CCSxSt Tail. Two gangs at Tomoeda High; Sakura's and Syaoran's. Both hate each other equally, but what happens when they have to stand side by side against another school? DM ET but especially SS

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The Ice-cream Parlour: ColdPlay

'Another day at stupid school' thought Sakura as she finally woke up, not caring that she's late, again. 'It's not like we learn anything interesting anyway…'

She put on her school uniform, which was a white dress with blue plaid designs. Sakura had customized this dress stylishly, with several cute badges, pins, iron-ons and a classic rip on the side. It was unusually short for a school dress, four inches above the knee, which gave her freer movement.

Trudging to the bathroom, she straightened her white collar and pulled up her knee-high socks. Sakura glanced at the mirror. Her reflection showed a girl with brown-red hair that, over the years, had grown past her shoulder blades in soft curls. She brushed her hair slowly with her hand. Might as well waste time, if she was already late.

Nobody was at the breakfast table, because her father was away on a business trip and Touya was sharing an apartment with Yukito, which was near his university. Sakura grabbed an apple, her bag, her skates and headed towards the door.

At school

Sakura walked along the still corridors, her footsteps echoing. She bet that everyone was already in class by now, the teacher probably calling the role. Turning left and opening her classroom's door, she realized she was wrong. Her teacher wasn't there, for some reason. The whole class was chatting loudly, laughing, gossiping or giggling.

A sudden hush fell over the class.

As Sakura entered, it was silent. The atmosphere changed drastically. Nobody dared to talked, or even whisper. They looked at Sakura Kinomoto in many ways. Some hated her, some were jealous of her, or some were scared. Some liked her but were too scared to admit it. It wasn't easy to be friends with Kinomoto. But all in all, they all admired her. And respected. Of course you had to respect her. Not because she was at the top of the social ladder. Or because she had money. Or because her parents had high status reputations. It was simply because she, herself, had power. She was the leader of Blood Phoenix.

Sakura weaved casually through the students as if nothing was wrong until she reached the corner where two girls, one with dark lavender hair and the other with strawberry blonde, were sitting.

"Hi Tomoyo, Meimi," she greeted them cheerfully. She could feel the people behind her relax and start talking again, but in low voices. "Hey Saku," they both replied, both holding back sniggers because of their classmates' reactions.

"How's Blood Phoenix going?" Sakura glanced past her shoulders swiftly before she asked, "And is it me or is the class awfully quiet today?"

Tomoyo laughed lightly. "It's probably because you scare them, Sakura."

"Why, do they think I'm in a bad mood today?" Sakura smirked. She put on a tiger face with hands raised like claws.

"Well when you're late you're usually in a temper…what's your excuse today?"

Sakura grinned sheepishly. "No excuse, Tomoyo. But seriously, why does this silence from the class seem so weird? I mean, even before I walked in it was quieter than usual."

Tomoyo smiled. "You want to know why? It's because Meimi here," she pointed at the blonde, "wasn't fighting with that Mr Asuka Jr this morning."

Meimi looked up. "If you mention that idiot's name again..."

"What, no yelling competition? Isn't he here?" commented Sakura. "Too bad…you were winning yesterday Meimi."

"No…in fact, all the guys from the Dragoons aren't here at school at all," Tomoyo spoke up.

Sakura raised her eyebrows. "No wonder it's so quiet...and no wonder I couldn't sense their auras…"

Tomoyo sighed dreamily. "I know…imagine…a day without Li and Asuka…pure bliss…no pranks, no yelling, no fighting." Sakura and Meimi had failed to notice that she didn't mention Eriol Hiiragizawa (hehe I wonder why?)

"Personally I would love to give that Li bastard a bashing, physically and magically," growled Sakura.

"Yes yes, Sakura, but it is very energy draining to put your efforts into doing something that's really not worth it…" responded Tomoyo soothingly.

Sakura sighed. "You're right as always, I suppose." She looked around, realizing the fact that the teacher still hasn't arrived yet. "Where is she, that Ms Lai, by the way," she asked Meimi loudly.

Meimi covered Sakura's mouth with her hand, stifling a giggle, because several people turned their heads to look at them questioningly. "Sshh…the whole class might hear you…"

Tomoyo put a finger on her lips and then said in a voice louder than Sakura's, "Ms Lai told me she was stacking books in the library by the principal's orders and that she might be a bit late…" then dropping to a low voice, "we got rid of Ms Lai this morning, 'cos you were late Saku."

Sakura grinned, "Thanks Tomo, but how?"

"Oh it was the usual," responded Meimi with a mischievous gleam in her light blue eyes.

"You know, I tell the Ms Lai the upstairs toilets are flooded…" said Tomoyo.

"And then I slip into the toilets without anyone noticing and dump a rock in one of them…" continued Meimi.

"And while Ms Lai is walking there I use water magic to make that toilet flush like, ten times…"

"And then I come out of the toilets to see Ms Lai hurrying down the corridor…"

"And Meimi pretends to scream for help and runs out of the way…"

"And after that Ms Lai opens the door and water rushes out…"

"And now she's cleaning it up." concluded both of them in unison.

Sakura giggled. "So she's not coming back till like, morning recess, right? Why not get out of here to do something else? We have two whole periods to waste…"


"Let's go to the ice-cream parlour…there's that new flavour I want to try."

"Wait." said Tomoyo. "Just in case…" she snapped her fingers lightly. Upstairs, they heard a faint noise of a toilet flushing twice, and a lady squealing. "in case she comes back early…"

The trio ambled out of the classroom with confidence, with the whole class staring at their backs incredulously, wishing they had the guts, and the power, to skip school, just like that.

Ice-cream parlour

The glass door opened and three 17 year-old girls walked in. Syaoran growled when he recognized their auras. Especially the one in the middle, the dominant one. Finishing his last scoop of chocolate ice-cream, he lifted his eyes to a boy opposite him who had dark navy hair and sapphire eyes.

"Eriol," he said, "they're here." Eriol appeared unfazed and continued to eat his choc-mint ice-cream calmly. Syaoran tried his other friend who was sitting next to him, Asuka.

"Asuka…you can sense them right?" Asuka nodded slowly, his eyes hardening when he spotted a head of strawberry blonde hair.

The three girls had settled into the little bar chairs near the window, which was not far away from them. Syaoran watched those three from afar with great dislike, especially the one with auburn hair. A waiter had just taken their orders and they were chattering amongst themselves without a care in the world. 'Surely they must have sense my aura by now?' he asked himself disbelievingly. 'Even Kinomoto, the strongest of the three, can't sense it? It's not like I'm hiding it or something. I wish Asuka would hurry up and finish his ice-cream…I can't wait to get them…'

Eriol looked at his friend with a hint of amusement across his face. He knew that, for some reason, Syaoran had a thing against Sakura, as did Asuka for Meimi. Even though Blood Phoenix and the Dragoons were rival gangs and hated each other anyway, it seemed that Syaoran hated Sakura more than the other two girls in the gang, and Asuka hated Meimi the most. Maybe it was because they had the same magic as the other? While Asuka controlled wind and lightning, Meimi also controlled them. And Syaoran and Sakura both control fire and card magic. But that shouldn't be the reason though, because in the Blood Phoenix, there was another girl who controlled the same magic as Eriol himself, water and healing. That girl was Tomoyo Daidouji, but Eriol didn't hate her. In fact, he thought she was quite attractive, amethyst eyes and all, but of course he wouldn't say that to his friends. What would they think of him, fraternizing with the enemy? (Umm…do you get that? If this paragraph seems like it doesn't make sense…)

Eriol was snapped out of his own thoughts when Asuka dropped his metal spoon into the small glass ice-cream bowl, making a big clanging sound, indicating he had finished. Syaoran stood up; Eriol and Asuka did the same obediently.

And then, with all the confidence he could muster, Syaoran strode over to where Blood Phoenix was sitting, with Eriol and Asuka following.

"I know, it must have been like, months or some-" Meimi stopped mid-sentence and her back stiffened when she felt three strong auras coming near them. Tomoyo looked at her strangely but after a few seconds she realized it too. Sakura, on the other hand, wore the same annoyed expression she had when she entered the parlour. 'No wonder she looked so pissed when she came in,' thought Tomoyo. 'But why didn't she tell us before?'

"I already knew," whispered Sakura, as if she was reading Tomoyo's mind. "I just thought we could avoid them…that they won't notice…because I uh," she grinned shamefacedly, "I really really wanted strawberry ice-cream!" Tomoyo sweatdropped. "But don't worry Tomoyo…I'll take care of this…" muttered Sakura, a little guilty because Meimi and Tomoyo were frozen on their bar chairs.

"Kinomoto," said a deep, dark, voice. Sakura spun around, finding Syaoran's amber eyes bearing down on her.

"What Li?" she glared back.

"Why are you here?"

"Why can't I be?"

"We were here first; why didn't you leave when you already knew we were here?"

By now, the whole parlour was watching this little fight between Sakura and Syaoran. It was like a custom that the two fought here. The people's heads were snapping from left to right, almost like in a tennis match.

"Why should I? Can't I get ice-cream?"

"We made a deal that we won't be in the same place at one time or there would be consequences."

"Blood Phoenix never breaks their promise; but in actual fact, the deal was never made."

"Don't lie. There was a deal."

"No there wasn't. I don't recall."

"Maybe it's because your brain is the size of your bird dung." Syaoran smirked. He got her there. He could see her fuming, red in the face, eyes ablaze. The crowd gasped and took a sharp intake of breath.

Suddenly, she smiled wickedly. Her fingertips were smouldering as she rubbed them lightly together. Syaoran wondered what she was smiling about until he noticed smoke coming from her hands. His triumphant smirk vanished as he realized she was using her fire magic…on him! Something was burning; he could smell it; it was near him, somewhere…he could feel heat licking his ears…

"Stop!" someone yelled desperately, someone running through the crowd to them. Both Syaoran and Sakura turned their heads towards the man. Sakura, who was distracted by him, had stopped using her magic. Syaoran's hair, which was the thing that Sakura was burning, was singed at the tips. 'Damn!' thought Syaoran as he ran his hand through the now-cooling hair. 'She caught me unaware…'

"Oh hi Mr Mikarzhi." said Sakura politely, a bit disappointed that he had just ruined her chance of getting Syaoran back.

Mr Mikarzhi placed his hands on his hips before continuing, "How many times have I told you that I can't allow you to fight in my parlour like that?" he was telling them off like little kids, though it is true that he had a soft spot for both of them. And he was the only adult they actually listened to and obeyed.

"You guys know I run this family business…if this place burns down it would be your fault! You two…if you ever fight again, in here, you never come back again, ok? And I mean that. You hear? No ice-cream." He wavered a finger in their faces.

"Aw but Mr Mikarzhi…" whined Sakura. He always used this threat for them, no matter how many times they fought in here. Mr Mikarzhi's mouth tugged slightly on the right corner. He knew how much Sakura loved the strawberry ice-cream served from this particular parlour.

"Aw you can't be serious Mr Mikarzhi…" complained Syaoran. Mr Mikarzhi's muscle near the left corner of his mouth twitched. He also knew that Syaoran would miss the double chocolate special here.

"Fine. We're leaving." said Sakura in a defeated voice. Their 'audience' let out the breath they were holding in but the tension in the room was still there. "Let's go." Sakura snapped her fingers, causing a tiny flame to ignite and then die, thus indicating Tomoyo and Meimi to follow.

As they headed towards the door…

"Wait Kinomoto." Syaoran wasn't finished yet. Oh no…It was too good an opportunity to miss…fighting Blood Phoenix while they were both out of school? Besides, he was still mad that she had set his hair on fire.

Sakura rolled her eyes in frustration. "What now, Li?" She turned around to see Syaoran walking towards her slowly.

When he reached her he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Let's take this outside. You know it's not finished yet."

Sakura's eyes lit up, one eyebrow raised in a graceful arch. "Is that a challenge, Li?"

"You know it Kinomoto."


Sakura and her gang walked out, this time followed by Syaoran, Eriol and Asuka. The crowd shifted to get out of the two gang's way; people parting to create a narrow passageway to the only exit.