Title: Late Shifts

Author: Anya-Jenkins

Summary: Just Xander/Anya Niceness…VERY AU!!!  Anya and Xander got married, had three kids, Tara, Alex and Emma.  Obviously Anya didn't die (and if you ask me she never did coz I FF those parts on DVD) this is set about 3 years after chosen.  There are other things, you'll figure it out, oh ang The Magic Box was some how restored…..Insurance…..

Disclaimer: All hail the might Joss etc etc etc blah blah blah

Authors Note: Yet again, totally improvised, ideas that blare from the Xanya Universe of my head, where things like this fic actually happen.

'I hate it when he works these late shifts' Anya thought to herself, flicking the telly from another pointless infomercial – didn't these people know, that being overly enthused about their merchandise wasn't going to help it sell – to a semi-decent movie on Hallmark.  She glanced at the clock. Ten thirty.

Sighing, Anya got off the couch and walked into the kitchen to make herself a cocoa.  If Xander were home right now, she wouldn't be going to bed so early, oh no -they'd be sat laughing at some stupid show on MTV, something pointless, yet entertaining, like pimp my ride, and she'd be able to tuck her feet under his legs so they didn't get cold, instead of wearing stupid, pointless house shoes - but he wasn't.  He was on a late shift.  Again.  So no foot warming, or laughing for Anya, No sir! No snuggling, or kissing, or…….not a one bit!

Pausing to check in on the twins: Tara, and Alex,  Anya smiled, if someone were to have told before the final battle that in a few years she'd be struggling to juggle three kids and a job, she'd have laughed in their faces.  Heading towards the master bedroom, Anya looked at the clock once more, Xander shouldn't be too long, maybe he wouldn't even be tired in the morning, and -unless he had to work again tomorrow's late shift- maybe they could do something.

Checking on Emma, -their newest baby- and covering her gently, Anya wondered how long it would be before she woke up and wanted feeing.  As she crawled into bed, Anya snuggled down.  The bed felt so big without Xander.

Before she knew it, Emma was crying and waking her up, getting out of bed, she saw Xander coming in with Emma's bottle.  "Ssssh!  Go back to sleep honey, I'll take care of the baby.  Anyway, you'll need extra energy because tomorrow, we're all going to the monster truck rally!!!"  As Anya started to protest Xander cut her off "No, no, no, no, no, everything will be fine, I'll sort the twins and Emma out, and I'll made us a lunch and everything, all you need to do is relax and sleep.  And then in the morning, all you need to do is make yourself look even prettier than you do right now…how are you at achieving the impossible?" Xander asked and flashed Anya a sweet grin.  After a short but sweet kiss, Anya settled down back to sleep again, thinking of how lucky she was to have a husband like Xander

'I love it when he works these late shifts' she thought sleepily