Author's Note: Now this is REALLY the end. You will note on the bottom of the page that it says 'The End'. This is really short I know but I wanted to tack it on anyway, ya know, just because I felt like it. SO now you can really read the end!

Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

1923 Romeo

The following Friday

"Remind me again Harm why we had to go in the break room of all places?" Mac asked him slamming a file down on the table. Harm came over to her and leaned over the couch to look over her shoulder.

"As I recall I was in there innocently eating my blueberry muffin and you came in and started it." Harm reminded then flopping down next to her with a handful of chocolate kisses.

"Hey eating that muffin made you look very sexy."

"Oh you're sure it wasn't just the muffin which you did eat most of anyway."

"No it was all you but why the Admiral had to walk in then is not my doing, but here we are with half the Navy's problems in our laps and on our coffee tables." Harm interrupted her.


"Why thank you." Mac said kissing Harm.

"No I meant a chocolate one." Harm said handing her one.

"Oh well, I can have two right?" Mac replied and received another quick non- chocolate kiss from Harm. She then looked at the files and sighed,

"Well looks like we don't have anything planned this weekend, but some quality file time."

"Actually, I let Mattie go over to a friends house again and Jen is going out for the weekend with Jason,"

"Jason Tiner?" Mac asked.

"I think so but I'm not sure. I don't pry, I'm not her guardian. Anyway so I thought that you might like to see how a naval aviator relaxes." Mac laughed.

"I have a feeling it involves a lot of sleeping and booking serious flight time." Harm leaned in closer.

"Maybe or…" Mac laughed again and pushed him away.

"You're not going to have me go skinny dipping with you are you, Squid?"

"No, but it's a good idea though, maybe next weekend?" Harm suggested and Mac frowned at him.

"I don't think so. Now then what is it that Flyboys do for relaxation?" Harm laid her back on the couch and whispered,

"Well let's just say that it involves working extremely late into the night."

"Oh I think I'm going to like this." Mac said dropping the file in her hand on the floor where it landed with a smack and not worrying anymore about the work related things she had to do right now and focusing on Harm. The one man in her life that would do anything for her, from saving her from terrorists to getting a bikini wax, Harm was the man for her and she had to admit he was the best fish and only fish in the sea for her.


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