Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, and the only character that is mine is Knife. I'm not going to put a disclaimer in every time, people, so savour this one. WOO! Okay, on with the stuff.

Author's Note: Hey there people! I'm normally a fictionpress person thing, but since the show has admittedly grown on me, and considering my great boredom during the "summer" holidays (summer in inverted commas cos you wouldn't know it here in Scotland!!!) I thought I would exercise my screenplay writing with a fanfic other than Invader Zim swoons with love. Anyhoo, here it is and I hope you enjoy it. This is the first part which has . . . urm . . . seven scenes, and the second part (which will appear in a second story. But for now, here is the first part!

Knife Edge: Part One

A Teen Titans fanfiction by J.S.Danskin (a.k.a. Invader Jed)

SCENE ONE: Prologue

The screen is black. Two flashes of green suddenly appear and they shoot across the screen diagonally into the far corner. The light comes on, and STARFIRE is revealed fighting a masked man, dressed in black trousers, silver books to the shin, a black, long sleeved to, silver half-fingered gloves and a mask which covers his whole head. The mask has a slash down the middle so you can see one of the villain's blue eyes, part of his nose
and the corner of his mouth.

STARFIRE (flying in the air, barraging the man with Starbolts): YAAAHH!

ROBIN (appearing behind her with the other Teen Titans):Titans, go! Take this guy down!

The Titans attack. While RAVEN and STARFIRE attack from above, trying to hit the agile criminal, who manages to evade blasts by dodging in and out, CYBORG tries to hit him with his laser cannon, but fails to hit him. The unknown criminal then attacks BEASTBOY who is currently in the form of a wolf, before running straight into ROBIN. The leader of the Titans' eyes narrow victoriously as the others gather around, except STARFIRE, who is offscreen.

ROBIN: So you thought you could abduct the visiting world leader to the city, here, then, did you? Well, sorry, but it looks like there's a change in plans.

RAVEN: Robin, look out –

Before anyone can react, the criminal shoots out a side kick at ROBIN, who crashes into the opposite wall with a cry. The criminal seizes the opportunity to escape. STARFIRE appears again and flies down to meet ROBIN. She kneels by his side and tries to stir him.

STARFIRE: Robin? Robin, are you alright?

ROBIN (groaning): Star?...where's the guy? Did he get away?

STARFIRE (slightly puzzled-sounding): The "guy" has tried to escape, and he would have, had I not...(she smiles)...intervened.

ROBIN looks at her questioningly, but when RAVEN and CYBORG come down the shaft he escaped out of holding the villain victoriously, ROBIN smiles warmly at STARFIRE, who blushes slightly. No one but her notices the look of malice thrown at her by the criminal, and although her face flinches she appears to be quite pleased with herself.