Hey guys; finally got around to writing that story I told you about. I just need to get it out of my head while everything is fresh. This is about my trip to St. Thomas.


They may call someone who steals another's story a Plagiarist, but as far I am concerned they are a demon of which has stolen another's soul.

" Talking


St. Titan

Chapter One: The Call

It was about high noon in Jump City, the city feeling much safer now; Considering that the Titans had be rid their city of that pesky Slade guy. The city had gone through a great deal of peril before it all could be safe again.

The Titans had cleaned up Titans' Tower for the most part. They were just kicking back and relaxing. They had even cracked the windows for a change. And as a certain masked boy sat by the window side, the wind delicately tussling his hair.


Robin reached for the phone, he was sleeping until heard such a disturbance, "Hello?"

Robin listened as intently as feasible as only awas-napping-person can. After the man was finished speaking, Robin set the phone down gently. Allowing the information to sink in, he yawned and stretched. He remembered something about a trip. And…

"Yo, who called?" Cyborg asked as he wandered into the main room.

"The mayor."

"Oh, 'nother lecture on how grateful the city people are?"

"No," he said blinking (like you could tell) and yawning again, "He said they decided to send us on an all expense paid trip to St. Thomas."

Cyborg about hit the roof at this news, "MAN! YOU AREN'T EXCITED?"

"I guess it'll be fun..."

"Leave the poor sleeping person alone." Beast Boy joked as he walked into the main room with Starfire lagging behind him, "I'd hate to see you as a beggar."

Beast Boy hunched down, and closed one eye while pretending to have a cane, "Now you sunny, GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!"

Starfire laughed as loud as she possibly could. Holding her stomach she replied, "That was one of good, Beast Boy!"

"Very funny…" Cyborg snarled.

"And this has to do with what?"

Beast Boy jumped, it was Raven sneaking up on him again, "Don't do that!"

"What's all the commotion guys?" Terra inquired while running down the stairs.

Cyborg just put on a big smile, "WE GET TO GO ON A TRIP!"

The others all lit up, "Sweet!" Beast Boy called.

"Wondrous!" Starfire cheered.

"Awesomeness!" Terra replied with an amazed expression.

"Yay." Raven droned.

"Oh now you're just sounding like Robin." Cyborg accused Raven as he put hands on his hips.


"Yeah, I came in here to see who was on the phone. I asked Robin. He just said it was the mayor. I thought it was some lecture. But NO he was telling us about this trip. So I was like "BOOYA!" And Robin's like "SLADE'S BACK FROM THE DEAD!"."

"He has a point Friend Raven, are you not happy?" Starfire inquired.

"I guess it might be fun, but only because I'll be able to stay away from you guys."

Starfire looked extremely depressed, she lowered her head, and with her jade eyes watering, she nodded her understanding.

"No can do, you two are going to be with me." Terra told them and wrapped an arm around each of their shoulders.

Normally this would be when Robin ordered them to do something, like pack. He did no such thing. The Titans turned to see their fearless leader leaning against the wall next to the windows.

"C'mon ya'll, let's go pack!" Cyborg suggested.

The others agreed, "I'm gonna take my tofu!" Beast Boy stated as he ran up the stairs.

"I'm bringing duct tape." Raven stated as she floated toward her room.

"That's callous."

"Do you even know what that word means?"

"Not really, but I heard Terra use it once."

Raven just sighed and continued her way. Beast Boy followed her closely just so he could taunt her some more. But as the other Titans went to pack, Starfire had stayed back for a moment.

With one arm over his stomach and the other laying loosely on the floor next to him, Starfire thought he looked exceptionally cute. She smiled and approached him. Sitting there next to him made her realize how much he meant to her.

Stroking back some of his locks from his tired forehead, "Robin; Sleep well."

She paused a moment studying his features, he did look thoroughly exhausted, "And do not worry of your packing; I shall do it for you."

Starfire was about to leave when she felt someone yank her down, "Thanks." He whispered into ear before returning to his original position.


The Next Day…


"So when are we supposed to go to this thing?" Terra asked walking down the stairs.

"This thing! Terra it's a vacation!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

Terra just rolled her eyes, Drama King…

"Actually, we're supposed to go to the airport." Cyborg corrected.

"Dude, you said it was in America."

"I said it was a territory of America."

"Don't confuse him too much." Raven half-joked.

"You're all late!" Robin exploded, "We were supposed to be there fifteen minutes ago!"

"Oh really? It would've been nice if YOU HAD ACTUALLY TOLD US LAST NIGHT!" Cyborg fired back.

"No more mean talking! I have already placed the bags of luggage into our vehicle of transport." Starfire quieted them.

"Good; Titans GO!" Robin exclaimed in his normal fashion. It felt good to say that again…

"What about Breakfast?" Beast Boy asked holding his stomach.

"We'll eat when we get there."

"But it's four in the morning, the stores won't open until seven!"

"Deal with it."

Beast Boy just grumbled and filed out the door. The great chase against time was on.

Yeah, I know the beginning sucked. I'm working on it. Beginnings are so hard for me to formulate as far as writing goes. Oh, and pardon the lame ending. Please critique me.