Chapter 12

Adopted family

When I realized that my only family was the Dursleys I got a little depressed. They did not even really count because families are supposed to love and care for each other. Then I realized families are connected by love and not by blood, so I have a very big family.

I have a know-it-all sister named Hermione. A lot of red-head brothers named Ron, Fred, George, Bill, and Charlie. I have an aunt and that loves me like a mother named Molly and her muggle obsessed husband Arthur. My other uncles are Moody and Lupin, Tonks is like an older cousin. There is also a wise, old man who is like a grandfather named Dumbledore.

I also have this other uncle; he died about a year ago. I will miss him a lot. I could trust him with any secret. His name was Sirius Black, my godfather and father's best friend.

There is also this girl Ginny who is closer than a sisterly bond. She knows how I feel and I believe she fells the same towards me; one of us just has to break the ice.

All-in-all I have a really big family. Even though they could never replace my mum or my dad, or whatever siblings I might have had. They make a real good substitute.

So I love my adopted family and my adopted family loves me.

Harry James Potter