St. Titan

Chapter Seven: Sunset by the Beachside

After wandering seemingly aimless around the airport terminal, the Titans arrived just in time to pass through to the plane entrance leisurely. The Titans taking different seats this time, Robin and Starfire occupied two of the seats on the left. Starfire had the window seat, Robin just looked happy to have some time with her, but just to assure this he said, "Hey Raven, why don't you sit with us?" Raven nodded to Cyborg, and he laid her down carefully into the chair.

Cyborg was about to sit down when Terra asked him, "Do you mind if I sit on the outside? I'd really like to talk to Raven."

He gazed upon her ice blue eyes full of sincerity, he couldn't resist his friend's request, "Sure. You want the window seat B.?"

Beast Boy looked upset for a fragment of time before replying, "Yeah."

"Hey Rae." Terra addressed her casually.

Raven pryed her eyes open, there was something vaugely uncomfortable about the way she said 'Rae', "Hello Terra." she responded, a spark of friendliness in her eyes.

"About earlier--"

"You needn't mention it." she cut off, with a wave of her hand.

"I was just wondering--if it's not too personal, of course."

She seemed interested in what this little blonde girl had to say, but her conscious was nagging her about fights or something other, she couldn't discern.

"I was just wondering--have you and Beast Boy--uh--"she seemed unsure, not fully aware if anyone was paying attention, with brief glances of assurance that they were not, she continued, "--have you and he ever had a relationship?"

"Of course we've had a relationship--we're having one right now--we're friends." she seemed to reply with her usual spite.

"No, I meant the romantic kind." she replied as though Raven we're dim, but then leaned foreward, taking a brave move, "I know you knew what I was talking about. I'm not stupid you know."

Her violet eyes held Terra's gaze like the sea meets the bay, "No. We haven't had any romantic affiliation with one another."

The ice blue eyes were frozen upon the dark-haired girl's, unsure, but satisfied, "Just wondering--"

Raven decided that maybe throwing a bit of a wrench into her works wouldn't hurt Terra too much; Terra hadn't exactly given her every reason in the world to be nice, "But I will admit, we have flirted from time to time; his eyes, they tell me it all. When we fight, and he has that sparkle in his eyes, he adores the rise he can get from me, he knows how to push my every button." Terra shook her head unbelieving, a laugh in her eyes, but Raven continued, "If you don't believe me, watch him the next time we argue; you'll see what I mean..."

The yellow-haired girl merely shrugged it off; that was Raven being negative or spiteful. She just wants to antagonize me... she continued to think, but then doubt broke like glass on her head, the shards penetrating her deepest thoughts; What if she's right?

"Starfire?" Robin mused, the girl sitting next to him was in a deep slumber, already, which sort of upset him but there was no point in waking her now.

The plane took off with intimate grace. It's path defined; they were heading to St. Thomas now.

As they rode in the T-car toward the hotel, the Titans were all in awe. Staring at all of the sights savoring every landmark as though they'd never see it again. They all looked into the distance seeing that the sun was starting to set. After checking into their rooms, and putting their luggage away, they all decided to head down to the beach that was located just next to the hotel's pool.

Raven was feeling much better after all of the rest she had recievied earlier, so she had elected to walk on her own, whether the rest of them protested or not. Once they had all arrived at the beach, the warm gaze of the sun barely greeted them. It was already sunset. The golden aray of colors spread themselves across the open ocean; the breeze a constant comfort.

Robin smiled, for once in his life, and turned toward his friends, "See, Rae? We got here, and everything is fine. Maybe your prophecy was wrong."

"Maybe," she replied, her purple eyes complacent, "Maybe not. We'll have to see."

"Well, B.B. didn't talk us to death. That's a plus." Cyborg added.

"Hey!" Beast Boy exclaimed disgruntled.

"Just wait until tommorow, he'll be talking a mile a minute." Terra joked, poking him in the shoulder.

"Well, friends, where shall we eat?" Starfire asked, standing before all of her friends.

"Hmm..." they all thought, trying to remember the resturants they had seen along the way.

After deciding on a resturant, they all headed out. And after eating, they all returned to the hotel without a hitch. They all fell into a deep sleep and found themselves all more than ready for the next day, except for a certain dark haired girl, Please, please, can't I just be wrong once? she hoped, though not sure if she could fully believe it.