Where'd She Go?
by SetsuntaMew

And thus I give you...a Kingdom Hearts Aeriseph fic! I have only ever seen one other KH fic with Aeriseph in it. So, I'm going to change that. Hopefully everyone will find it enjoyable, and if you don't, TOO BAD!

Disclaimer: I own everything! Okay, maybe not, but I do own Chrysta. That's it. Kingdom Hearts belongs to Disney and Squaresoft. Damn them.

It was a normal day in Traverse Town. Riku, Chrysta, Sora, and Kairi were sitting in the Cafe in the first district, eating breakfast. Yuffie and Leon were on their way to the Cafe, but first they were stopping to see if Cid wanted to come. Cloud and Aerith were probably also on their way. But then, Cloud came bursting through the doors of the second district screaming, "Aerith's missing again!"

Now, this had been going on for quite awhile. Around once every week, Aerith would seemingly disappear for the day, but she would return by nightfall. Needless to say, Cloud was not happy about this. No one knew where she went, and it had never posed a problem before, but this was the second time in three days that she was missing. Something had to be done. And it happened to be Chrysta who did it.

"Would you please not yell so loud this early in the morning?!" Chrysta yelled at Cloud. "Some of us are trying to wake up!"

"But Aerith is missing! Can you not grasp that?" Cloud yelled back at her.

Yuffie and Leon chose this time to walk up to the Cafe, followed by a grumbling Cid. Chrysta and Cloud were screaming at each other about the importance of people going missing, getting enough time to wake up, and coffee-drenched muffins. Sora was looking at the scene amused, Kairi had her head on the table due to a headache, and Riku looked lost in thought.

"Um...is there a problem?" Yuffie asked, but she already knew the answer. For some reason, Chrysta and Cloud had never really gotten along, which caused many arguments. She didn't like Sora, but there was reason for that. The first time he had met her had had been showing off his keyblade and being an arrogant ass. But Cloud had been at least civil when he met her.

"Yes, there is a problem! He" Chrysta yelled, pointing at Cloud. "is acting like the worlds revolve around him!"

"I am not! She's the one who's acting like all that matters is how long it takes her to get up in the morning!" Cloud yelled back at Chrysta. "I'm just worried about my friend!"

"And that's all she'll ever be," Chrysta hissed vehemently.

Following Chrysta's statement, a silence fell upon the first district that seemed to stretch on forever. After a few moments of Cloud and Chrysta glaring at each other, Cloud turned and left through the second district doors, presumably to go to the hotel. No one said anything for quite awhile, but then Chrysta ran out of the Cafe and through the third district doors.

"Chrysta! Wait!" Riku called, before running after her.

"...well, that was weird," Yuffie said, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Those two have been fighting for quite awhile now. Why can't they just get along?" Kairi wondered aloud.

"I have no clue," Yuffie answered.

"Chrysta went too far this time," Leon said quietly. "She knows that Cloud is touchy on that subject."

"Poor Cloud. He really loves Aerith, doesn't he?" Kairi asked. "I know I haven't been here for very long, and I might be completely wrong when I say this, but Aerith only considers Cloud as a friend. Or, that's what I could see."

"Sadly, you're right. I get the feeling that there's another man in Aerith's life, but who could it be?" Yuffie pondered. "There's really no one else here in Traverse Town that interests her."

They all sat in silence for a moment, before suddenly it clicked. "She's leaving to see another guy!" everyone said at once.

"That explains a lot," Sora said.

"Doesn't it though?" Kairi said. "Oh, I'm so glad she found someone! ...but, I'm worried, too. Why can't he just come here?"

"Who knows? But we should still go find her, before Cloud decides to destroy something," Yuffie said. "I know! Squall, go find Cloud, and try to talk to him!"

"My name is Leon. And why should I go?" Leon asked calmly.

"Because you're Cloud's friend. Now go on, find him!" Yuffie said, before adding, "Squall."

"Leon," he said before walking off in search of Cloud.

"Shall we meet here once everyone has calmed down?" Kairi asked.

"Good plan. Better yet, let's wait until tomorrow morning. Who knows, maybe Aerith will be back by then?" Yuffie said hopefully. But inside she didn't feel the same kind of hope, and she could tell that Sora and Kairi didn't either.

"Someone should find Cid and tell him," Sora stated. "What happened to him anyway?"

"He was here earlier, I know he was. Squall and I dragged him out so that he could get some breakfast. Darn him, he probably went back to sleep," Yuffie said in answer to Sora's question. "Since you brought it up, you should find him."

"B-but, you know him better than I do! You grew up with him!" Sora exclaimed.

"What's so &%#! wrong with me, boy?" Cid had shown up at the Cafe again. "I was wonderin' what you kids were yelling about."

"Aerith's gone again," Kairi said solemnly.

"Again?! Damn, she can't just stay put, can she?" Cid said.

"Apparently not. Meet back here tomorrow morning. We're going to go look for her," Yuffie told him. "I'm going to see how Squall and Cloud are doing. Bye!"

How is it so far? I was originally going to make it longer, but I decided against it. If I kept going, I wouldn't have anywhere to stop. So, review, and yes, there will be more.