Lily stood in front of the mirror, nervously twisting a strand of hair into a braid. Her pale face stared back, the few freckles across her nose that were usually the bane of her existence standing out in stark relief. Today, though, she had bigger things to worry about- she was getting married today. To James Potter, great love of her life and the father of the baby she suspected was growing inside her steadily.

At that thought she allowed a trembling smile to spread across her face. She hoped, she prayed she was right. If she was.

"Hey, baby," she whispered half to herself. Her last few Auror missions had had her on edge with anxiety. but she wasn't about to give that up. She had faced down the Dark Lord himself, and by God, she would face down his lackeys, too.

"Lily!!!!" Ally called exuberantly, throwing the door open with a bright laugh. "Girl, you had better be- oh. You ARE ready. Ok, good. Come on, James almost punched Sirius out already."

"Oh, God. What happened?" she asked as she closed the door behind her and followed Ally out the door to the car.

Ally opened the door for her and helped her in. "Sirius wasn't doing his best manly duties.. In fact, he kept trying to tell James you weren't coming and that he'd have to marry Remus instead." The two of them began to laugh as Ally closed the door firmly behind them and they headed to the church.


"Oh, come on, James, Remus is such a looker, though! Nice eyes, the furry once a month is a turn off, but I'm sure love conquers al- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sirius screamed like a girl as James jumped at him furiously.

Remus caught James around the waist. "Hold off, big man. Sirius, stop provoking the groom, please, for the billion- oh my God Lil is here!"

"Oh thank God," James said weakly, sagging around the shoulders for an instant. Sirius peeked from behind the couch.

"So, you're not going to beat me?"

"I will later. I have to go get married." And with that dignified comeback, James and Remus strode out of the room.



Lily smoothed down the front of her dress nervously. Mr. Bates smiled at her. "Are you ready, Lily?" he asked softly, holding out his arm to her.

She swallowed to moisten her mouth and said, "Yes, I'm ready now."

James heard the Wedding March start and rose immediately onto his tiptoes to see if he could see his wife-to-be. He caught a flash of white and a cloudy red he could only assume was her hair under her filmy veil. With all the heads in the aisle turned her way, he couldn't see her. Then they pulled back and there she was, stately and calm on Mr. Bates' arm. He swallowed. This was it. A tear slid down his face before he could stop it, and he got a chill up his back. she looked ethereal.

He blinked again to clear his vision and she was much closer. Mr. Bates let her arm go, and he took her hand. With that contact, every doubt and worry vanished.

And so they were married.

There was one panicked moment where Sirius thought he had lost the rings in his frantic dive over the couch, but they were discovered in the lining of his pocket and order was restored.

They all ended up at Hogwarts for the reception. As Jessi got ready to take an adorable picture of Lily and James (Potter, she hastened to mention with a large grin), Sirius jumped behind them. It was too late, though, Jessi had already taken the picture.

Lily then took a picture of Jessi chasing Sirius with her shoe. She had a collection of them, ranging from trains to common rooms to dances and now her wedding. She smiled to herself and tucked the picture away safely.

Waving cheerfully, James and Lily were sent off on their honeymoon, and as soon as they were gone, Madam Pomfrey, then a spry 20, approached Dumbledore.

"Albus," she said gravely, "We were right."

Dumbledore looked at Poppy with a measured glance. "She is with child then, Poppy?"

"Yes, yes. I checked myself when no one was paying attention. I cast the spell myself and saw the results. She is with child!"

Albus nodded. "We cannot ask her to stop being a field Auror until she tells the father."

"Agreed. But I hope she does it soon."

Sirius pulled back, eyes wide. Then he ran to his fiancée.

"Jessi! Lily is pregnant!"


"Lily is pregnant!"

As Sirius started to explain what he had heard, he saw Jessi's face grow increasingly paler.

"Jessi? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just-"

"You didn't really think that they hadn't- oh, Jessi! The naiveté!" he smirked.

She recovered herself and grinned back. "How long have you been waiting to work THAT word into a sentence, puppy dog?"

Sirius woofed at her roguishly with a wink. "Not as long as I've been waiting for you to be speechless, love."

And the chasing resumed.


"Why did Lily and James get to have a public wedding?" Allison Lupin complained halfheartedly as she flopped on her husband's bed.

Remus started undoing his tie. "Get up, Fox, you'll ruin your dress."

"I don't care!" she said petulantly. "Remus! Why are we still hiding?!" she wailed.

Remus hurriedly finished changing and climbed into bed to placate his fuming wife.

"We," he said, drawing her into a hug, "are married. I know it, you know it, and that's all that matters. I love you, Ally."

She sniffed, burying her face in his shoulder. "I know, I know. I love you, too. I'm sorry, Remus."

"Don't be."


Lily brushed through her hair the next morning, pausing to admire the ring on her finger before finishing. She realized that today was the day she could find out for sure. Heart in her throat, she snuck out to the master bedroom to retrieve her wand, chiding herself for leaving there so far away from her in the first place. As she opened the door, James' soft snoring struck her ears and she stopped, fascinated. Usually, she and James woke about the same time, so she'd never heard him snore before. It was boyishly endearing, and she stood there smiling at his prone, sleeping body for a few moments before sneaking to the bedside and snatching up her wand, hurrying back to the bathroom. She locked the door behind her.

"Here we go. she said softly. She trained her wand on her stomach, held her breath, and said the fatal words, "Histeimi laever."

A light green mist spilled from the wand and pooled around her abdomen, which was all she saw before tears made seeing impossible.

"Oh my Lord. thank you." she whispered from her new seat on the floor, running her hands through the mist until it dispersed.

A knock on the door made her jump to her feet, wand in hand, Auror reflexes flaring.

"Lil?" James' sleepy voice queried through the door. "Are you ok?"

She let the tension drain from her body. "Yes, James. I'm fine. Go back to bed. I'll be there in a minute, ok?"

"Sure, Lil," he yawned, footsteps padding away.

She calmed herself outwardly and headed to her husband.

She climbed into bed beside him. Although half asleep already, his arms automatically went out to embrace her, drawing her close to him and snuggling quietly.

"You're awake early, Mrs. Potter," he murmured into her hair near her ear.

"I apologize, Mr. Potter, but your son woke me early today," she murmured back.

"I'll have to have a talk with hi-" Halfway through his sentence he realized what he was saying and bolted upright, bringing his wife with him.

"My WHAT?"

"Your son, James. Well, or daughter, I suppose. It's too early to tell."

"You- you're- no- but- REALLY?" he finally managed to force out.

"Yes. I just did the test. Are you- are you angry, James?" she asked almost timidly, praying she was wrong.

"Lillian Marie Evans Potter, I am absolutely- ECSTATIC! Are you kidding?! I'm a bit surprised, true, but it's a pleasant surprise- I'm completely blown away! I'm-"

"You're babbling, darling," Lily said calmly.


Time passed. Lily and James announced the happy news to their friends, and Sirius mouthed, "I told you so," to Jessi, who simply smiled and decided not to enlighten him yet who exactly Albus and Poppy were discussing. Strangely, Ally had the same exact thought.

Ally had been Remus' wife three months when she went missing. The frantic searching and stress put Lily on complete bed rest for the 3 months leading to her son's birth. She protested this furiously, but both James and Madame Pomfrey put their feet down. James became Remus' new Auror partner, and things went on ALMOST normally.

What no one knew was that Ally was secreted away in a room at Hogwarts, preparing for the birth of children no one knew existed save herself, Dumbledore, Madame Pomfrey. and Lord Voldemort.