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Pairings: Mainly this is a Starfire/Robin (Kori/ Dick), with some Raven/ Beast Boy (Raven/ Gar)

Wake Up

Chapter one: A new client

            They were Jump City's finest detectives, the mysterious Richard "Dick" Grayson and the beautiful Kori Anders. Two entirely different types and styles; Dick carried the old fashioned look well, covering his blue eyes with dark glasses, and wearing a traditional black suit covered with a trench coat. Kori was a bit more modern in her style, allowing her bright green eyes to go free, usually clad in something that would show off her narrow frame.

            It took a very large case to come to the agency, for it took various searches, and many security precautions to even get within the premises, and today the two would be in for the case of their lives.

            Kori sat at her desk and yawned, there was nothing to solve, and she looked longingly at the door. Nobody had entered it in days; she stood up to stretch her long legs perhaps Robin will venture to the park with me, she thought to herself using her own name for her partner Dick. His voice called for her, "Just a moment Robin!" she replied gathering some papers he had requested earlier.

            When she opened the door she didn't get the reaction that she expected. Dick took one look at her of the shoulder lime green top and black miniskirt and asked "why do you bother wearing things like that?" he asked.

            "It is not appropriate?" she wondered aloud, still holding the papers to her chest.

            He ignored her question, "Never mind, do you have the papers I asked you to copy?" She nodded and set the papers on his desk neatly with a smile.

            "Robin" she began with a hint of innocence to her voice, "I was wondering if perhaps-" he cut her off.

            "Can this wait Kori? A guard downstairs is paging me, maybe we have a new customer," this made him jump up, "could you get the" he began but as if reading his mind Kori nodded.

            "Do not worry; I will keep watch over the speaking device." He grinned, and that was enough thanks for her. As soon as he walked out she felt a frown cross her face, He never calls me Star anymore; she quickly shook the thought away.

  She looked around his office, papers were thrown everywhere, the desk no longer had a table and the only thing that stood out among the white of the papers was a twelve inch photograph that was taken the day they had begun the agency.

            Dick was beaming with pride as he stood in front of the old brick building; Kori stood next to him hands folded in front of her pleasantly. Dick stood tall wearing a green tee-shirt, with a simple pair of kaki pants. Kori practically floated next to him wearing a pair of blue jean hip-huggers, and a pink square neck tank top. That was the last time he had worn anything but a suit. Does Robin own anything other than suits? She giggled at the thought.

            Footsteps could be heard up until the door was opened, Dick stood next to a tall man, "Kori," he was speaking in his business tone, "this is Roy "Speedy" Harper, you know the racer, Roy, this is my partner Kori Anders" he introduced

            "It is a pleasure to meet you." She shook his hand and from the look on his face he was surprised at her grip.

"It's nice to meet you too" he replied with a dashing grin. She blushed and smiled back shyly. Dick narrowed his eyes at the new client.

"Ok, well now that the introductions are done, Kori could you get us some coffee?" Dick requested, she sighed disappointedly.

"Of course," she replied with a hint of sadness, he never needs my help for anything anymore.

"Thanks, you know how I take mine and" he gestured towards Roy who smiled.

"Three creamers and four lumps of sugar."

"All right, I shall return."

As soon as Kori was out of ear shot, Roy whispered, "Is she yours man?"

"What? No, she's my partner. Rule number in my book, never fall in love with a partner." Dick clarified. Unfortunately this was the moment Kori chose to return; sullenly she placed the mugs on the table.

"Here you are, just the way you like you coffee." A normal person wouldn't be able to tell that she was holding back tears, but Dick had known her since she had first arrived in town. He stood up as she walked out of the room, and whispered:


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