Where'd She Go?

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A couple minutes later, Riku caught up to Chrysta in the third district. He found her sitting on one of the roofs, sobbing slightly. He climbed up next to her, and put an arm around her. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't know. Oh, I just don't know!" Chrysta managed to sob out. "Sometimes I just...I don't know, I guess I just can't take all of it. I feel like someone who doesn't belong. You, Sora, and Kairi are all from Destiny Islands. No, don't stop me, Riku. Yuffie, Leon, Aerith, Cloud, and Cid are all from Hollow Bastion...I'm just by myself. And today, I snapped, I guess."

"Chrysta, don't act like that! It's true that Sora, Kairi, and I are all from the same place, but that doesn't mean anything anymore. They're both purely good. They chose the light. I didn't. I chose darkness. And for that, I feel left out of all of it. All alone," Riku said to Chrysta, causing her to begin fully crying as she hugged him tightly.

"Don't you ever go anywhere, you hear?" Chrysta said, her words slightly muffled by Riku's chest. "Or you'll have hell to pay."

"I wasn't planning on going anywhere. Now come on, we're probably being missed by now," he told her. Just at that moment, Sora and Kairi come into the third district.

"Riku? Chrysta? Are you in here?" Kairi called out.

"Coming!" Chrysta yelled, wiping the tears out of her eyes. Her and Riku then climbed down off the roof.

"We're going to go looking for Aerith tomorrow," Sora told the two. "So rest up!"

"It shouldn't be too hard...right?" Kairi asked uncertainly. Apparently, she hadn't done much travelling between the worlds. She was going to be in for a surprise.

"Um...do you know how many worlds there are, Kairi?" Chrysta asked the slightly younger girl.

"There are...um...nine," Kairi said, and then realization dawned on her. "Oh god, there are nine! This is going to take forever..."

"We'll see how it goes in the morning," Riku said, before wandering off with Chrysta beside him.

"Is it just me, or is there something different between those two?" Sora asked, thoroughly confused by his friends actions. "It's like their in a world all their own or something."

"I'm just as confused as you are. Now come on, we have an entire day to ourselves. Well, almost an entire day," Kairi said slyly, winking at Sora.

"I like the way you think," Sora muttered before taking Kairi's hand and pulling her off the find a secluded spot.

"Look, Cloud, I'm sure Chrysta didn't really mean what she said. And even if she did, you know it's not true," Leon said, annoyed at all the trouble he gone through just to find Cloud, who had been in the gizmo shop, slicing at imaginary enemies. Unfortunately, his slashing had almost sliced off Leon's arm when he had tried to talk to Cloud.

"No, the problem is that she's right," Cloud said quietly before going back to his practice.

Leon sighed. This was proving to be more difficult than he had expected. He knew Chrysta was right, they all knew that, but Cloud didn't like to think about it. There wasn't much that he could do. "We're going to go looking for Aerith tomorrow. Meet at the Cafe in the morning if you want to come," Leon said shortly, turned, and left.

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