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A Lost is a Hard Thing

Chapter one: One Hateful Bitch

'I have hated him ever since that day...'
'The day that changed my life and made me the person I am today. The person I look at in the mirror and hate.... No longer am I the person I once was, and wanted to be. I have become what I hated most. A woman out for revenge, a hateful and mean person! I put on an act of happiness. I even try to be carefree when my friends are around, but deep inside, I am neither happy nor carefree.'

'I'm not trying to say that my friends do not make me happy, because they actually do cheer me up a bit. But I can never forget what he has done to. I thought I would never be like this. I thought I would always be the happy, caring, loving, energetic, sweet, and innocent girl I use to be. I was never naïve. But I will admit to the fact that I am smart and cunning. Always have been, except when I was around him.'

'I thought that nothing could go wrong.'

'I thought wrong....'

'Everything was fine until that horrible day! He did it, all for the STUPID Shikon No Tama! Damn that jewel to hell... Damn him to fucking hell... He ruined everyone's happiness. Most of all he ruined my happiness... I thought we would be together forever! But I was wrong... How very wrong I was!'

'I could have stopped it, but I was too blind to see who he truly was. Which upsets me! I'm usually a very good judge of character. He made everyone so happy. So I guess I over looked everything that would have made me not like him, and to put a stop to everything that was going on. That was my biggest mistake!'

'It's all my fault!!!!!! I could have and should have stopped it! Now what happened is entirely my fault... And I'll never forgive myself for what has happened. All I want from him is to get revenge on him... If it's the last thing I ever do!!!!!!!! He shall burn in hell for what he has done! I will see to it myself. Even if I have to go there with him myself!!!!!!!!! He screwed us over once, and he will not do it again. Fuck him! Fuck the world, but most of all fuck me for being blinded by our happiness...'

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