Okay, its Christmas so I decided to put up an epilogue for this story!! Yay!! I hope you like it. It takes place a few months later in December. Near Christmas!!!! Enjoy.

Epilogue – Merry Christmas from the Titans


A snowball whizzed past Cyborgs ear. He turned around quickly seeing the grin on the face of the changeling.

"Oh dawg, you in for it now!" he said, bending down to scoop up some snow.

There was a thud from behind which sent him flying over. He sat up and spat out the snow, turning around to see Raven with her eyebrow raised, snowballs in black aura floating round her face.

"You were saying?" she said, as the green boy joined her side.

"Uh oh…"


"But I do not understand, Robin." Said Starfire slowly and carefully, as the boy wonders arm crept around her waist. "Why should Raven wish to hurl them at Cyborg?"

"Aw, Star…" said Robin, smiling at her. "Raven doesn't want to hurt Cy, its just a game."

"Oh I see! Glorious! Then I shall throw one at you?"

"NO!! I mean…maybe later!"

"I see." Said Star leaning back and snuggling against the boys warm coat. Starfire's furry boots had snow on the tips of them and she shook it off.

The titans winter get up certainly made them look more intereseting. Dressed in warm clothing made a difference to their appearences.

Raven clapped her mittened hands together as the snowballs ploughed into Cy's back. A small smile crept on her lips.

'I can't believe it's been 3 months.' She thought looking at Beastboy, whos hat was now falling clumsily over his eyes. He caught her looking and smiled cheesily at her.

She raised her eyebrows at him in response, but he knew what she meant. She walked over to him and pushed his hat out of his eyes.

"Clumsy." She tutted, watching Cyborg fumble in the snow. Beastboy rubbed some snow off his coat and smiled again.

"Yeah, but you love me!"

"Don't gloat, Gar. It doesn't suit you." She said in monotone, nudging him playfully. However she nudged him a bit to hard and he fell into the snow. Raven gave a small chuckle.

After a few moments of him not moving she wondered if he was okay. She leant over him.

"Beastboy! What are you doing, get up!"

"I can't move!" he complained, putting his arm up for help. Raven sighed in frustration and locked her hand into his, with the intention of pulling him up.

Big mistake.

Beastboy yanked first and the Azarathian let out a squeak before the snow made contact with her face.

She rolled onto her back, frowning as a blush formed on her face. "I can't believe I just fell for that."

A green kitten jumped on her stomach and blinked at her, meowing. Raven looked at it as coldly as she could but the kitten rubbed its head against her face. She smiled a bit.

"Alright. I'll get you back later anyway." She said, patting the cat on the head.

"Isn't Christmas fun?" said Beastboy, now reformed and pulling her up, until she was close.

Raven could have said a million things. 'Whatever' or 'Sure if you like that type of thing' or even 'No.'

But instead she settled for the simple answer. Putting her arms around Beastboys neck, and her nose against his she said:

"Yes. It really is."


Cyborg lay in the snow.

'Shall I sit up or am I gonna get my ass dragged down again?' he thought cautiously.

"Hey, you alright?" came a voice from behind him. He looked upside down at the face looking over him. Two blue eyes looked down questioningly.

"Uh, yeah!" said Cyborg, blushing slightly. He'd forgotton that they were at the park. "Just foolin' around..."

"Oh, right." Said the face, walking round so that it was the right way up. "Need a hand?"

Cy took the hand carefully and stood up. "Thanks."

"No problem." Said the person, smiling. Then the face froze and looked directly at the man again.

"Wait!!!" the person said, smiling again. "You're Cyborg aren't you? One of the Teen titans!"

Cy blushed furiously. Because this person happened to be a very attractive female. "Well, yeah!"

"Cool!" she said, laughing and putting out her hand. "I'm Linds!"

Cyborg took the hand and shook it. "Pleased to meetcha little lady!"

"Likewise." Said Linds, tucking her auburn hair behind her ears. Her pink coat matched her cheeks. "I'm a fan of your work!"

"Really?" said Cy. "Well, would you like to meet the rest of the team?"

"Uh…" said Linds considering it. But then she backed off. "No…nah they're probably too busy…"

Cyborg looked at the girls blushing face and turned in the direction of her eyes. He saw the kissing couples and he shook his head. He turned back to her.

"Yeah, probably for me too."

Linds laughed appreciatively.

"So," she added after a couple of seconds. "I know you're probably busy too but…want to go get some coffee?"

"I'd love to!" said Cyborg, smiling. "I mean, they probably won't notice I'm gone."

Linds laughed all the way down the street.

Some things never change, not even at Christmas.

The End!

- - - - - - - - - -

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