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From Invader Jed


Experience Knife Edge as a novelesque story the way it can't be described in a screenplay. Here is a snippet:

I want out. I want the yearning to stop. I want the hatred to fill me up and devour me, yet I fear it also. I have seen her and I must have her; what I do to get her attention is not terribly important. There is a world leader in Jump City for a conference. Perhaps that is the ticket I need to the mysterious Titan.

I want out. I do not want to feel this way for one who preserves peace, when there never can be peace. These Titans preserve only; but they do not – can not – prevent disaster. Disaster must happen. Will happen. It is inevitable. I shall show her this: I shall show them all. They will marvel at my brilliance; swoon at my intellect. Some may frown at my notions, but I shall grind them into the dirt. I can do anything, but I cannot stop thinking about the girl. I do not even know her name. I do not feel worthy enough to learn it, which is ridiculous, because I am better. But her is sacred like the cow to a Hindu; like water to the body; a mother to a baby.

I want out. I want out of the trap in my mind, the loop button that always returns to her.

I am Knife. And I want out.

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KNIFE EDGE 2: Word of the Brother

Knife returns, and this time, he's back for Starfire. And he's not alone. Here is a small snippet:

ROBIN: Starfire, wait. Look, I didn't mean...

STARFIRE: Goodnight, Robin. We shall speak tomorrow.

ROBIN watches her go and sighs heavily. He looks up, thinking he heard something, before shaking his head at himself and wearily walking towards the door leading back into the Tower. He pauses for a moment, staring out into the night before walking down the steps from the roof. Three shadows hop up from their hiding place on a ledge sticking out from the tower, which happens to be a large aerial.

FIGURE #1: Is everything ready?

FIGURE #2: I'm insulted that you even need to ask that, Knife.

FIGURE #1: Better safe than sorry. You set, Katya?

FIGURE #3: Moreso than you boys.

FIGURES #1 and #2: Women.

They run stealthily across the roof, planting bugs here, there and everywhere. FIGURE #3 then carefully barricades the door leading onto the roof, while FIGURES #1 and #2 set up some sort of tent. They fit an unidentified device into it and they assemble together.

FIGURE #2: Everything's ready, Knife. We're waiting for your order.

FIGURE #1: Good. Soon they'll be up here, and we'll be waiting.

FIGURE #3: Not scared, I hope, boys?

FIGURE #2: Not even close. How about you?

FIGURE #3: In your dreams.

FIGURE #1: Enough. We need our rest. Dracos, you keep watch for the first three hours.

FIGURE #2: Okay. Brother.

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ROMEO AND JULIET : Teen Titan Style

With Starfire as Juliet and Robin as Romeo, Beastboy as Father Laurence, Cyborg as Mercutio, Raven as the Apothecary and Slade as Capulet, what more could you want than a Teen Titan take on the masterpiece by Shakespeare? Except that they use today's language, and the possibility of a twist to the traditionally tragic ending to the story we know so very well.

BLACKMAIL VALLEY (one or two shot, not sure yet)

Slade wants revenge on Robin desperately; so desperately that he resorts to blackmailing Starfire to date him, or else he will have Robin destroyed. But the catch is that Robin is not allowed to know. So when Robin sees Starfire with Slade, he doesn't understand. When he asks her what's going on, she turns her back on him and the Titans. But why? Here's a little taster:

Robin's patrol was an uneventful one. No Plasmus, no Cinderblock, and not even any spray-painting delinquents: nothing. Robin was almost hoping for an encounter with Slade, when it was granted before he realised what a stupid request it was to have had, even if only for a moment.

Be careful what you wish for, Robin.

He his as soon as he saw him; Slade. The very appearance of his nemesis made his skin crawl, his blood freeze and his spine shiver. But nothing made his heart skip a beat. Nothing, until he saw that Slade was not alone. He was with Starfire.

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Batman returns to see Robin on his 16th birthday. Robin is delighted to see him at first, but as the caped crusader gets closer to Starfire, Robin begins to resent his father figure. When Robin mistakes a gesture from Batman to Starfire as an attempted kiss, Robin feels that it is time that either Batman leaves, or he must. Check it out:

No. This was Bruce. How could he be so stupid as to even think that he would make a move on Starfire? It was just ridiculous. Bruce knew he liked her, and he would never do anything to betray or hurt Robin. To think such things was awful, and Robin despised himself for it.

But jealousy, Robin learned, knew no bounds.

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