In a Hero's Head

Author note: This is my first fic and I, Aki, wrote this alone! In case you didn't know, this penname is two different people. Some stories Tenshi writes, some I write, some we write together. This fic in first person, Harry's POV.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any names, places, or references therein.

Chapter 1

I have come to hate the times when my mind has time to rest. Because when it rests it thinks; thinks on things I wish to forget.

That is why I keep busy now. I do my homework like Hermione good. I practice Quidditch. The intervals in between I study. But then comes strange times like this, in which my mind wonders.

The most frequently asked question is "why?" Why did my parents have to die? Why I am I stuck with the Dursley's? Why do I have to be the hero? Why do I have to be famous? Why do so many people I love and care about have to suffer because of me? Like Cedric or...or Sirius have suffered. Why does He want to do me in? Why does the fate of the world be on my shoulders?

The other questions are easier to answer. Who, what, when where, how. But why, why is so complex and complicated.

If anyone tells me it is because of the effing prophecy I will shove it down their throught.

Why me? Why did the prophecy pick me? Can't I decide my own destiny; the prophecy still does not tell me why so many people I love have to suffer pain and even death. Damnit I am going to cry. If I am going to be the savior of the world I can't cry.

Well, too late, I am crying. May be it is a sign that I will lose to Voldemort and really soon and the whole wizarding world will be doomed. Hell, I'm starting to sound like Professor Trelawney, but hey, a kid an dream can't they?