eternal rivals

rate: pg-13

summary: HALFLY AU. Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya made one bet. "I'LL TRAIN THE BEST STUDENT EVER." now we all see where this is going. (team seven is pulled away from home at young age warning.)

hope you like! -

Konoha: late at night.

"Which one will you choose?"

"I want the Uchiha."

"You always want the best! I want the Uchiha!"

"Yamanaka, Hyuga, Haruno...."

"I want the Hyuga Prodigy then!"

"You want to cause a war? That's insane! Hmm, Uzumaki Naruto..."

"The cursed kid?"

"Oh oh! I want him! I want him!"

"Will you shut up?!"

"I still want Uchiha..."

"Ugh, okay. Jiraiya has the demon child, Orochimaru has an Uchiha. That leaves me with nothing!"

"Take the hyuga girl."

"She's from the main house!"

"Why are we doing this now? The kids are only three..."

"If we leave them in the village any longer, then they'll get soft and crap."

"Hmm, Yamanaka is the best fighter for her age...and a blonde..."

"Then take her!"

"Quick. Someone is coming."

"We're the three legends! Plus, we already asked Hokage for permission..."

"Okay, you have Yamanaka, right?"

"Uhm...hey, whose Haruno?"

"Some girl."

Whack. "DUH!"

"I've seen her. She is the one with the big forehead. Do you remember? We saw her today."

"Oh yeah. She got picked on...poor girl. Was crying the whole way home."

"Fine then! I want her!"

"You sure? I would stick with Yamanaka..."

"No! I want Haruno!"

"Fine. Fine. Write down their adresses and let's get out of here."

Scribble. Scribble.

"Orochimaru, are you writing with blood?"


"Uh huh..."

At the Uchiha Residence

CRASH. Uchiha Sasuke woke up in a shock. His young, big eyes scanned the area. He got up from his tall bed and ran down the dark hall into his older brother's room(Aiko: Itachi didn't kill the clan yet at this time. - Sasuke is only three, remember?). Carefully, Sasuke nudged his brother awake.

"Niisan...Niisan...I heard a noise.." Sasuke mumbled. He nudged harder. "Niisan.."

Suddenly Itachi turned around and stared at Sasuke, making him scream.

"Sasuke, it's three in the fing morning. I'm not in the fucking mood. Your going to be a fucking shinobi. So be brave and go back to your fucking bed," And with that, Itachi went back to sleep. Leaving Sasuke scared.

As Sasuke walked back to his room. He suddenly felt a chill run up his spine. Nervously, he turned around. Dark hallways. Sighing, that no one was there, he turned back only to come face to face with a pale snake like person. Orochimaru.

Sasuke turned to scream but his mouth was covered by Orochimaru's. "Hush, my child, hush."

Orochimaru quickly, hit a spot behind Sasuke's neck. Sasuke fainted, dropping lifelessly into Orochimaru's arms. A smirk fell on Orochimaru's face.

They said they would choose three children from the Village. They didn't say when, where, or how, right?

At the Haruno Residence

Haruno Sakura got up tiredly, she went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. Hair streaming down her face. Sakura faced the mirror(aiko: yes, a mirror in the kitchen. so bite me! I have one!). She frowned slightly at her forehead. Sakura closed her eyes in remembering the tauntings.

"I, for one think it's cute," Sakura jumped in surprise and searched for the voice. Tsunade walked out into the kitchen and touched Sakura's forhead. "Hello, I'm Tsunade. Where are your parents?"

Sakura shivered. "M-Mommy told me not to talk to strangers..."

"Well, I already told you my name. So i'm not a stranger, am I?" Tsunade winked at Sakura. "I don't believe you told me your name," Tsunade said. Although, she aready knew the little girl's name.

"H-Haruno Sakura, and my parents are on a-away on a mission," Sakura said. Tsunade widened her eyes in surprise.

"They, left you here alone!?!?! Alright! My descision is totally confirmed now!!! You, are coming with me!!!" Tsunade yelled. Firmly, Tsunade did a jutsu and put Sakura to sleep. Jumping out the window with Sakura. Tsunade looked at the moon, took a deep breath, and...

"I so made the right choice, take this, JIRAIYA AND OROCHIMARU! YOU JERKS!!!" Tsunade yelled to absouloutly nothing.

At the Uzumaki Residence

Uzumaki Naruto went to his third bathroom visit in the night. Darn miso ramen. Naruto flushed the toilet and sat the the stool to wash his hands. Leaving the bathroom.

"My god. Your third Bathroom break. And what is with that shirt?!" Jiraiya suddenly yelled, getting out of his hiding spot. He pointed to Naruto's "I'm a Winner" shirt.

Naruto looked at Jiraiya, not knowing if he was a dream. "Hey! I like this shirt! Old man!"

"Only losers wear that!!!" (aiko: sorry to people who weat this shirt....)

"I'm not a loser!" Naruto points to shirt. "I'm a winner!"

"Argh!!! I don't have time for this! Hey, wanna get adopted?!"

Naruto's world turns all bubbly. "Me? Accepted? Wait, you just want my money don't you! I've been saving to get that kunai set I wanted! You're not getting it!" Naruto yelled. Sticking his tounge out, Naruto turned and ran away from Jiraiya.

"Hey you! I went through that money and it's nothing but chump change! Hey! Get back here!!!!" Jiraiya yelled. Chasing after the hyper active fox kid.

Naruto jumped on the table and pulled his pants down. "Kiss but butt! BWHAHAAHAHHA!!!" Jumping down and pulling up his pants, Naruto ran to the other side of the room.

"You'll wake up the whole freakign neighborhood!!!!" Jiraiya yelled. Picking up a random vase, he hurled it at Naruto's head. Bull's eye. Naruto fell to the floor and hit his head on the wooden floor.

"Damn...kid..." Jiraiya huffed. Picking up Naruto, Jiraiya looked around, grabbed Naruto's "chump change" and left the building.

"This is going to be so tireing..." Jiraiya said.

On the Outskirts of Konoha

Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade stared at each other. All holding their little soon to be shinobis.

"See you in what? Nine years?" Jiraiya said. He laughed to himself.

"I can't wait. I am so going to win this bet," Tsunade said.

"Hn." Was the only thing Orochimaru replied.

"Aww, we're leaving each other and that's all you can say?" Jiraiya asked. Looking heartbroken.

Orochimaru thought for a while then said before going away in a puff of smoke, "Loser says what?"

Jiraiya and Tsunade looked at each other. "What?" Five seconds later.


Aiko: haha, congradulations for you people who got Orochimaru's joke. hehe. Yes, the characters are OOc(out of character)

BTW. Uhm, Orochimaru might still go evil, just not yet. The three sennin are still kinda friends, except they have more rvialry.

Sakura does not meet Sasuke kun or Annoying Naruto.

Naruto does not meet Sasuke ahou or Sakura chan.

Sasuke does not meet Annoying Sakura or Dope Naruto.

Done deal.