Chapter Fifteen: A brand new light

Why don't you just pace the stairs to your apartment like that's where you want to be?

-Taking Back Sunday "Set Phasers to Stun"

"You and Gar shared a room last night?" Kori asked Raven as she set down a cup of tea. Raven caught a glimpse of the clock on the stove reading 10:08

"Yeah we did." She saw Kori's eyes widen, "nothing bad happened! We just slept together." Raven shrugged sipping her tea.

"I see, hmm… do you want anything to eat?" Kori asked as she moved around the kitchen. The smell of pancakes hung in the air making Raven's mouth water hungrily, "orange juice perhaps." Kori glanced at her friend as she poured herself a glass of the orange juice.

"Maybe a pancake and some tea." Raven replied glancing towards the door just as Gar entered.

"Paper's here," he threw the Jump City Times on the table. Kori set the plate in front of Raven and sipped her juice as she opened the newspaper.

"There is an article on the capturing of Slade Wilson," She looked up, "I think Dick is happy about that." She scanned the pages until her eyes grew wide, what she saw completely surprised her and Raven could see why. On the page was an ad reading:

Jump City Detective Agency

WANTED: New partner

Requirements: patient,

Bubbly, intelligent,

Please call Richard Grayson


"A new partner?" Kori inquired to herself. "I must go and see him, now." She rose from her chair and began to walk to the door.

"Kori!" Gar yelled to her.

"Do not attempt to stop me Garfield Logan I know what I am doing," Kori snapped pulling on her long coat.

"Kori you're still in your pajamas," her male friend shouted as she placed her hand on the door. With a quick glance Kori realized that Gar was right.

"Yes, that is true." Her expression became thoughtful. "Raven may I ask a favor of you?" she asked innocently. Raven shrugged and within minutes the two females were barricaded in the guest bedroom of the once trashed apartment. This left Gar alone in a small place to do what ever he wished to do. Immediately he turned on the television and began to channel surf.

When the two women didn't emerge for two hours Gar became worried for them. Slowly he rose and knocked on the door. "Kori," pause "Raven? Are you two all right?"

"Give us a second longer Gar," Raven's voice commanded through the door. He paused and waited until he saw the knob begin to turn. Raven exited and what he saw next caused him to release a very amazed gasp.


-The Agency-

Dick glanced at the clock one o'clock "Maybe she forgot what happened and thinks I'm really trying to replace her," Dick mused aloud. He paused "I guess I should eat something." He commented as his stomach growled violently. Picking up the phone he called the security on the level below him. "I'm taking a lunch break, lock up for now," he hung up and began to pick at some lo-mien noodles.

All alone he sat taking reluctant bites of the food until he heard a set of footsteps up the stairs. "Nobody's allowed in when we're locked up." He heard the door open with a glance up he realized he couldn't pull himself away.

There before him stood a woman with a large brimmed black hat tipped to the side covering the top of her waist length blood red hair. Her skin was tanned lightly, lips painted in bright candy pink lipstick. Covering her body was a full length cream trench coat with a silver belt around the waist.

Only one part of the woman remained a mystery and that was her eyes, for they were covered by a pair of eighties style sunglasses. She pulled something from one of the pockets of her coat, a newspaper. "I was wondering if the position was still open." I know that voice, Dick thought.

"It is," he answered looking at the woman.

"I think I would be perfect for the job," she remarked leaning on his desk, she pushed back the stray crimson locks that fell into her face.

"Do you now?"

"Yes," she whispered leaning further onto his desk. "I only have one rule though,"

"And what is that?" Dick asked leaning towards her intently.

"You can never fall in love with me" The two were so close that Dick could feel her breath upon his lips, emitting the scent of cotton candy.

"I would say it's too late for that," he moved a centimeter and pressed his lips upon hers in a slow sweet kiss. He pulled away leaving the woman frozen, her lips were slightly parted and from what he could tell her eyes were closed.

He removed the glasses and just as he expected a pair of emerald green eyes flickered open. "Why did you stop?" she inquired before kissing him harder. When the two pulled away breathless Dick reached into his desk drawer and pulled something out.

"Kori, last year on our anniversary I was going to ask you something. I promise that I didn't forget that we had been together for a year, I just didn't want Slade to go after you and hurt you." He fidgeted for a moment and walked to her on the other side of his desk.

"What were you going to ask me Robin?" Kori asked removing the hat.

Dick lowered himself onto his right knee and opened the box "Kori Anders will you marry me?"

Kori's eyes widened and her mouth parted as if she was about to scream. "Yes," she cried with glee. "I will marry you"

"Really?" Dick asked in shock. Kori nodded excitedly as he slipped the white gold band around her finger. He stood up and met her green eyes with his blue ones, and they met in another heated kiss.

-A Church-

The wedding march began to play. All the guests rose from their seats and looked upon the bride in awe. A long silk gown that met the floor covered her legs shifting slightly as she walked to meet the bridesmaids at the alter, a corset bodice imbedded with clear beads hugged her torso, and upon her ebon hair rested a tiara borrowed from her best friends wedding attire.

The red head in the front of the line of bridesmaids smiled as one her best friend's walked towards the other. She glanced to her left and met the sapphire colored eyes of her husband and smiled. Something nibbled on her fingers and she looked down to meet the same eyes of her newborn daughter.

The baby twisted the white gold ring with a sparkling pear shaped diamond surrounded in tiny star shaped diamonds glittered upon her finger. She smiled and returned her attention to the bride and groom. Kori thought back to her own wedding dreamily.

Raven, the maid of honor, placed a sparkling tiara upon Kori's head. "How many people are here?" the bride-to-be asked her friend.

"I would say anyone that was ever within a five foot radius of you." Raven replied smoothing the material of the lavender bridesmaid dress.

"Kori," Her mother sniffled. She stared at her daughter with tears in her eyes. "I'm so happy for you," she sobbed.

"Mother you're going to make me cry," Kori whispered dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

"I think you're ready Kori," Raven smiled slightly allowing Kori to turn around and stared at the dress in awe. The top clung to her torso in simple white silk. The waist lined with a white ribbon attached the top to the skirt of the same material. Woven into the ribbon were little forget-me-nots.

A gentle knock hit the door her father's voice called from the opposite side. "Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes I am ready," Kori responded before walking towards the door. She could hear the skirts beneath her skirt shift from the movement. Raven and her mother scurried out into the seats. Her father offered his arm and together the two walked to the isle.

The ceremony was held outside in the park the two had first met in among their friends, and family.

Bzzz… Bzzz…Bzz… Kori groaned and rolled over to smack the alarm clock fiercely. "What is going on?" She rolled over and looked around "it was all a dream?" She sat up and felt the warmth of a blanket covering her. A great amount of warm sunlight beamed into her room. Never had this much light come from her small window.

For a moment she sat in silence, becoming aware of the sound of water from the bathroom. Someone was taking a shower. She pouted her lips in thought who would be using my bathroom? She climbed out of the warm bed and her soft feet met the hard wood floor, hard wood floor?

She pushed open the bathroom door just as the water turned off and a being emerged with a towel around his waist. "Morning Beautiful." He walked over to her with his dark hair matted to his face.

It was not a dream, her mind cried happily. She reached for him and planted a small kiss on his lips. When she moved to pull away she discovered that she was trapped in his arms. "Why did you stop?" He mocked pressing his mouth against hers. When they pulled away he leaned down and whispered "I love you Star,"

"And I you Robin" she smiled as she nuzzled into his neck.

"Mommy, Daddy; what are you two doing?" a small child asked from the door way. In one of her tiny hands was a worn stuffed turtle.

"Nothing darling." Kori whispered scooping up her daughter. The two exited leaving Richard to get changed. Within five minutes he emerged securing his belt around his waist.

"What do you say we go to the fair today?" He inquired.

End Wake Up

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