The Malfoy/Lupin Romance

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Summary: Slash. M-Preg. AU. OOCness. A collection of 1 or 2 chaptered ficlets centering around the romantic relationship between Lucius Malfoy and Remus Lupin. LM/RL. SB/JP.

Warning: Slash. Yes, the wonderful man on man action (Lucius/Remus and James/Sirius). If you don't like that then hit the back button NOW! M-Preg. Yes, men are going to get pregnant in this story and if and when I think of a reason why? I will tell you. Alternate Universe. This story is an AU that is why Remus and Lucius are together and that is also why 3 out of the 4 Marauders are gay. Severe Out Of Characterness from Lucius when he is around Remmie, he's a big softy really, the nasty, evil Slytherin thing is just an act. Also, some OOCness from Remus every now and again.Now, if you still want to read it, go ahead. If any of the stuff in my warning offends then don't click on my stories!

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Chapter 1: Deatheater

Remus glanced above his book to see Sirius scowling at him again, "What the hell is wrong with you?"


Remus sighed and rolled his eyes, "Its nice to know you care Siri, but I really like him. And there is nothing you can do about it."

Sirius crossed his arms and pouted, "He was a Slytherin…"

"So you keep saying, but that doesn't change how I feel." Replied Remus honestly. He was seventeen years old and in his final year at Hogwarts, nobody was going to push him around anymore, not James, not Sirius and not even his older boyfriend, Lucius Malfoy.

Sirius sighed, "Fine…But if he hurts you in anyway, I want to know so I can kick the shit out of him."

Remus smiled and lifted his book back up, "Sure thing Paddy."

Sirius lay down on his stomach on his bed and stared at the magazine he had bought in Hogsmeade last weekend. "So…have you slept with him yet?"

Remus sighed and lowered his book again, "Yes I have…when are you going to let this drop? I was supportive of you and James when you came out to me-"

"That's different." Argued Sirius.

"No it's not!"

"It is!" Said Sirius sitting up again. "The Malfoys are a Dark family!"

"So are the Blacks!" Snapped Remus irritably. That shut Sirius up, but now Remus had said it he did feel bad. "Sirius…"

"No…you're right…" Said Sirius, it was obvious he didn't want to admit it though. "I just don't want my friends to get hurt that's all…and I grew up around the Malfoys, even if Lucius isn't, his parents are nasty people. They would kill you given a chance…"

"I know Siri…that's why no one else knows about us." Explained Remus. "Sorry about that thing about your family…"

Sirius smiled, "Don't worry about it, you're right. They are fans of Dark Magic…but hey, I s'pose if I can come out of that environment without being brainwashed then old Lucy can."

"Don't call him that to his face, please. I don't want to be in the middle of a blood bath." Replied Remus feeling a bit happier now. "You have been brainwashed by James though."

Sirius grinned, "Yeah but that's the good kind…And I don't mind Quidditch. Just don't want to play it."

It was true, given the chance to try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Sirius would refuse. Remus on the other hand jumped at the chance to try out and in fifth year he became the team Seeker. They were quite lucky that no game so far had fallen near a full moon.

The only thing was, Lucius had been the Slytherin Seeker when he was still at school, and because he and Remus had gotten together in Remus' fifth year (Lucius' seventh) they didn't really want to beat each other up on the pitch. So that year, Slytherin had a sudden losing streak because their Seeker had a problem with catching the Snitch.

"Do you think James'll mind if I borrow his Invisibility Cloak?" Asked Remus after checking his watch.

Sirius shook his head, "Bottom of his trunk." As Remus went to fish the Cloak out of trunk he spoke again. "Sneaking out to meet our love eh?"

Remus winked, "You know I am."

Sirius nodded in amusement, "I think Mr. Malfoy is a bad influence on you. You never used to sneak out."

"Yes well…Love does strange things to a person." Said Remus happily, he pulled the cloak over him and disappeared. "See you later Padfoot."


Remus left just as James entered the dorm, "Who's been in my trunk?"

"Rem, I let 'im borrow your cloak." Replied Sirius settling back against his pillows with his magazine. "Meeting his boyfriend…"

"Oh…ok then."


Remus went through the one eyed witch's hump and down the secret tunnel to Hogsmeade, he snuck through Honeydukes and snagged a bar of chocolate before sneaking outside into the Hogsmeade main street under James' cloak. He then headed up the road, still concealed under the cloak and to the Shrieking Shack where he was meeting Lucius outside.

Lucius was sitting on a fence outside the Shrieking Shack getting more impatient by the minute, Remus was late. And Lucius didn't know why?

Knowing who he was and who his family was, most people would think that Lucius Malfoy would be a stern, tough no nonsense man. But in all honesty, he wasn't at all like that and if he was it was an act. He just wanted to be normal and liked, Remus was the only one who knew what he was really like, Remus was the only one he had let in.

Lucius looked up when he heard footsteps approaching him, but there was no one around until suddenly a sandy haired head appeared. "Rem?" Lucius raised an eyebrow and hopped off the fence.

Remus pulled the cloak right off him and smiled, "Sorry I'm late…Sirius was trying to make me see the error of my ways."

Lucius pulled Remus flat against his body and kissed him deeply on the mouth, a usual tradition every time he met up with his boyfriend in private. "Mm…I missed you."

Remus smiled, "I wouldn't expect any less…What did you want to talk to me about?"

Lucius hesitated before taking Remus' hand and tugging him along, "I'll tell you when we're out of public."

"OK." Remus let himself get led into a field and off up a dirt track to a cave outside of Hogsmeade. They both sat down on a blanket on the dirt covered floor of the cave. "Well?"

Lucius stared off at some point on the opposite side of the cave from them, "…My parents want me to become a Deatheater."

"A-a Deatheater?" Stuttered Remus in shock. Lucius nodded silently, his grey eyes fixed on Remus now. "…Do you have to become one?"

Lucius sighed, "Well, if I refuse I will probably be one of Voldemort's first Slytherin kills…" He watched as Remus' dark brown eyes widened in horror. "But he doesn't initiate you into the Deatheaters until your twenty first birthday."

"You've still got time then." Replied Remus, he had always known this would happen but he didn't want it to become a reality.

Lucius gave a grim smile, "Just over a year." He would be twenty years old on January 2nd, it was currently October. "…I will understand if you want to break it off with me."

Remus rolled his eyes, "What, you think being a Deatheater's going to put me off?"

"Well, I just thought-"

Remus kissed Lucius on the lips to stop him from talking, "It just worries me…there are so many outcomes going through my head right now. I don't want to lose you Luce…but you should do what you think is best…"

Lucius nodded in agreement, "To be honest I didn't think you would be so understanding of my dilemma."

Remus smiled and put his head on Lucius' shoulder, "It's my job to be understanding apparently…s'what Sirius said…"

Lucius rolled his eyes, "Ah, and how is Black?"

"His name is Sirius and he is fine." Replied Remus sharply; he was starting to get sick of his friends insulting his boyfriend and his boyfriend insulting his friends. "And I told him about us."


Remus looked to Lucius, "I'm sorry but I can't keep our relationship a secret…and anyway, Sirius won't say anything."

Lucius' eyes were narrowed in a way that did kind of scare Remus. "How can you be so sure? He hates me!"

Remus gritted his teeth and a sighed; "He wouldn't say anything because he doesn't want me to get hurt." Lucius raised an eyebrow. "If you knew him you would understand. Sirius is very protective of me and James-"

"James and I." Corrected Lucius absentmindedly.

"Whatever…Maybe I should have talked it through with you first, but Siri and I tell each other everything." Continued Remus, he tried to calm himself down. "He was the first one to find out I'm a werewolf and he never said anything, he can keep secrets and I trust him. Believe me, the last thing he wants to do is see his friends in pain, so he won't divulge our secret."

"Do you have to be so close to your friends?" Questioned Lucius frowning. "I am starting to get jealous."

Remus smirked, he shifted so he was straddling Lucius' lap, "Don't be, there are some things I can't do with my friends."

Lucius smiled smugly, "Good, I would hate to think you were treating them to this," His hands rested on Remus' butt. "As well."

Remus kissed Lucius lightly, teasingly on the lips. "Oh Luce, I'm only a slut for you."

"Good." Lucius put a hand to the back of Remus' head and crushed their mouths together in a deep kiss.


Remus never went back to Hogwarts that night, he spent the entire night in that cave outside of Hogsmeade in Lucius' arms.

As he lay there half asleep with his head on Lucius' chest Remus was thinking. Sirius was right, this man really was a bad influence on him. Remus never used to sneak out under his own free will and if he did it was because James and Sirius had forcefully dragged him out.

But in all honesty, Remus loved the rush he got from sneaking around and being in a relationship with somebody he really shouldn't be with.

Their relationship was a forbidden one really. Remus' parents weren't too fond of the Malfoys as they worked with Lucius' parents. And Lucius' family hated anyone less than a pureblood and anyone who wasn't in Slytherin.

Remus himself, was a half-blooded werewolf. Which was almost the lowest of the low in the Malfoys' books. But Lucius had seen passed that, he had been infatuated by the sandy haired Gryffindor ever since he laid eyes on Remus when he was being sorted in his first year.

Remus sighed and closed his eyes, I could definitely see myself with Luce for a long time…I just hope his family and those Deatheaters don't hurt him…


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