Love Is More Than This

I can see his long chocolate brown hair, playing around his piercing blue eyes, they read my soul as bright pink, purple, yellow and orange lights seem to play around him.. He white button up shirt with a white tee underneath. His hand grabs mine. He pulls my head into his shoulder, he smells so good. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug. His lips touch my ear playfully as he whispers,

" I love you Cindy," I look up into his eyes.. He means it..I can see only love in his eyes. I smile at him.

" I love you to James," I whisper softly. He places one melting finger under my chin..he pulls my lips up towards his.. I am inches..seconds...away.....just as our lips are about to touch.......


I roll over and hit my alarm clock..honestly you would think I would be allowed to just dream about kissing Jimmy. I angrily shove the blankets off of me and get up to go take a much for even dreaming.. I sigh heavily..

I get dressed and hurry down the stairs. My mom awaits me...

" You look great hon!! Have fun!!" she waves goodbye. I just smile..ya sure if I looked that good Jimmy would've noticed me by now. I just roll my eyes and hug her goodbye..I fidget nervously as I walk by his house. I have loved Jimmy as far back as I can remember...but I have to keep this whole "hating thing" going. Its truly very hard.. Sure enough the front door opens as I walk by. He throws me a questioning look.

" Hey Spewtron," I coldly state. He just shrugs..after 6 years together you would think two sixteen year- olds could really at least pretend to get along... but we never do. He laughs gently.

" So Vortex, how's the fam doing?" he asks. He knows my family has been divided right down the middle..ever since...well my father died. Ya, he was divorced with mom..and I never saw him anyways it's been so hard with him completely gone...

" FINE," I snap at him. The slight devilish smile disappears off his face. He just shrugs. His melting blue eyes actually look at me straight in the eye.

" Sorry, I forgot," he says comfortingly. I know that he didn't forget..he just knows it hurts me.. I look down at the side walk.. I feel a drop of rain. This day is not going well....

"Ya, well screw you!!!!" I shout... I storm off immediately regretting what I just said.. I just simply try to keep going.... not looking back..if I look back he'll know I am sorry. I hear a sort of sigh thing escape from his lips. I just smile..did I hurt you neutron?? I am so glad I kept my big mouth shut for once.

I know that I don't like picking on Neutron, but I did anyways. I flipped back my long ponytail. It smelt so much like my shampoo I thought I was back in the shower. I see Libs. She signals me to sit. Surprisingly she isn't sitting by Sheen today. I smile my brightest smile at her. Trying to hide the inner tears that are screaming to come out.

" Hey Girly!" I just smile and cooly say,

"Hey ," she smiles.

"Stop obsessing over Nick already! I mean he's not worth the guilt trip," she laughs. I just smile.

" I guess," .... After all these years of being best friends...I still lie to her about the one thing I care for most..Jimmy. She thinks that I like Nick..well anyone would..I am actually going out with him.. Just cause he basically begged me to.. I 've been feeling more guilty lately. Just because of how much I love Neutron..and I have been going out with someone I don't feel the slightest inkling of feeling not like me. Oh well... I mess nervously with my hair. Sure enough I see Jimmy sitting with Sheen. His blue eyes looking at him..oohhhh how I wish that just could be me. I wipe the drool emerging from the side of my mouth. Libs throws me a strange look..

"Nick isn't even on yet girly!!!" she laughs. I just shrug.

"Can I help it he's just so yummy," I joke. Only if she knew I wasn't even talking about crazy Nick. I throw Jimmy another memorizing stare.....I just want to hug him, kiss him, tell him how I truly feel. But no...I just cant.

Just then Nick walks on to the bus..

"Okay, now you can freak out," Libby smiles. My boyfriend advances slowly...

"Hey there angelbaby," his voice smoothly says. Libby moves from the seat nooooo don't leave me here. His arm slips around my shoulder.

" Do I get my first taste of your sugar today Cind's? I've been waiting for a month now," he says cooly. I just smile. He is leaning in for a kiss every kid on the bus is watching including Jim... I pull as far away as I can get without being to obvious..

"Not now," I whisper in his ear.. But just to be sure he gets the picture for later I grab his cheek and place a warm kiss on his cheek. Neutron has turned around now, obviously disappointed he didn't get to see a freaking make out session.... obviously wanting to tease me about it later... Nick's smile warmly greets me..

" Fine, only if it's good," he whispers on my ear as he playfully kisses it. I just smile he can be so demented sometimes. He then kisses my shoulder, pulling my shirt down a little. I throw him a "you better knock it off fast" look. He pulls away as we arrive at the bus stop. My hands are burning with the books in my hand. I have to see Jimmy. I hurry down the aisle away from Nick. Who tries following, but doesn't succeed. I just laugh, Jimmy is at his locker.. I walk by pushing him a bit into his locker, he spins around with a determined look on his face. I open up my locker, two down from his. I look into his blue eyes. He sure has changed. I mean his hair is even different. Just like in my dream it is long his bangs playing around his piercing blue eyes..I look at his creepy..he is wearing what I saw in my dream. His blue eyes melt every inch of my bone...I just sit here holding eye contact with him..he gently smiles at me....I am losing my mind here.....I almost am going to walk towards him when I feel a push......Nick has me pinned up against a locker. Jimmy's smile fades. I just playfully mess with his hair. He grabs my face...he better late..he pulls me into a passionate kiss..his tongue plays on my lips seeking way nick...not now..his hands streak my back..NO!! I pull away. He sits there dazed.

" What the?" I look at him.. Jimmy stands near by I have to make up a pretty good dang lie...

" I'm waiting for Friday night," I giggle. Friday night was our one month anniversary. A playful smile escapes his lips. Jimmy makes a sick look and walks off. Ya, that's right..does Jimmy seem jealous?? Nah, he has that stupid alien girlfriend of his, and of course Betty whose been after him for days...weeks!!!YEARS...I get defensive as she walks up to him.. They aren't going out yet, but Libs says soon. I see Betty place a quick kiss on his cheek. Nick doesn't see me staring.... so just to make me feel better I throw Nick up against a wall and press my lips firmly against his.. My tongue immediately gaining access...Tongues colliding..I groan to make it look actual isn't that can it be when you are thinking about, and loving someone other than the person your kissing. I pull away. He smiles.

" I thought," I interrupt him..

"That's just a taste Mister.." I respond feistily and plant another quick kiss on his lips. The whole school sits amazed that I finally kissed nick..and so passionately..some people later told me they thought I was gonna try to have sex with him right in the school. I just shrug them off.. Jimmy is all that matters..just then I walk home..all alone... Trying not to think of what could take place on Friday night...

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