Deep remorse
I wanted to save you
Instead, I destroyed us both
The weapon was my ambition
My blind eyes
Pale and white, immune to the light
The shots rang out
I reached for you
And a single tear ran down your cheek
Your eyes glazed
And you were dead
Your fingers curled towards the sky
I lost you on my account
The crimson blood contrasting
On your pale skin
Now I sit here in the dark
Contemplating life
They still war
They still fight
Were we sacrificed in vain?
Memories cling to the darkened cavern
"Despair strong enough
to crush the minds of those it touches"
I sit here alone
I want you near me
I miss you so much, it burns
But my feelings with succeed
Where my body did not
I feel hatred and anger
For all those that have wronged us
I feel rage and fury
At the world that has failed us
But most of all
I feel regret
Because I was the one who killed you
...I'm sorry...