Faye shivered and reached for her blanket, only to find it already wrapped tightly around her. 

            What the…? she thought resentfully.  Why the hell is it so damn cold?

            Making dire predictions about Jet's future health to herself, she rearranged her blanket and shuffled to the Bebop's control center, where she cranked up the temperature control to desert- esque levels and irritably returned to her bed.

            It was no use; all she did was toss and turn. 

            Damn you, Jet!  First he kept it freezing, just because his internal thermostat was too old to know when it was time to turn off the AC… and he had the gall to give her a bed so thin that it wouldn't retain any warmth whatsoever… and why wasn't it warming up at all?  She wouldn't be surprised if that vindictive, tightfisted old geezer had rigged it so that her room was the only one that couldn't keep an acceptable temperature… 

            Faye got to her feet and started off down the hall, fully intending to make Jet thoroughly regret his existence, when she passed Spike's room.  He'd left the door open; he was still dressed and sprawled over his covers, the very picture of a "crash." 

            Faye salivated at the sight of that thick, comfortable blanket… and that comfy- looking bed, not at all like the cot the bald guy had stuck her with…

            Revenge forgotten (for the moment), she knelt at Spike's feet and took off his shoes; her mother had always been strict about keeping footwear off the furniture.  That done, she shoved him aside and crawled under the blanket.

            "Wha- Faye- the hell?  Get out!" he protested, shoving at her. 

            She didn't budge.  "I'm staying right here.  You can go somewhere else if you want."

            "This is my roomMy bed!" an outraged Spike reminded her.

            "I don't give a shit."

            "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

            "Getting warm." she replied, snuggling in.

            Spike rejected the unwelcome thought that she looked cute like that.  "Move." he half- pled.

            She made a noise somewhere between a growl and a purr and punched his pillow into a shape to suit herself. 

            He stared down at her.  Sure, he could pick her up and bodily deposit her in her own bed, but she'd make it a painful experience… and she'd come right back, unless he could find some way to lock her in. 

            Actually, that might not be a bad idea…

            He heaved a frustrated sigh.  It's so late… I'm so tired… dammit, I might as well just let her stay.

            Let her stay. 

            There was no mistaking his growl for anything else, but he didn't try to displace her after he rose from the bed; instead, he shucked his shirt and socks and changed into the sweatpants he usually wore when working out.  Giving the now- contentedly- sleeping Faye a filthy glare, he climbed into bed beside her, giving her a hearty shove for good measure and stealing his pillow back. 

            She was warm. 

            Julia wasn't this warm.  He squished the thought and the half- formed one that came after it, a reminder that he and Julia hadn't exactly done much sleeping when they were together… 

            Great.  Now he'd probably have nightmare- memories. 

            He huffed irritably and turned his back on her, annoyance passing into oblivion as he faded into sleep; and instead of the nightmares he expected, his night was spent in the satisfaction of dreamless, warm darkness, with the comforting presence of another at his back.