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Galvatron glared out of Trypticon at the barren landscape of Charr. The other Decepticons, knowing that he was in a foul mood, stayed far away and well out of reach.

Sixshot had lost the battle and had been killed by the Autobot Prime. Another Autobot had sabotaged the ships. The explosives that had been hidden on board had gone off in mid-flight, injuring dozens of Decepticons. Other explosives had gone off when they'd landed, damaging Trypticon himself. Galvatron could hear the huge city groaning in pain.

Insane rage filled Galvatron's mind, searing him, burning him from the inside out. He let it fill him, reveling in it. His optics blazed with hatred as he stared in the direction of distant Cybertron.

"I will destroy you, Ultra Rodimus!" he suddenly screamed, startling everyone in hearing range and making them scatter like turbo-rats scenting a cyber-wolf. Optics reflecting the madness that had engulfed him since Unicron's death, Galvatron glared furiously at the tiny star that Cybertron distantly orbited.

"I will destroy you if it's the last thing I ever do!!!"


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