AN: Welcome to this mystery story. See if you can figure out the villain before the truth unravels. Well, read and 1 last thing: MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEF, BERT. (This is a personal joke between 2 friends) Another last thing, we tend to have a lot of motifs.

The Thief of the Card

Chapter 1

Seto Kaiba, owner of Kaiba Corp, slammed his hand down on the annoying alarm clock that was beeping loudly enough to rival a marching band. 'Not another annoying day of school,' thought Seto. After 10 minutes, he was dressed and was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen where a plate of pineapple pancakes awaited. He walked past his display of Blue Eyes White Dragon cards, looking at the empty card holders then continued to walk down the hall completely oblivious to the fact. 'My Blue Eyes White Dragon cards are missing...' He thought still completely oblivious to the fact. 10 seconds later, it finally got through to him - this was because he had just had a nice deep black cup of coffee. Ah, the good things about caffeine...

He ran back to the display.

"Bert, can you get me the police on line 10!" He yelled at the nearest butler. You could see small tear crystals in his eyes, almost daring to fall.

"My name's not Bert!" The butler yelled back indignantly. This is what you get for working for 10 years!

"DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?" Seto was tearing apart the display case, looking for even a trace of his belovèd cards.

- Scene Change -

"What's on TV, Yugi?" Joey asked, grabbing a handful of chips and stuffing them in his overly sized mouth. Yugi was flipping through the channels.

"That's odd. There's News on every channel...apart from channel 10 which is showing the National Sheep Shearing Finals."

"There are National Sheep Shearing Finals?" Tèa asked, wondering how anyone in their right mind would go to a sheep shearing contest.

"What's on the news?" Yugi's grandfather asked as he walked into the room, carrying a box of Yugi's/Yami's fan club letters and throwing them into the fireplace even though there was no fire. They all looked at the TV screen.

"Here at the crime scene of the one and only Seto Kaiba's (please insert hearts coming from eyes and a sigh) mansion the police have only found two pieces of evidence: a strand of red hair and receipt for 10 duel monster cards which is illegible because it is covered in rubbish." The camera then turned to a crying Seto Kaiba and then you could hear a howl of laughter from the one and only Joey Wheeler!

Joey Wheeler, the arch nemesis of Seto Kaiba, if you don't include Yugi, was crying almost as much as Seto was but for a completely different reason.

"...Seto...crying....It's priceless, pure blackmail!" He started hiccupping from laughing too much.

"That's not very nice, Joey!" Both Tea and Yugi said in unison. Tristan looked blank.

"I have 2 questions. Why is Kaiba crying, why is Joey laughing, and why would anyone steal the Blue Eyes White Dragons?" Tristan asked.

"That's 10 questions, you idiot!" Joey paused, counting his fingers. "I mean 3!"

"Kaiba's crying because he lost the Blue Eyes White Dragons, Joey's laughing at Kaiba because Joey just sniffed a bottle of laughing gas and NO ONE KNOWS WHY SOMEONE TOOK THOSE CARDS!" Yugi replied calmly.

"Do you think Marik has anything to do with this?" Tèa asked Yugi, listening carefully to the TV. "He did try to take your soul."

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me." Yami said harshly, he was about to add something when suddenly Seto Kaiba was on the TV screen. His face was tear stained.

"If anyone can fine my pressssssiousssssssss cards, there is an award of 10 thousand dollars and 10 of the new duel monster cards!" Here the camera turned to the News lady who had been staring at Seto Kaiba with her mouth open and drooling. She recollected herself.

"We all feel your pain Seto, I'm sure everyone will be willing to help you in your time of need."

"Is it just me or did Kaiba just sound like Gollum?" Joey asked, even though no one was listening.

"10 thousand dollars!?" Tristan yelled. "Just for some stupid dragon cards? I say we find those cards so I can buy myself a nice red convertible to impress Serenity so she'll finally go out with me!" Tristan thought out loud. Joey gave Tristan a deadly glare.

"YOU WENT OUT WITH HER YESTERDAY YOU IDIOT!" Tristan shrunk down into the couch, edging slowly away from Joey.

"Geez, you need a tic-tac because YOUR BREATH STINKS!" He yelled back at Joey.

"Cut it out you two! WE HAVE A THIEF TO FIND!" Grandpa said throwing another box of fan mail into the nonexistent fire. Yugi ignored all the screaming. He turned to Yami and Tèa.

"Maybe we should give Marik a visit." He said with a worried look upon his face. Yami nodded with an evil smirk on his face for some bizarre reason – whatever it was Yugi was not asking.

"WHAT?" Tèa shrieked at the idea, silencing everybody in the room. "HE TRIED TO KILL YOU AND JOEY!"

"You always know the right thing to say," Yami said sarcastically. But they all agreed – apart from Tèa who was still going on like a headless chicken – that they should go talk to Marik.

- End of Chapter 1-

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