue flowered skirt. Lily couldn't help but think that it was amazing that Carina was still single.

"Come on Lils, we have to go now," Carina reminded her.

Lily stared at her best friend and said, "That's what I've been telling you for the past twenty minutes!"

Carina just smiled sweetly as she strolled passed her friend and headed out of the door.


A few minutes later, Lily and Carina found themselves at their favorite bakery. It was right up the street and had the best sandwiches in the world.

"Hello ladies, what can I get for you today," the owner, Roger Sullivan asked his two favorite costumers.

"I think I'll have a turkey sandwich, no mayo please and a coffee," Lily told him.

"And I'll have the same," Carina added, "But throw in a bag of chips as well."

Moments later, they got their food and decided to sit outside because it was such a glorious day. The sun was shining brightly, no clouds were to be seen, and the temperature was warm.

"So, Lils, how's it going with Jason," Carina asked.

Lily smiled, thinking about her boyfriend Jason Everard. It was astonishing to think that the couple had been dating for nearly six months now. In fact, it was amazing to Lily how far their relationship had come in those six months. She could remember clearly when he had worked up the nerve to ask her on a date-

Lily was on her lunch break from work, sipping a steamy cup of coffee. Her cheeks were bright red from the bitter coldness of the atmosphere outdoors. She could feel the hot liquid pour down her throat, and that's when she saw him.

His hair was chocolate brown, with gorgeous eyes to match. The way he walked made him look as if he were the most confident man alive.

Lily watched him walk by her, flashing a huge smile of pearly whites in her direction. He was absolutely gorgeous; no other word to describe it.

She let out a sigh once he sat down at a different table. It was a sigh of both relief and disappointment. She had wanted him to come up to her, sweep her off her feet and give her a romantic kiss. Yet, she knew striking up a conversation with the brown haired man would be difficult; she'd probably say something to make her look like a complete fool.

Once her coffee was done, she stood up, grabbed her purse off the ground, and headed toward the exit. However, with her luck, it wasn't as simple as it sounds.

Right as she passed the brown haired man, a child ran by, pushing her off balance. And even more to her luck, he was right there to catch her fall.

"Alright there?" he asked. His brown eyes looked down into her own green orbs, as if studying her every move.

Lily's heart was beating fast and she was at a loss for words. Just gazing up into the strangers eyes seemed to take her breath away. In fact, she hadn't spoken until she realized the position she was in. Her head was rested against the man's arm, and she was almost entirely seated upon his lap.

"I'm, I'm fine," she answered.

"Good," he said, although he wasn't able to take his eyes off hers. It was as if there was an enchantment placed upon the two people, not letting them part at all.

After a few moments, the two people snapped back into reality, remembering that they were not the only two people in the world. It was the that Lily hoisted herself off of the stranger, him helping her with his strong arms.

"I'm Jason Everard, by the way," he told her.

"Lily, Lily Evans" she replied with a flirtatious smile.

"Evans?" he asked with brows raised.

"Yes," she timidly responded.

"Hogwarts," he faintly said.

Her eyes lit up brightly, "Oh my God, you went to Hogwarts."

"And so did you," he responded with disbelief.

"You know, that you mention Hogwarts, I think I remember you. Were you in Ravenclaw?"

"Yeah, and you?"

"Gryffindor," she responded with a huge smile. The pride she had for her House at Hogwarts was unbelievable, as it was for all of the old Gryffindors.

The two talked for quite some time afterward; reminiscing about their days at Hogwarts, talking about their jobs, and even a bit of quidditch was mentioned.

"So, Lily, I heard there was this new restaurant in town, Boyalini's, and maybe, if you wanted, we could go there some time," Jason said as they wrapped up their lunch conversation.

"Yeah, that sounds great," she replied.

"How does Thursday sound? Say, seven?" he questioned.

"Seven on Thursday it is," she responded with her award-winning smile.

"It's great, we're going out for dinner next week to celebrate our six month anniversary, at Boyalini's," Lily responded.

"You are so lucky, he's such a sweet guy… I need a guy so bad."

"Carina, you'll find someone," Lily promised.

"No I won't. I think it's my job. You know? I think guys get intimidated that I work with deadly potions. They probably think I'm going to poison them in their sleep."

Lily laughed, "You mean you've haven't thought about it?"

Carina sensed the joking tone in Lily's voice. "Loads of times, what do you think happened Charlie?"

Lily looked at her in horror, "Oh my God, I didn't know. Carina, you could go to Azkaban for that."

"I'm kidding you moron."

"Bloody hell, you scared me. I thought you were serious."

"Lily, you are so gullible," Carina responded with a laugh. "And just so you know, I've never poisoned anyone."

Lily suddenly felt kind of stupid, actually believing that Carina would do something like that.

"Anyways Lils, what do you think that you and Jason are going to be doing? After dinner that is?" Carina asked.

"I'm not sure."

"Should I be out of the house that night? So you can be as loud as you want," Carina asked sweetly.

"Carina! You bitch. I can't believe that you just suggested that," Lily whispered furiously. Her cheeks were growing redder by the second.

"What? It was a perfectly logical question," Carina defended herself.

"No, you can stay at the apartment," Lily said. Then added, "I'll go to his house."

Carina laughed, "Ha, I knew it. You'd let your guard down in a second to be with him."

"Shut up," Lily felt her face reddening even more, she was sure that there wasn't much of a color difference between her face and her dark, red hair.

"Alright, alright, I won't say anymore."

"Thank you."

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