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Chapter One:

Chaotic Disasters

            They should have known from the start, when the sun dipped further and further down into space, hidden from view as the Earth blocked its blinding rays. Everyone was celebrating once again, what wasn't to celebrate? It was the anniversary of the scouts union when they all became a team. It was something everyone here on the Moon Kingdom was proud of, and thankful for. The sensei had stopped demons from killing civilians more than once during the past years. Evil had vanished, but that didn't necessarily mean that it didn't come seeking them out and looking for trouble, or trying to get rid of the Sailor Scouts. Even the other planets had heard of them, and looked up to the scouts as if they were a sign of hope that one day the universe would be rid of the impending darkness. Now a certain Princess was not so sure though. No, she's almost positive that it will never, can never, be possible. Their worst enemy in the whole entire universe, has come to stop them with a force tenfold from any other battle fought.


That one simple word spoken could kill a small infant alone. It sent shivers down the spine, made people stop in their tracks. Why her you ask? Why one little enemy that came from who-knows-where? Because she is the Dark Mistress. Not only is she cool to the touch and hauntingly beautiful to the eye, but she is the Queen of all Black holes. She is purely evil, and has no other purpose in life other than to destroy, and sway others to follow her orders.

So, when the clock tower struck midnight at the mask ball, and demons and evil warriors of all kinds came from no where at all and started attacking, the people were less than on their guard. That's how Usagi got to where she was now, cowering behind a pillar, leg caught in the cement, as she watched friends and family fleeing for their lives. The noise, the rumbling of stamping feet, the crumbling of cement and towers as they crashed to the ground, it was more horrible than anyone ever could have imagined. And it was happening here, at the Moon Kingdom. A peaceful, wonderful place filled with love and laughter. No more. It would never be the same ever again.

"Usagi! Where are you? Princess! Please, come here!"

A teenaged youth ran through the masses of people, worry written all over her face. Her long blonde hair billowed out around her, and her orange sailor uniform flapped in the wind.

"Mina! Over here! I'm over here!" Usagi yelled desperately, still trying to free her ankle from the column that nearly crushed her leg. The column fell on another downed cement pillar, so thankfully, her ankle was merely trapped in bits of stone for the time being.

            "Usagi!" She ran over to her as Rei stayed behind and blasted fire at large cement blocks that threatened to fall on innocent people. Ami must have been healing the injured since she was no where to be seen, and Makoto was going crazy as she sent lighting in every direction where she saw fit.

            "I'm stuck," the young woman said unnecessarily.

            "I can see that, but are you hurt?"

            "No, just get this blasted thing off of me so I can help!"

            "Alright, lean back," she warned. "Venus, love chain, encircle!"

            An amber chain of hearts wrapped around the pillar and she pulled with all of her strength, trying to free her companion. When it was off her leg just enough where she could pull her foot through, she quickly yanked it free, wincing as pain shot up and down her leg. As Mina lowered the column Usagi heard more screams and knew that Daidi must have shown herself. She quickly stood, careful to only put weight on her left foot unless need be, and turned in the direction the screams were coming from. Rei, Makoto, and now Ami, ran in the direction they were needed, where most of the noise and commotion was coming from.

            As Usagi headed after them with Mina at her side, she took in her surroundings, not at all liking what she saw. The castle was up in flames, smoke was billowing everywhere, and people littered the ground, lying in their own crimson blood. It took years experience not to heave her last meal right then and there. Most of the dead were innocent bystanders, but some were enemies, clothed in blacks, grays, and dull blues or lavenders. The Moon Princess's anger grew as she clenched her fists and ran faster. Daidi was going to pay for this, and pay well!

            There was a blast of raw purple energy and Mina and Usagi gasped, then picked up speed frantically, to make sure the others were alright. Their screams pierced the chilly night air and they flew back in their direction, landing a couple yards away from the two girl's feet.


            "Scouts!" Mina cried, flinging herself down where they lay, motionless on the sodden turf.

            "No! Don't you dare die! Do you hear me?" Usagi screamed as she started shaking Rei. "Don't you dare die!" Tears silently streamed down her cheeks, scorching her face and leaving pink marks where their trail led down to her chin.

            Rei moaned, and then coughed, opening her eyes ever so slightly, and cracked a tiny smile. "I didn't know you cared, meatball brain."

            That just caused her to sob harder and louder. How could she say such a thing? How could she joke at a time like this? She turned to Mina, "How are Ami and Makoto? Are they… alive?"

            She glanced up in Usagi's direction, and she noticed tears in Mina's eyes. She had been crying too. "They're so weak. It's as if she sucked the life out of them. How can this happen? We can't beat them now… we'll die!"

            If she was Rei or Makoto, Usagi could have slapped her to knock some sense into her. If she was Ami, she could have reassured her and told her that everything would be all right in the end. But she wasn't any of them, and she didn't know what to say or do.

            They heard laughter, and glee in that laughter. Daidi really did enjoy this, a little too much by their standards. Usagi looked up into her mirthful magenta eyes. She stared right back with a twisted smile on her lips, asking Usagi with her eyes what she would do now that her home was ruined, her friends were hurt, and her heart shattered. Usagi simply glared, letting her hatred and anger and sorrow show in her eyes, opening up into the deepest depths of her soul, so this monster would know exactly how she felt. Usagi had never hated someone so much before in all of her years combined together. Now, she made an exception. She hated her with every breath that she took into her body.

            Usually when you come face to face with an enemy, you make small-talk with one simple question, Why? Not this time. Usagi didn't want to let her have any extra time to live. She wanted her to die slowly and painfully, so she'd rethink all of the things she had done, and all the people she had wronged. She didn't want to hear what Daidi had to say, because if there was a reason behind this, she would have to rethink killing her, and there wasn't anyone she wanted dead more than her at that very moment.

            "Why, Princess, what an… honor to finally see you."

            Usagi hated her sultry voice.

            "It's a pity you had to see all of this but, maybe you will learn that you will never win. Purity will never win. Goodness and truth will never win. This Kingdom's light will never win." She tossed a long strand of dark wavy hair over her shoulder.

            Usagi hated her hair.

            "If you friends wouldn't have gotten in the way, I never would have done that to them. It's a pity really. I could have used their strength and powers. Evil can never get enough power or experience these days."

            That was the last straw! "What makes you think they would have worked for you, you bitch!"

            She raised her thin eyebrows in mock surprise. "What vulgar language, for the future Queen of this Kingdom. Tell me, does your mother know you speak such words?"

            "Why you…"

            "Princess, stop it. She's only trying to make you angry!"

            "That is just it! I am already angry! I want to pull her eyes out and toss them all the way to Pluto! I want to scorch her intestines with the sun's rays! I want to-" She was cut off when Daidi laughed. It wasn't a cackle, like she thought it would be, but light, short laughter coming from her chest, or maybe throat since it was so high pitched.

            "You do not understand, Princess," she spat the word out as if it were more bitter than she herself. "I am not that much older than you, maybe only three years. So why can I see it, if you cannot yourself. It is right there, in front of your nose. The truth of good versus evil, yet you feign to ignore it. Or maybe you won't admit it. Do you truly think good will triumph?"

            "Yes! I do, and nothing you do or say will ever change that!"

            "Fool. One day you will realize that it was meant to be this way. You will understand. If not then you are blind, and you will never succeed. I promise you, you will never win!"

            "How dare you! You just come here and prance around destroying things, and killing people?!? You're worse than shit itself!" Mina hollered. She stood, unable to take this anymore. Why did the bad guy always get to do all the talking? Huh? Well, not anymore!

            "…Mina…" It was Ami. Both heads snapped in her direction.

            "Mercury! You're okay!"

            "Listen. You have to…save…the Princess. You must!"

            Makoto opened her eyes, albeit weakly. "She's…right. Save her…you must save her!"

            "No!" Usagi yelled, horrified. "I'm not going anywhere! I won't leave you! I can't! Everyone is depending on me, on us! We have to stay and finish this!"

            "It's too late." This time, Rei was the originator of the voice. "You have to find safety Princess, or…I'll never… I'll never forgive myself!" Her eyes were watering. She quickly turned her head away so the others wouldn't see, and so she could continue saying what her heart told her. Even though her mind was screaming for them to stay, she knew that everything, the entire universe, depended on Usagi surviving. "Go to her mother. She'll know what to do. Now… leave."

            "We can't just leave you here!" Mina cried, torn between saving her three friends and fellow scouts, and saving the princess and possibly the whole world.

            "You have to go!" Ami said urgently. "Daidi is strong… too strong. Get to safety…heal your wounds…just go! We'll find you… if we survive."

            "Of course you'll all survive!" Usagi said, though it didn't come out as reassuring as she would have liked it to sound. Her throat was tight, and she found it hard to breathe. Her head hurt, and her eyes stung painfully. If only she could stop time. Where was Sailor Pluto when you needed her?

            "Go, now! Leave!"

            "Get out of here! Before it's too late!"

            Mina grabbed her hand, "Come on!"

            Usagi stumbled after her, eyes wide. "We're leaving them?! How could we… why?"

            "We'll draw Daidi away from them and hopefully give them enough time to gather their strength and escape. You're mother, the Queen, will hopefully be able to transport us to Earth. We'll be safe there. No one knows what we look like, so they won't know where we're from or that we're Sailor Scouts. It's up to us now! We just have to believe!"

            It took a moment for all of that to sink in, but when it did she felt as if she might actually have a chance to save her friends and triumph. She could feel hope just around the corner. "Right!" She stated firmly, letting her doubts wash away.

            A burst of energy thrust into the castle walls to their left as they entered the crumbling palace. It was already too late to save the people, They could tell that by the silence that followed. Both could only hear crumbling in the distance, the voice of Daidi in pursuit, and their panting and footsteps as they ran for their lives.

            "Hurry! We're almost there!"

            "You don't have to tell me twice!" Usagi yelled back over the echoing rumble of the palace. It wasn't safe in there, and she didn't want to stay inside longer than need be.


            She turned to the person that had spoken her name. There was surprise in the voice, and sorrow. The voice was so soft, she sounded weak. Was she injured?

            "Mother!" Usagi ran to her side where she lay, blood oozing sluggishly from a large cut on her left arm. Her daughter also noticed a large gash in her side, where her white gown was stained red with blood.

            "Your majesty! You're wounded! Why didn't you call for someone to assist you? I would have-"

            She cut Mina off mid-sentence. "I have been saving my strength and energy. Where are the others?" Even before she asked the question, Mina and Usagi could tell she already knew what had happened.

            There was another crash and burst of raw energy coming from the corridor both girls had just come from. They knew Daidi was only a few moments away from finding them, and destroying them.

            Usagi's mother lifted her Moon Amulet, and she knew then what she was going to do. Save both girls and possibly the future, and sacrifice herself. Usagi clutched at her white gown pleadingly, "You must save the others! They're still alive! Please, mother! Save them…"

            She looked sadly into her daughter's eyes. "I'll do all that I can." The jewel started glowing with a blinding radiance as Queen Selene raised it high over her head. "Be well, my love. Watch over her Mina. Do not let anyone on Earth know your true forms, or your Sailor forms. Take care, my dears."

            "Mother!" Usagi sobbed, clutching tighter. "Don't do this! Save yourself! Mother!"

            She looked down at her, eyes brimming with tears. "I love you."

            There was a blinding flash and everything disappeared. They were floating, grasping onto each other for dear life. How could their lives change so dramatically, in such a short period of time? Before they knew it, they were on hard ground. It was twilight, wherever they were. On Earth, that's all they knew. They looked around, trying to find something that was familiar to them, but to no avail. They huddled together, afraid of what lye ahead.

            "What now?" Usagi asked, breaking the silence. Everything was foreign to them. They didn't know where to go or what to do. Everything was a big blank.

            "Well, wherever we are, it must be some place important. We seem to be in a garden of some kind, and it's huge! I think I see a building through the trees, but it's hard to tell. Everything is too dark."

            With much difficulty, they both finally persuaded their legs to move, and they ambled to the stone walls they had seen. When they came to the clearing and saw everything clearly, both of them gasped. It was an enormous palace, maybe even bigger than the one at the Moon Kingdom! Guards stood outside the large double doors, and a fountain danced in the middle of a circle of red roses. The palace itself was made out of gray stone, but it was impossible to tell what shade. The highest tower had some sort of a flag on it, flapping gently in the breeze. It was quiet, but it was a peaceful quiet. Not silence right before a war.

            "It's gorgeous," Mina breathed. Usagi simply nodded her head in agreement.


            The two blondes turned around and saw an elderly plump woman bouncing toward them. She had a huge smile on her face, and she was waving a handkerchief around in her small chubby hand. By the time she finally reached them, she was panting for breath.

            "Just what do you two ladies think you're doing here?"

            Usagi and Mina turned to each other and blinked. Uh oh…

            "We uh…well…um…we-"

            "Well, you see…uh…um…" Both were at a loss for words.

            "You two poor things will catch cold if you're out here much longer! What will the Prince say when two girls, as lovely as yourselves, are sick in bed and miss the wondrous ball?!?"

            They turned to the lady, blinked, and then blinked again.


            "You two are Princesses, aren't you? Well, with all of the other Princesses here, it would be a shame to get sick with all the competition goin' on, right?" She winked at them. "I'm surprised that you two showed up so late though! Most girls want to at least meet him before the others arrive."

            "Others?" Usagi asked, utterly confused at this point.

            "What others?" Mina asked with swirly eyes from all the information.

            The woman pretended not to hear. "Come, come. I'll lead you two to your chambers. I suppose you two would like quarters next to one another?"

            "What are you-"

            "Yes!" Mina chipped in, elbowing her friend. "That would do very fine thank you."


            "Quiet Usagi. We'll talk later," her friend whispered.

            "Very well then, follow me. I am Myu, one of the castle hands. And your names are…?"

            " I am Princess Mina," she piped up rather hurriedly.

            Usagi gave her a weird look before saying, "I am Princess Usagi."

            Myu nodded her head almost absentmindedly. "Nice to meet you." She led them inside, up a wide staircase, around a few corners, up another staircase, to the left of the mural on the wall, to the right of a large statue, up a spiral staircase, and to a corridor with two doors across from each other.

            "Would you two like a joined room, or rooms across from each other?"

            "Joined," They answered in unison, wanting to talk before they went to sleep and equally afraid that something might happen to the other in the middle of the night.

            At Myu's weird look Usagi said, "We're sisters."


            Once they were settled in they finally had to persuade Myu that if they needed anything they would come directly to her so she would leave. When they closed and locked their doors and opened the joining doors both girls squealed like thirteen year olds and plopped down on Usagi's bed.

            "Can you believe it?" Mina asked, not able to hide the grin that was spreading across her face. "Are we geniuses or not?"

            "If you ask me, I think you're enjoying this a little too much. Princess Mina?" She raised an eyebrow.

            "So what? I've always wanted to say that. You are used to being treated like a Princess, so it's not a big deal for you. For me…it's a whole other story."

            "What about the others? The whole Moon Kingdom is probably destroyed by now! My mother…the scouts…we may never see our home again."

            Mina sat up straight. "Then we'll just have to make this our home. Usagi, do you believe in your mother?"

            "Of course I do."

            She smiled. "Then the others are all right. I know the Queen got them to safety, and I know they are still alive. Trust me. Trust them. You have to trust your heart."

            "I do."

            "Then there's nothing to worry about. We have to stay strong. Daidi will most likely know where we went, and she'll come looking for us. There's no doubt about that. Preserve your strength, okay? And tomorrow, use the Luna pen to change your silvery hair to a more blonde color. That way no one will suspect anything, and we'll actually look like sisters. We're lucky it's still dark out or Myu could have seen already. "

            "Alright. But you have to wear other clothing. You do realize that you're in your sailor sensei outfit, don't you?"

            Mina looked down at her garments and blushed. "Oops. Well, it works two ways you know. No one here will have seen a dress like the one you're wearing, so you can't wear that either."

            "I know."

            "Alright, let's get to bed. We had a long and tiring night. Not to mention horrible."

            Usagi yawned. "Sounds good to me, just don't wake me up at some god forsaken hour, alright?"

            "Can do. I need my beauty sleep too."

            "We also need to find out where we are, and what all that talk about a ball and why a ton of Princesses are here in the first place."

            "Yeah." There was a pause, then, "Do you think she noticed? That my skirt was so short I mean?"

            "You're still worried about that?!?" Was the incredulous reply, "She couldn't have, so go to sleep."

            Mina nodded her head and walked back into her room, changing into the silk pajamas Myu had left out for her. After taking the red bow out of her hair she hopped into bed and slid sensually under the covers, loving the feel of the soft fabric against her long legs. 'I could definitely get used to this.' She thought to herself.

            Right when she was about to fall asleep she heard a light sob come from the other room. Without having to even sit up, she knew that it was Usagi. She must have been crying for the home she would never see again, the loss of her people, the near-deaths of not only herself, but loved ones as well. Most importantly, she must have been crying for her mother.

            Pressing her lips together and squeezing her eyes shut tight a single tear began its trek down her cheek, and then was followed by another. Things would be interesting for a while, but at least they still had each other; for the time being anyway.

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