Closing the Case


They say 'time heals all wounds'… but they have been known to be wrong.

Kanna Priest, even with all the love and support she received from her uncle, godfather, and multiple therapists, never did completely recover from the trauma of her childhood. She was always quiet and shy, and had few close friends. Miroku did his best to help her fit in, but her wariness of new people and situations made life increasingly difficult as she got older.

Sango returned to her job as an M.E., but there were new shadows behind her eyes that never did fade away. Miroku, after many years, finally asked for her hand in marriage. They later added two boys and a girl to their family, all three of whom went a long way towards helping Kanna heal.

Kirara and Rin suffered few outward signs of the trauma they underwent, though their respective fathers were, if possible, much more protective of them.

Naraku was never sentenced. The day he was scheduled to appear in court, he was found dead in his cell. He had slit his throat during the night using one of the springs from his bed. The only clue to his reasoning was a comment about 'finally being together again' made to a passing security guard.

Kagome finished her schooling and went to work for Sesshoumaru as a full lawyer. He soon came to rely on her, though she always shied away from murder cases. A year after everything had settled down, Inuyasha and Kagome were married in a small ceremony in Central Park. Kagome became pregnant with their first child less than a month later and gave birth to a boy before the year was out. At Inuyasha's suggestion, they named him Souta.