Hi there! My name is Jess and I'm an avid Kill Bill fan. A few months ago a friend and I had the urge to create a story based on Kill Bill. We were always curious about what happened before the two volumes. How did Bill and Beatrix end up lovers? What's the deal between O-Ren and Beatrix as well as all the other Vipers? This is basically a prequel to what we think may have happened before the massacre at Two Pines.

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The story begins a year after Beatrix's agonizing three years with Pai Mei and takes place a year and a half before Two Pines.

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Chapter 1: Flying Saucers

Sunrays began to spill through the holes in the curtains of that small apartment lying on the outskirts of Mexico. Not the wealthiest area in the region but it wasn't the poorest. Lying nestled under the covers was a young woman, ranging in her early twenties, young but wise beyond her years. The buzzer of the alarm clock that was now on the floor rang off for the third time that morning. A hand emerged from the covers to wave at the clock as if signaling for it to shut up. No such luck. Grumbling about how fucking early it was, Beatrix Kiddo emerged from the covers. She bent down and picked up the alarm clock, shut it off, and traveled across the room at a groggy pace to the washroom. An hour went by until she finally emerged from the washroom. Clad in a pair of faded blue jeans decorating a few holes, a Japanese style blouse of white and pale blues, and a brown belt taut about her waist accentuating her figure. Locks of layered blonde hair were pulled back, loose strands falling against her complexion and mingling with clean cut bangs. She was appealing, beautiful...deadly. Throwing on a pair of sneakers, Bea grabbed her bag and set outside. The morning sun had not yet fully risen into the sky, she noted while starting up the car. Now, why had she been waking up at such an early hour? She had to get to work. Now, her job wasn't what one would call 'normal' actually it was beyond normal. Kiddo worked for the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. She had been working there for almost four years now and she couldn't be happier. She worked for a man named Bill. She liked Bill. Bill's precious Black Mamba -- his little kiddo. Beatrix was never on time. Everyone knew that and had to deal with it. The car came to a screeching halt in front of the mexi-home. Intense blue eyes peered through the pair of sunglasses she was sporting as she stepped out of the car and walked to the door. A long white finger was pressed to the door bell.

This particular Mexican house that Beatrix Kiddo had just pulled up at was something of an anomaly within the region...although just enough to not attract unwanted attention by the already lax local authorities. Besides, houses of high profile drug lords and prostitution rings were not far away...and they drew much more legal attention than this particular house.

Not to mention most people didn't give a shit about what happened around here. The house was large and a little further up in the hills than the rest. It had the makings of something a little finer...a little more put together. It was less gaudy and more stylized than you would expect. The circular driveway that Beatrix had just pulled into led into a planted outdoor foyer full of red adobe tile and an array of plants. Beyond the foyer were two large wood doors. The doorbell rang and the door was quickly opened by a very small Japanese woman who appeared to be in her mid-thirties. She was dressed very nicely and had an air of cold respect. She nodded politely, and gave a small smile. "Beatrix." She motioned gracefully for the much taller blond woman to enter. This door ladies name was Nishiki. Like all of the women who came and went from this house she was very stunning and also quite deadly. Unfortunately certain....."disobediences" had demoted her to her current job. One which she preformed with an utterly uptight demeanor in fear of further..."demotions." Nikishi led Beatrix through the house. Of course, Beatrix could have easily made her own way...she was no stranger to this house. But after some recent events of breached security, Nikishi had been appointed to her task. She came to a stop in what appeared to be a living room/bar/patio. The room was decorated; like the rest of the house, with all sorts of worldly finds...most of them Oriental looking in origin....none of them appeared very cheap. Nikishi gave Beatrix a small bow, and in faulting English told Beatrix, "Bill is on phone now....he tell you to wait." She nodded in the direction of the back patio. Lounging on a patio chair with his back facing them was Bill. The owner of this house.....and in many ways, the women who came and went from this house. Bill was dressed in his usual Southwest meets Far East attire and his dark graying hair was tied back in a short ponytail. A cell phone was pressed against his left ear. In his right hand he toyed unconsciously with a full sized Samurai sword...the morning sun was gleaming off the sword...which was not only beautiful in it's making but in it's deadliness. Again, much like the women who came and went from this house. This seemed to be a common theme with Bill. If Bill was aware of Beatrix and Nikishi's appearance in the room behind him he gave no indication either way. He shifted in the chair and slammed the sword back into its hilt. His voice rose angrily and it became obvious he was speaking Spanish. Bill was fluent in Spanish as well as Japanese and Chinese....Mandarin and Cantonese of course. He broke into English, "Well, you tell her to get her ass back here..........no.....no....NO...forget it, I don't give a shit now.....it's too late.....yes................WELL JESUS CHRIST!" Again, he returned to Spanish, anger far from abetted. This Spanish conversation continued on for a few more minutes. Bill's voice dropped and he appeared to have resolved whatever it was.....at least for the moment. With a quick motion he slammed the phone shut. He stood up, his lanky form coming up to its full medium height. Suddenly, he threw the phone, not entirely peacefully onto the chair and turned towards the living room, spotting Beatrix. His entire demeanor switched. "Ah Kiddo! There you are...late as always....." As usual, it was hard to tell if Bill had already known if Beatrix was there or not. He was always somehow meandering between this path of genuine truth and lies. But he obviously didn't seem too upset that Beatrix had been late...in fact he seemed quite happy to see her arrival. He flashed her a broad charming smile as he stepped down into the living room and headed towards Beatrix and Nikishi.

Swinging the Samurai sword off his shoulder, Bill changed directions and headed for the bar, "You won't believe what Elle did this time Kiddo....," he set the sword down on the bar and pulled a bottle of Scotch out from underneath. In midst this Bill caught sight of Nikishi and giving her a truly viperous look; the small door lady bowed and disappeared.

Silently Bill opened the bottle and poured two drinks. He appeared to be lost in thought. Once finished he leaned on the bar, a drink held out to Beatrix. "Elle....," he sighed, dark eyes contending with anger, "...botched a job...second one this month." Knocking back his drink, Bill slammed the glass back onto the bar. It must be noted that it was not normal for Bill to drink anything but green tea this early in the morning but it was normal for him to skip overly warm welcomes and jump right into "business." He raised his eyebrows at Beatrix, "I'll probably have to send you to clean it up....sorry Kiddo." He waved a dismissive hand, "Not for a month or two....you can't go in now.....too fucking crazy." He headed for the circular couch where he threw himself onto the large cushions...once again lost in thought.

Beatrix stayed at the bar. One hand stretched out against the counter, her other hand laced around the glass. With moderately smooth hand movements she made the contents in the glass swirl. Blue hues fixated on the pulsating liquid as if debating whether to take it or not. It was rare to see Bill drinking at such an early hour but the avoidance or unintentional forgetting of welcomes she learned to ignore. Though, that was a cue to watch what she said. He was pissed off. She never liked to aggravate that state of mind. Although at time she did. But there were times he aggravated her. They had heated tempers that let off the steam in an inappropriate manner, at times. The glass did eventually make it to her lips and she wiped out the contents with a quick gulp. Setting the glass down with a soft thud she did a quick turn around. Blonde pony tail flipped to one side of her neck with that fluid motion, bangs shifting out of place. Her angelic and yet deadly features had contorted into a poker face-expression. "Mmm.." she cooed bitterly, pushing off from the bar and taking graceful strides to join him on the couch. Bea plopped down, bouncing just a little at the plushness of the material before settling back. Arms crossed over her chest. "Bitch-- I've been starting to think she's been doin' that just to spite me." She shook her head in disapproval of her words. Blue eyes came to settle on Bill, a hidden fondness masked over by anger lingered. Her own slender brows back at him. "Honestly. You remember that job you sent the two of us on last month. Elle got real pissy when I felt we had to do the job one way and she preferred the other way," she trailed off, raking a hand through her bangs to settle them back and look less out of place. A smirk etched across her pale pink lips. "One a-these days I'm gonna really piss her off and than.." she laughed lightly at her own thoughts. "You wouldn't miss her that much, would you?" Her gaze turned back to Bill, serious and yet held that playful glint. She'd never kill Elle, maybe hurt....but not kill.

Bill was far from immune to the many charms of Beatrix Kiddo and he watched her closely, catching every detail: the way her long fingers draped around the glass, the reflection in her eyes and the way her lashes flickered, the manner in which she drank the Scotch, the quirky ponytail flip, her long stride......The woman had pure sex appeal, there was no doubt about that. Then again, he expected no less. Well...Bill found his bad mood quickly diluted. He let out a hearty laugh at Beatrix's talk of Elle. "Elle has it in for everybody Kiddo...she's constantly doing sneaky things behind my back, as if I wouldn't notice." His lip twisted, "I think you two should duke it out......that would be as hot as hell." He ignored the inevitable glare from Beatrix. "But seriously," he brought a finger up to Beatrix's cheek, "Do you know what you have that she doesn't? Honor. Elle is a cheap killer...she's a snake...a very good one at that...," there was a mixture of humor and true contempt in Bill's eyes, "And......that serves me well and good...but I find it highly distasteful." He leaned back on the couch, pushing lose strands of hair out of his face, "It's not wonder Pai Mai plucked her eye out........she deserved no less." Bill took a moment to examine the ring on his finger, "Of course I would miss her Kiddo.....," he shot her a dark glance, "I may be a bastard....but I have some heart for those who work for me.......," he smiled faintly, "Well....for some more than others......" He reached over and slapped Beatrix playfully on the knee, "Enough about Elle....tell me the gory details of that Columbian mission I sent you on last week...you've yet to share my dear...and you know how I hate not sharing."

Ah, yes, the Columbian mission, she had almost forgotten about that. Long legs were pulled up as she shifted her position to curve them to her body and on top of the couch. One arm draped over the side of the couch, the other in her lap, head turned to him. Bea was thankful to know Bill's evident bad mood had simmered down. Not that she expected him to take it out on her but he was unpredictable. At times she could read between the lines and at others the book was closed. Blue eyes were focused on him as her mind had drifted a moment. Lingering back to what he said of Elle and herself. Bea had a hell of a lot of honor, perhaps that was one of the reasons she's done as well as she had. She blinked, thoughts coming back together. Beatrix put on a straight face as she cleared her throat to start the story. She didn't love telling stories but she put enthusiasm into it. "Well, as you know all Columbian men are sick perverted son's of bitchs. The guy I had to take down, he was the son of all bitchs in that little grouping. So, upon arrival I decided I could play a bitch too," a smirk played across her features. "Anyway--I went to the apartment you directed me too. Run down, funny smelling place. The guy, Rimando was getting high off some shit with a few friends. So, being the clever blonde that I am I knocked on the door. They thought I was a prostitute--do I really look like one?--no...yeah...well..they invited me in without hesitation. I played along for awhile. I gotta tell ya Bill, compared to the kisses I received from those assholes yours are much better....Rimando started touching and I figured he had enough. Stuck a knife in his gut. It scared the shit out of the others. Oh, you know what I've been labeled as now...I am a crazy-trick- ass-bitch." She grinned wide as if honored to be called such a thing. Her features than settled back to finish the story. "The remaining...four...I think there were. ganged up. I shot two in the head easily since they were so disoriented to begin with. The last decided to run, I ran after him...it was his own fault to trip down the staircase and land on that stake. All in all it was one of my more unpleasurable yet easy kills." As she ended this Beatrix had ended up in a different position than she had started off in. Lying on the couch on her back, legs bent up, her head resting in Bill's lap. Beatrix really had intended to end up there, she used a lot of hand motions, body language during her story and that was the position she took to end it. Blue eyes stared up at him, a coy smile on her face. "You need to send me a blood fest next time around. I didn't even have to throw out my shirt this time."

Now, Bill was far from a spring chicken. He was no longer some fumbling, easily excited, premature, sweaty teenager (that was eons ago!) and he had had more women than was probably socially acceptable.....but this was no ordinary woman....this was Beatrix Kiddo. Thus, as Beatrix had oh- so- slyly maneuvered her way into her current position during her story....there was just the faintest hint of change in Bill's normally put- together demeanor. A barely noticeable change, but a change nonetheless. Despite what Beatrix thought about her storytelling, Bill loved to listen to her talk. He listened with enthusiasm laughing out loud at Beatrix's snide bad kissing comment and whole heartedly agreeing with Rimando and his friends that she indeed looked like a prostitute. "But, a very attractive prostitute," he added with a smirk. Once Beatrix had finished, Bill chuckled, "Well," he stroked her hair with a well weathered hand. "I'll just have to find something more challenging for you next time.....for you see, it is my goal for you to throw out as many shirts as possible." He smiled down at her. Her large blue eyes stared back at him. For a brief moment, Bill had a very violent urge to never send Beatrix out again....here she was so beautiful....so......right. Part of him hated the thought of other men laying hands on her, in any way. But he knew better and chided himself for such a quaint ego-male fantasy. Beatrix was a trained killer...he had seen to that. She could handle anything he sent her way and that included every kind of sleazebag, killer and pervert that the world had. He went back to stroking her hair. "You'd better stop looking at me like that Kiddo....I find it very distracting."

Beatrix Kiddo was a young woman. She was over her stupid and incompetent teenage years but she wasn't fully matured to her wiser adult years. Even though Bill suggested numerous times that she acted older than her age implied. Hands moved to fold on her stomach as her head cocked to the side to allow easier viewing access. She did happen to catch the look in Bill's hardened yet soft on the inside eyes. Beatrix found herself viewing sides of Bill no one ever had the pleasure of gazing upon. Bill had a sweet side that would shine only for her. Even if he denied it she knew it. She was smart--for a blonde. Head cocked, slender brows knit together in a mixture of curiosity. "What look?" She repeated, her tone taking a layer of amusement and mocking. "You mean this look?" Brows unknit and those sparkling blue hues stared up at him with evident fondness and warmth. A smirk crept across her face. "I'm sorry if that distracts you Bill...but...my eyes tell the truth. I may not but my eyes...they deceive me."

"Yes! That's the look!" Bill shook a chiding finger. It used to bother Bill that Beatrix had somehow burrowed her way to his much hidden, very well guarded soft underbelly. Nobody...and he meant nobody had gotten to him in such a way, no matter how beautiful and charming. Maybe he was just getting old...losing his edge. Then again, maybe there was something in Beatrix that he had never seen before. She was without a doubt the most challenging woman he had ever met. And to Bill, challenges were highly enticing. "So....hmm," Bill brought a hand up to his chin making an obvious intellectual mocking gesture, his other hand still unconsciously stroking Beatrix's blonde hair, "....you do not tell the truth....yet your eyes do....thus your eyes, in turn are not telling you the truth. Well, Christ woman..I just don't know what to believe anymore.. Perhaps you are attempting to fool a silly old man......" This sort of verbal play testing was something Bill often did...it was always hard to tell how much weight he really put behind such things.

Some would say that Bea was Bill's match in a female prospective. But, no one admitted it, nor were any references made. That was a hidden secret that if one was to bring up they'd be shot down for incompetence or worse. She wove a hand up to dismiss Bill's word in her own playing manner. Beatrix had played almost all of his games. She couldn't be more familiar with them but sometimes he cheated, like the bastard he was. "I'd never try to fool you, tease but never fool." Her own hand came up, a single digit brushing idly against his shirt collar before falling back down to a resting position. "But, honestly, you aren't too keen on the truth yourself. Does that make us even in that prospective?"

Bill chuckled. Yes, this was why Beatrix could get to him like no other.......oh, she could certainly kick some serious ass...but it was her verbal prowess that he truly admired. He loved how she had already figured this game out. He used to think that administering a good mind fuck was the ultimate high...but getting shut down before even starting it was far better. "Ok, ok....bad angle I agree....overused don't you think? The whole 'I'm an old man and your sweet young ass is going to fuck me over' bit.....yes....I'll think of another.....Hm, truth.....if I tell truth's and you tell truth's.....well, I just don't see the fun in that. The mystery of life is not knowing what's around the corner.........nah, who knows....truth is overrated." Bill glanced down at Beatrix, his dark eyes flashing "...And yes, I would say we are even in that perspective...Black Mamba."

Her mouth went agape in a laugh as her hand came back up to shove him in the chest with force to her hit. "Smart-ass," Beatrix stated bluntly, her smile of pleasure lingering for a second longer. "Truth is highly over-rated. It's like a high priced fuck that you get and than when you're done you regret throwing away good money towards a lousy cause." Beatrix had her own logic for things. A personality flaw was she did not always plan a head. She was learning to. Thoughts before actions. Arms moved to cross over her chest in a casual manner. She had not yet moved her position from his lap as she still found the position more than comfortable.

Bill laughed at Beatrix's reaction and her mighty shove. Playfully he grabbed one of her wrists. Beatrix, like himself was a very physical person...this could be both good and bad... It was Bill's turn to look shocked....which was rare. "A high priced fuck huh?" He laughed, "Damn....that's happened to me so many times! Probably why I hate telling the truth so much.....leaves you feeling so....," he made an overly dramatic Shakespeare-esque chest thump, "..........well," his shoulders dropped equally as dramatic, "fucked over really." He shook his head, "I dunno Kiddo...your logic, not to mention your metaphors are really quite........," he raised an eyebrow, "unique..." His smile turned less acidic, warmer "....Another reason why I like you. Jesus, as if I need more reasons to like you.....dangerous thing....."

Blue hues widened at his next set of words but they soon returned to their usual state. Bill had his own way with words that Beatrix found fascinating. Perhaps a reason she was attracted to him. Her eyes went hard, mouth forming into a firm line as she began to tug her wrist from him. Having no success she flipped around in a fluid motion to her stomach. One arm bent to support her upper body and the other twisted at a funny angle, not a painful angle, she wouldn't induce pain on herself, but just out of place due to the way she moved. "Aye, you don't think my parents named me Beatrix Kiddo because they knew I was gonna be normal? Of course not. They knew I was gonna be unique. Actually--" Brows furrowed. "That was the only smart thing they managed to supply me with." Beatrix never spoke of her parents, not really. Father was a drunk, drunk himself to death. Mother was a bit of a whore and didn't give much support. Typical fucked up teenage life. She blinked, flashing a weary smile to him. "Mind letin' go? I don't wanna hurt you, I'm too comfy."

A small sadistic smile spread across Bill's face as he watched Beatrix flip over and better position herself. He freely admitted he enjoyed seeing a beautiful woman put up a good struggle. "Sadly," Bill continued to grasp onto Beatrix's wrist, gritting his teeth"...parents are rarely good for anything but fucking and thus getting you into this world." This was not shocking coming from Bill....a man who had had a whore for a mother and no actual father to speak of. His eyes flashed briefly at Beatrix's threat to be let go. He continued to grasp her wrist for a few more seconds and then let go with a sigh. "Ah, very well.....I don't want to sweat in this shirt anyways....its raw Chinese silk."

The second Bill released his grip Beatrix claimed her wrist back with a sharp jerk, claiming it back. "Ah, leave it good old Bill to give a wimpy excuse to avoid some physical contact because he doesn't want to ruin his shirt," her words mocked in all the right ways, mischievous smile on her face. Her neck was beginning to ache as it had been held up in a bent position to look up at him for quite sometime. She bent her head down, arms bent up and over her neck line and pressed down to relieve the tension that had set in. That mischief was short lived as she pushed up to a sitting position. Her hand came up remove the band that held up her hair as it was all disheveled now. A quick shake to get that 'pony tail' imprint out of her blonde hair before raking a hand through it. "So, anything on the agenda today?"

Bill leveled a finger at her, "You'll pay for that one later. Mark my words." "Ah...well," Bill watched Beatrix straighten herself up and reflip her hair...equally as amusing. ".....At noon, we have a client showing up....can't remember his name...something stupid. Anyways, he wants his bitch of a wife offed. Initially I turned him down. Too cliché. too easy. But the guy's more loaded than fucking Bill Gates and he's willing to pay a cold million. So," Bill shrugged, "....what can I say, I'm a whore for a man with a big wallet." Bill switched gears, "O-Ren's been in Tokyo for awhile. She wants me to pay a little visit...still debating on that one. I'm expecting a payload later in the afternoon for that Columbian shit job you took last week. I don't trust these guys...so I went you to be there with me to make sure everything goes as planned." He leaned back eyeing Beatrix, "I and of course....the rest of us have been invited to a little surrey at Raul's place later tonight. You remember Raul right? Small time cocaine guy. I hate parties...but I have a feeling I'm going to get dragged there. I'll probably go and do some sword practice sometime today as well...I've been neglecting it lately....." He let out a deep breath, "I believe that covers it...."

Beatrix was running long fingers through her hair as Bill went over the quota for the day. She didn't have a brush on hand so fingers worked well enough. At his mention of O-ren, her brows furrowed in disapproval but she didn't scowl. That was always a good sign. Hands fell to drape on the back of the couch, her position slouched for comfort as she eyed him. Bea didn't mind hanging around for the Columbian guy. It wasn't like she had anything else to fill her time with. "Raul...Raul--" she muttered softly to herself as she raked her brain to put a face to the name. "Raul...shit...Bill...you know what happened last time we went to one of his parties." She let out a disgruntled sigh. "One of the other guests, a good friend of Raul, I believe, tried to make that pass on me. Fucker kept on pursuing it, tried my temper--I still refuse to say sorry for that bloody mess on in the living room." Her expression had turned rather serious during this whole explanation. She tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear out of frustrated habit and added in a sour tone, "I'll go, but I'm not promising I'll behave."

For the umpteenth time this morning Bill burst out laughing. Beatrix always seemed to bring this out in him. "That was his cousin...Jose or something like that....I remember," Bill laughed again, "Son a bitch didn't know what hit him." While Beatrix seemed to take this very seriously, Bill found it immensely amusing. "You should have seen the look on Raul's face....Jesus..he almost had to sell that house, nice place too. I think it cost him a good 2 thou to get his carpet cleaned." Bill raised his eyebrows, "I'm surprised he invited us back. Masochistic bastard." As he was opting to do, Bill suddenly changed pace. He leaned in close to Beatrix's ear, a small smile on his face "Don't even try to behave Kiddo...that's not who you are. I would highly object."

Beatrix would have made a comment on who really was the masochistic bastard he was referring to but she let it slide. His next set of words allowed all her earlier tension to release and disgruntled facade to dissipate. She turned her head to meet his. Blue hues took on that fond, warm feature he hated and yet loved. As her head had turned it came rather close to his. Her own pink lips inches from his as she spoke softly with a deadly over-tone, "I'll try my best to be as naughty as I can, Bill." Her finger came up to trail along his jaw line in a teasing manner.

Well, goddamnit that was it. A man could only take so much teasing.....even Bill had his limits. He watched her finger intensely. Every ounce of sarcasm and mockery gone from his face, Bill smiled. This was a rare smile. It was reserved for Beatrix Kiddo and Beatrix Kiddo only. After a few moments of relishing in the scent of her closeness, Bill replied in a low voice. "That's my girl." Bill had never considered himself very romantic...in fact something more of the opposite. But again, Beatrix seemed to bring out the hidden skeletons in his closet...even the small weak romantic ones. Leaning forward, he brought a hand up behind Beatrix's ear and brushed her lips softly with his own. He did his damndest to not think about how sappy this was and instead on how utterly attractive she was. That usually seemed to work.

Oh, this was so sappy but all girl's no matter how deadly they could become all had that weak spot for sappy romance. Bea had that spot and Bill was poking it. A wide, truly happy smile, which was rare for her, came across her angelic features. Lips touching, that was torture and she didn't take well to torture. So, she changed that around. She pressed her lips to his in a passionate, tad rough (one of her skills had a tough time going for the gentle side) kiss. Letting the moment last, giving herself to him, she was after all, Bill's precious Black Mamba, she'd never belong to anyone else in the sheer reality and truth of it. Both hands came up to cup against his face. Reluctance was evident as she broke the kiss, more or less to supply air. Her gaze shot downcast. She wasn't ashamed of what she did. Well, maybe a little and that was the reason she bolted from her seat to stand. She rose the back of her hand up to rub against her lips as if diminishing the event. Hands than slipped to settle on her hips. "I'm hungry," she blurted out, it sounded so out of place. "I'll go get---what's her name to fix us something for lunch..."

For a brief moment Bill thought it was a green light. Beatrix was something of a rough kisser, but that was all for the better. Right when things were looking good...............she was hungry? Bill threw his hands up, pulling away, an exasperated look on his face. "Well.....shit......." he slumped back on the couch dramatically. "That was cruel.....you are a cruel black hearted bitch Kiddo." With a smirk, Bill stood up still looking flustered. He swiped hair out of his face. "Very well......" He walked over to the bar apparently deciding it was now a proper time to have another drink. "Nikishi," he called somewhat too loudly. The small Japanese woman shuffled into the room. "Lunch......please....." "Yes Bill." Nikishi bowed and once again departed. Bill sat down behind the bar glaring at Beatrix with humor and perhaps some genuine hostility....looking much more his normal self again. "Sometimes you really piss me off Kiddo."

Any feelings of embarrassment had long since vanished from her demeanor has she followed him to the bar. Arms folded on the counter as she leaned forward against it. Beatrix rolled her eyes at him. "The feelings mutual, Bill," she said casually. She pushed off from the bar and settled onto one of the numerous stools decorated around the bar area. Her gaze slowly slipped up to him in a soft realization and curiosity. "Referring back to your statement of me being a cruel black hearted bitch, I thought you'd have figured that out by now." Her tone held tease but she sensed his hostility and was returning the favor. "The same could be said for you even more so than I." She allowed a mila-second of silence before she pulled up a single digit for dramatic effect to her next statement. "But, you do have to remember--we are a match made in hell, not heaven." Knowing brows rose as she reached over to grab the first glass of scotch he poured and downed it quick and set it down harshly to the counter.

The Bill standing behind the bar was now the Bill that he was commonly known as...the real asshole. Gone was the extremely turned on, semi-sweet talking idiot he had been just a moment ago....he had to keep reminding himself to stop being such a fucking moron. It was dangerous. He was far too old to be that stupid. He frowned, dark eyes looking like two heated coals. He took a long moment to leer at Beatrix, his frown deepening, before returning to the bar. "Well KIDDO!" He slammed another glass down since Beatrix had quickly snatched up the first. "I'm so glad we see eye to eye on the matter," he made an equally slanted lean across the bar and snatched at Beatrix's chin with his thumb. While it was a partially teasing gesture it was impossible to ignore the blatant hostility behind it. He hated when she leaned like that on the bar....teasing him....fucking with his head. Then again, that's what he liked about her. Shit. Match made in hell was damn right. "Of course I'm a cruel black hearted bitch." He leveled a stirring stick at her, "Do you think for even one second that I would be where I am if I wasn't a complete bastard? That's no new news so don't waste your breath honey. And you, my dear, wouldn't be where you were if you weren't the cold, dicktease that you are...." he raised a threatening eyebrow, "Yes that's right and don't even try to fucking contradict me on that! Because, if it wasn't for me.....what would you be? Some fucking whore like your mother? Some fattass baby machine in some shitty trailer in Alabama. You......" he slammed the bottle down for emphasis, "CERTAINLY......would not be the......deadliest woman in the world...," Bill's voice dripped with sarcasm. "I made you Kiddo......I can end you." Deep down, Bill knew what all the macho dramatics were partially in vain. Beatrix knew him too well. Of course, what he spoke of was in part truth.......but he was far too angry. She had bruised his ego by toying with him. That really pissed him off....and she knew it. And in the end the knowledge of this pissed him off even more. People who had fucked with him like this were no longer alive. Except Beatrix Kiddo. There was a strained silence when Nikishi swept into the room with lunch; small sandwiches and soups. Sensing enough tension to start a thermo- nuclear explosion Nikishi hastily made her exit. Bill stared at the food distastefully, "There's your fucking lunch Kiddo...eat up.......I think it's going to be a long day."

If Beatrix was able to bruise Bill's ego so fucking easily it was more than easy to flip it around. Those words really got under her skin that time especially when he had to go bring family into it. And than he had to go into the idea that he made her. Of course, she wasn't stupid enough to go contradicting him on it nor would she dare play a name-game back at him. He knew he was a cruel mother-fucking-murdering-bastard, they didn't need to reinstate it. As furious as Bea was and as deathly cold her temperature had changed towards him in those few minutes she remained relatively calm. Well, not completely. She leaned back in her seat giving her food the death stare. Her hands gripped around the edge of the plate as she spoke, her tone eerily soft as if there was no hostility in her actions, "You know, Bill--" She brought up the plate and with one quick flick of her long slender fingers the plate whizzed by Bill's head, threateningly close, to shatter and splatter food onto the wall behind him. "I'm not hungry anymore." Black Mamba darted off the chair, turned her back and began to walk away from the bar. She walked a few feet away before her steps were paused, her head turned to turn over her shoulder. Blue intense, bitterly cold hues stared at him, a bitter smile on her face. "Oh, don't worry BABY, I won't leave you alone to deal with those mean Columbian shitheads. I'll be back in an hour." She gave a ditzy little mock giggle after her words before her past, hostile expression returned and she turned to walk away. As she crossed the living room down to the hallway and almost didn't realize the familiar figure crossing her path. It was Bill's dear brother Budd. He was wearing a pair of khaki denim jeans, button up white shirt, and a navy blue vest to go over it. This kept his all out western cowboy facade. A hand rose to the brim of that white cowboy hat as his path came up along side Kiddo's. "Hey Bea," he greeted in a rough but sweet over tone. "Fuck off," Beatrix replied hotly, passing him right on by.

"Nice to see you to--" The harsh slam of the front door cut off his last syllable. Shaking his head at the utter amusement of the femme's actions he continued his stroll into the living room. Walking to the bar he noted the food on the wall and the shattered china on the floor. He chuckled, his brown eyes darting to Bill's. "Shit, you two try to kill each other this morning?"