Part one:

Miss Independent

Chapter one.

Miss Independent

Miss Self-sufficient

Miss Keep your distance

Raven was sitting on a chair in the main room quietly reading her book. No one was around – that was the way she liked it. She closed her eyes whilst she tried to memorize the passage she had just read. But something was disrupting her thoughts.


She'd been gone for a while now but even the mention of her name made Raven's anger soar. Even now, now that she was gone forever, her presence still haunted Raven's soul.

A loud smashing noise caused Raven to look up. She'd been levitating accidentally and the furniture around her was smashed to pieces. 'Damn.' She thought angrily. 'Why does this keep happening? Why do I keep holding a grudge?' She stood on the floor and rubbed her head.

Suddenly she heard someone coming. She pulled her hood up and began to exit the room, pausing just so she could glimpse who was entering. It was Cyborg and Beastboy. She sighed.

Just as she turned to leave, someone grabbed her arm. It was Beastboy.

"Hello!" he chirped, happy as always. Raven grimaced.

"Beastboy, you're touching my arm. Get off."

"Sor-ry!" said Beastboy indignantly. Cyborg appeared behind him. He nodded to the Azarathian.

"What's up, Raven?"

"Nothing." She turned to leave again when she heard something behind her.

'What did I do? Why can't I ever do anything right?'

Miss On her own

Miss Almost grown

Miss Never let a man help her off her throne

"What did you say?" she snapped, turning back around. Beastboy raised his eyebrows.


"Yes you did I heard you!" said Raven, her heart pounding. 'Why do I even care?' she thought momentarily as her lilac eyes flickered.

"No I didn't." said Beastboy. His face was starting to look quite angry now. "Sheesh, what's up with you today?"

Cyborg put his hand on BB's shoulder. "Cool it man. Raven, he didn't say anythin'. Maybe it was the wind or somethin', but it wasn't B."

Raven narrowed her eyes at them both, then turned around whipping her cloak behind her. It ruffled as the light above them exploded, showering the boys with glass.

- - - - - -

Raven walked into her room and closed the door. Her heart was pounding harder and harder because she knew something was up. What had she heard? And why did she even care? It was only Beastboy!

She sat on her bed and closed her eyes, trying to meditate but her mind kept on skipping back to the same thing. The voice.

'What did I do? Why can't I ever do anything right?'

It was definitely him. But why was he denying it then? And why was she still thinking about it…about him. Why was she so het up over Terra after all this time?

She knew why really. Because of Beastboy. Because she knew what she felt deep down and what she could no longer hide from herself.

She scalded herself, feeling fed up and angry.

So, by keeping her heart protected

She'd never ever feel rejected

Little Miss Apprehensive

Said oOo; she fell in love

'I can't love him.'

'I want to but I can't – because of what might happen if I do.'

"So that's decided." She said out loud, because she felt it made it more definite. "I'm not going to love him no matter what."


Raven fell onto the floor clutching her head. The cloak was wrapped round her legs, protecting her body but not her mind. The noise made her feel desperately sick and rendered her powers useless. She lay there, writhing in pain until she passed out.

>- ->- ->-

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