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0945 Romeo

Admiral's Office

AJ sat with a cup of coffee in his hands and was watching the news on ZNN when the screen went black for a second an then returned with one of the reporters that he had never seen before.

"Good Morning we hate to interrupt this broadcast with a very special report. The top military officials continue to surprise us in the most bizarre ways. One of the Navy's elite Admiral AJ Chegwidden the JAG in Falls Church is one of these individuals. With the cooperation of some of his staff this footage has been assembled as to some of the strange behavior following an incident with two of his senior officers. The Admiral leaned in and turned the TV up a little louder.


Same Time

"Hey look everyone the Admiral's on ZNN!" Harriet gasped as a picture of him appeared with a voice over,

"…With two of his senior officers…" Everyone looked up to see pictures of Harm and Mac at the NATO ball flash up. Then the Admiral's face was back again and he was sitting on the edge of his desk as if arguing with someone and the next few sequences showed him standing and revealing a smashed jelly doughnut and cherry filling on the back of his white uniform pants.

"Well apparently this Admiral is very patriotic…" The whole bullpen roared with laughter and Harm and Mac came out of Mac's office looking innocent.

"Sir, ma'am who ever got this! It is great!" Bud chuckled and Mac replied,

"What Bud?"

"Check out ZNN!" Bud pointed to the monitors and Mac admired her handy work as the next frame came into view. Harm and Mac couldn't resist a snort. AJ sat at his desk with the roomful of files and his mouth hanging open and eyes wide.

"…It seems that even for a SEAL sometimes things can get out of hand…" the woman's voice was heard over the laughing in the bullpen.

Admiral's Office

AJ spewed the sip of coffee he had just taken all over his desk and himself. What on Earth! How had anyone gotten these pictures was beyond him. This was crazy. He jumped up and rushed to the bullpen still covered in coffee and found everyone laughing and staring at the monitors in front of them.

"… What does this Admiral do to release his stress? Well these photos should give us a clue…" A picture of the Admiral's feet in the air when he had fallen out of his chair showed up and the woman's voice was mocking.

"… Looks like it's time to kick back and relax or…" A video began to play with Chegwidden dancing with a Frank Sinatra song playing over it. (AN: Think of our Admiral dancing like Mel Gibson in What Women Want).

"How, how, did they…" He stammered as his image moved smoothly across the screen with a black rat pack style hat on it's head. Jen was trying to hold back her own laughter.

"No folks this isn't even the beginning… Sometimes even the best are out of uniform…"

The next image was of Coates carrying a pair of white slacks in her hands and then next was the Admiral leaving his office with the SECNAV but lacking the back of his pants. AJ snatched a file off the nearest desk and just to make sure nothing like that had happened without his knowledge he put it behind his back and instinctively covered his six.

"… Yes it seems the antics of the JAG are just as crazy as the officers…" A series of shots followed, including Coates with a fist in the air. The dead Singer with a black eye, Tiner and Gunny at each other's throats, Sturgis slipping and falling in the bullpen, Bud and Harriet caught in the Breakroom. Then one picture showed up of Harm and Mac sliding across the floor of the Willard's lobby, the next of them kissing in the library just as Harriet walked in and then to finish off a final image showed up, and AJ recognized it. It was the one he had taken of Harm and Mac in front of a TPed JAG building.

"…As you can see things never seem to be normal and the best aren't always perfect. This concludes our special report…" The screen went black and just then in the sudden silence a phone went off. Jen picked it up and quickly handed it to AJ and she accidentally bumped the speaker button and the following conversation ensued.

"AJ!! Would you like to share what I just saw on my television!" Came the SECNAV"S voice.

"Sir! I can't explain it…. WAIT! You saw it?"

"You bet your bars I did! What has your office come too? Some kind of zoo?"

"No sir! I don't know…"

"AND you! That was disgraceful! You know the WHOLE nation, no correction the WHOLE WORLD just saw that! What do you think they think of our Navy now!"

"Sir I'm sure…"

"DON'T you SIR me AJ! This is one of your officers doing and when I find out which…" The Admiral then interrupted as his focus turned to Harm who was asking Mac how the heck she had pulled it off.

"Mr. Secretary I will call you back, I have the culprits." He then slammed the phone down and stepped to the middle of the Bullpen and shouted,

"COMMANDER RABB! LT. COLONEL MACKENZIE, soon to be Rabb get your SIXES over here NOW!!!" Harm and Mac knew they were screwed ten times over this time. AJ had never used Mac's FULL rank and referred to her as 'soon to be Rabb'. Everyone dropped everything and backed off as they came forward to attention.

"YES SIR!" They snapped to in unison. He stood a foot from them and he walked back and forth for a minute then asked in a flat tone.

"Are you two responsible for this?"

"YES SIR!" He nodded.

"Hmm and did the whole world just see this?"

"NO SIR!" Was there reply and Chegwidden let out a little sigh, well at least not everyone had seen it.

"Would care to enlighten me on exactly who saw it?"

"YES, SIR!" Then Mac continued smartly,

"For starters you sir, the SECNAV, Commander Sturgis Turner, Lts. Bud and Harriet Roberts, Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Coates, Commander…"


"NO SIR! I was just stating the fact sir. You asked me whom…"

"I KNOW WHAT I ASKED YOU NOW ZIP IT MACKENZIE!!" AJ shouted right in her face. Then he relaxed and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Rabb, Mackenzie, do you want your promotions now or should I wait?" Everyone's mouths fell open and if it had been a cartoon everyone would have hit the floor with big red question marks over there heads.

"WHAT!" Harm gasped and AJ let out a little laugh.

"Yes I happen to have your promotion papers right here in this file…" He held up the one that was behind his back. Then he asked again.

"So now or later?" Harm and Mac looked at each other and gulped.

"Ummm now?" AJ nodded and stood behind them.

"Very well." He rolled the file and then cleared his throat.

"Presenting now full Colonel WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MACKENZIE…" He whacked Mac upside the head not hard enough to do any permanent harm just leave a reminder.

"OWWWEEE!" Mac squeaked and rubbed the back of her head.

"And Captain IDIOT FLYBOY RABB!" AJ whacked Harm a little harder on the back of the head then he meant too, but just as long as Harm didn't pass out it was fine. Harm jumped a little and shouted.

"AGH!!! THAT HURTS!" AJ came around in front of them with a broad smile on his face as everyone behind him laughed hysterically.

"Well of course it does Captain! It wasn't supposed to tickle."

"Sir I don't think that is really considered a promotion." Mac said softly as she continued to rub her head gingerly. AJ looked at her puzzled.

"Who said that was the promotion?"

"Umm come again sir?" Harm asked. Everyone fell silent.

"Now it wasn't my idea more the SECNAV's for your efforts the other day, well not just for that but you get the point. If it was me I would demote you! Anyway, let me congratulate you on your promotions to full Colonel and to Captain. Your ceremonies will be later this week." Harm and Mac looked at each other and Mac jumped into Harm's arms much to everyone's surprise including Harm's.

"Congrats!" She was about to kiss him when AJ put the file in-between them.

"Ah, ah, ah, unauthorized fraternization in the office is not permitted, do you need to be reminded again?" Mac rolled her eyes and asked impatiently,

"Permission to kiss my fiancée the new Captain Harmon Rabb sir?" AJ bit his lip.

"Well you did ask buuutt…" Harm then whispered.

"Could you make up your mind fast sir she is getting a little heavy." AJ nodded.

"Permission granted. Everyone else, back to WORK!" He then turned on his heel and headed for his office with spring in his step. Harm kissed Mac passionately before putting her down.

"I congratulate you on a job well done Colonel,"

"For the presentation or the kiss?"

"Both." Harm gave her a wink and she smiled.

"Harriet was right to tell you never to underestimate me, I am a marine after all." Mac gloated as she headed for her office with Harm at her heels.

"Did I say I ever doubted you?" He asked as he closed the door.

"Well let's see we'll start with our first opposing council, then move onto…" Harm pulled her into his arms.

"I get the gist."

"Oh you are one fast learner." Mac pulled away from him and then grabbing a file she walked out and towards his office. Harm followed her in and she began shuffling through his papers.

"What are you looking for?"

"Oh some notes I left here the other day."

"Okay, but change of subject…" Harm sat in his chair and pulled her into his lap.

"Oh! Well I like this change of pace." Mac smiled. Harm said softly,

"I still have one doubt though…"

"Might I inquire as to what it is?" Mac asked batting her eyelashes. Harm then whispered something in her ear and she giggled.

"Well wouldn't you like to know. You seem pretty sure of yourself Flyboy."

"Oh so am I the one being doubted here?" Harm inquired and then answered his own inquiry.

"I suppose it puts us on level ground." Mac nodded and added.

"Good, just as long whatever to have in mind doesn't involve paper of any kind." Harm kissed her soundly.

"No paper once so ever, but what about…"

"Shut up, Sailor not another word!" Mac kissed him again to stop his wandering mind.


Same Time

"This is Lt. Simms how can I help y…MATTIE! Is something wrong? Harriet asked concerned.

"No, I was calling to tell you I have the rough draft setup." Harriet's eyes got wide and she then inquired softly.

"Really? Do you think I could view it over lunch?"

"If you can get here one."

"Why before then?"

"Because Harm and Mac will be at Harm's by then." Harriet sighed.

"Alright I think I can make it by eleven, so be ready for me."

"Got it, well that was all I needed. By the way how did the whole 'presentation' go?"

"How do you know about that?" Harriet wondered.

"I helped Mac with it. Anyway see you at eleven1" Mattie hung up and Harriet made a note of what time she needed to be gone. Everyone seemed to be getting in their fair share of pranks lately and poor Harriet was feeling a little left out so it was time for her to take matters into her own very capable and gossip ridden hands. She began to hum a happy little tune to herself and went about her work as if nothing was up. After all who would expect an attack form a little blonde lieutenant…


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