Some of you might of heard this stupid (but funny) story before. I'm just putting Kim in it. Thanks to Lufia2 for reminding me of it.

The lights brightened as the fourth grade students at Middleton Elementary School had just finished watching a sex education movie. A red headed girl raised her hand after the movie.

"Yes Kim?" the teacher asked.

"Can my mommy get pregnant?" she asked.

"How old is your mom?"

"Thirty two," Kim told the teacher.

"Yes, your Mom can get pregnant," the teacher replied.

A little while later, Kim raised her hand again. "Teacher, can my cousin get pregnant?"

"How old is your cousin?"


"Yes, your cousin can get pregnant."

Kim paused again and raised her hand a minute later.

"Teacher, can I get pregnant?"

"How old are you?" the teacher asked.


The teacher shook her head. "No, Kim. You cannot get pregnant."

A blonde boy with freckles tapped her shoulder and whispered into her ear, "See, I told you there was nothing to worry about."