Eternal Rivalry

Frienship Blooms! The secret between Sakura's hair!

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Sakura will not be playing a huge huge role in the next probably...three chapters. So for you Sakura lovers, here's a chapter to her!

"Sakura!!! What happened to your forehead?!" Tsunade yelled. Instantly, she grabbed a piece of cloth and went to wipe little Sakura's forehead.

"A-A boy i-in M-Mist started to y-yell at me!!!!" Sakura cried.

"Did he push you!?" Tsunade screamed.

"I g-got mad a-and SLICED HIS SHIN WITH A KUNAI!!!" Sakura bawled. "T-then he hit me!!!"

"Good grief, Sakura."


" then I said, 'You like him!? He's gay!!!'" Naruto said to Sakura while nudging to Sasuke.

"That's...nice," Sakura mumbled. Although, she still had no idea what Naruto was talking about.

"Naruto, we are on a mission," Sasuke said.

"You call this a mission?! We're trying to find a lost cat for Christ's sake!!!" Naruto yelled. He rammed himself into Sasuke.

Thinking quickly, Sasuke used his chakra to jump on the river's surface. "Dope, what the hel was that for?"

"I just felt like-" Then Naruto's face was met with a fish.

"Feh," Sasuke sneered and he jumped away.

"Why that..." Naruto grabbed the fish away from him and chased down Sasuke. Sakura, emotionless, stared.

"Those idiots," She whispered and she jumped away from the two.


"I'll get you, Sasuke!!!" Naruto yelled, he made some kage bunshins.

"Bring it." Sasuke sneered and he got ready for his fire jutsu.


"Oh! Here you are!!!" Sakura smiled. She reached out to the little calico. Slowly, slowyly...

"Sakura, watch out!!!"


"What?" Sakura turned arouns and a kunai was struck right next to her. "Ah! The cats' gone!!! Naruto!!! Sasuke!!! Stop this, right now!!!"

Sakura leaped up to the trees and ran in between the two. "Stop!!!"

It was too late Sasuke already unleased his fire.

"Ah! Sakura! Your hair!!! It's on fire!!!" Naruto yelled. He pointed to the ends of Sakura's hair

Sakura screamed and ran straight to the river, dunking her head in. Gasping for breath, she took her hair out and looked at her reflection.

Sakura's hair was uneven at the ends, the top still covered her head but was uneven in all the places. She gasped and touched the ends of her hair.

"Haruno, don't have a heart attack, it's just hair," Sasuke said, as he jumped down.

"Sasuke!! You don't say that!! Never say that to a girl!!" Naruto lectured, jumping down next to Sasuke. "I learned that from Jiraiya!!"

"You loser! It's just hair!!!" Sasuke yelled.

"Hey, Sakura. Are you okay?" Naruto asked.


Naruto and Sasuke instantly grabbed their swollen cheeks as Sakura ran away.


"Sakura, if you keep getting into fights like this, people will think your a boy!!!" Tsunade joked.

"But Tsunade sama, isn't that a good thing?" Sakura asked.

"Listen well, being a girl does have it's advantages! I won a few battales because of it," Tsunade winked. "Make her weakness, your strength."

"Tsuande sama is so cool!!!" Sakura giggled.

"You bet!! Now I am going to make some hot chocolate," Tsunade said. Sakura watched her retreating figure's blonde hair move.

"If I grow my hair like Tsunade samas'...maybe I can be more womanly, just like her!!" Sakura giggled to herself.


Sakura cried silently, she was running for what seemed like hours. Exhausted, she sat down on the Konoha Library steps. She touched the ends of ehr hair again.

'I wanna be more womanly like Tsunade sama!!!'

It was a childish dream, really. Sakura started to grow her hair and let it grow until it reached her lower back. Her bangs still covered her face, but she felt as though she was a new Sakura.

At times, Sakura would tie her hair like Tsunades' and stare at herself in the mirror. She would grin and let her hair loose.

"Well, if it isn't my rival!!!" Sakura looked up at Ino.

"Leave me alone," Sakura saif flatly.

"What's wrong with your hair? Decide that you couldn't match up against me?" Ino grinned. She stopped and stared at Sakura, who was tearing. "Hey, are you okay?"

Sakura leaned foreward and cried into Ino, who was as shocked as anyone would be.

"There, there," Ino said. She rubbed Sakura's hair. "It's not that bad, but goodness! Look at how uneven this is!! Come inside, I'll clean you up!!!"


"So, you wanted to be just like your teacher, so you grew out your hair," Ino said, she snipped another part of Sakura's hair.

"Yeah, I wanted to be just like her. She said I was too boyish," Sakura smiled sadly.

"You know, in my own opinion, you shouldn't be like your teacher," Ino said. Snip.

Sakura turned around defensively. "Why?!"

Ino grinned and took out a mirror, letting Sakura look at her reflection. "Because you should be yourself."

Sakura took the mirror and stared. Her hair was a little above shoulder length and her headband was in her hair, letting her bangs ride up. For the first time, Sakura saw a clear view of her eyes.

"Now get out of here! I won't tell this to anyone, for a price," Ino smirked.

"Don't worry, you can keep Sasuke," Sakura said. Walking out, she turned to Ino. "He's the one that cut my hair."

"What?! I want my hair cut to be with-" It was too late, Sakura had already disspeared.


Sakura jumped next to Naruto. "Hey."

"You still made?" Naruto said, he inched away.

"No, sorry for hitting you, where's Sasuke?" Sakura said, she sat down next to Naruto. The two sat on the bench at Konoha Park.

"He's trying to find out a way to say sorry without actually saying it," Naruto grinned. "Hey, I can see your eyes!!!"

Sakura turned her head. "Thanks."

"You know, you look a lot cuter, now!!" Naruto said.

"You think so?" Sakura asked. She touched her hair again.

"Yeah! You look more girl-ish now!!"

'Maybe I can be more womanly if...'

Sakura looked at Naruto.

'Because you should be yourself.'

"Thank you."

Sakura was a realy sucker for blondes.


"Tsunade sama!!! I'm home!!" Sakura said, she opened the door.

"Sakura hey- WOAH!!! What did you do to your hair? How CUUUUUTE!!!" Tsunade yelled, she touched Sakura's newly cut hair.

"I decided I wanted a change," Sakura said.

Tsunade smiled warmly, "That's good. By the way, a boy came by today. He was a real cutie, too. Had raven hair, onyx eyes..."

"Really?" Sakura said. She went to the kictchen and opened up the fridge for something to eat.

"Yup, he wanted to give you something."

Sakura looked and saw a cup of Boba sitting innocently. She took the drink out and stared at it. Konoha Boba Service...

"That place is expensive, you know," Tsunade said, leaning against the door frame.

Sakura looked under the cup.


Grinning at the message, Sakura took a big sip and smiled. "I know."

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Boba- an asian drink. it's super good and not that expensive, actually. But hey, oh well.