Better Than I Could Ever Imagine

heheh!! It's me ...again..like I said..major writing flows..thanks to all who even are replying!!! Because it's always nice to see that a writers work is appreciated.

I don't own Jimmy ok? If I did what is happening between Jimmy and Cindy would've happened a LONG time ago!!! LOL!!!

This ch. Is dedicated to PRL...with all my love..

It's Saturday today..I have to meet that "secret admirer" guy or whatever. The guy that Libby says loves me. I still haven't told her about what happened between me and nick that would hurt way to much. I won't even tell her about the little bit of romance me and the Jim had last night. I touch my lips still burning from his cheek. Good night I wonder what his lips would do to me.. I just laugh at myself as I sign on to the internet.

ScIenceGeniuS- Hey Cind! (I stare blankly at the screen he called me Cind, how weird is that)

IluvMe- Hey jimmy

IluvMe- wassup?

ScIenceGeniuS- nothing really just trying to figure out..well science stuff..lol

IluvMe- when aren't you?

ScIenceGeniuS- I'm not really sure..

IluvMe- Hey Jim, I cant thank you enough for last night that was really awesome of you.

ScIenceGeniuS- It's okay Cind, I went over to Nick's after that last night, and I talked to him and said it just wasn't right..

IluvMe- YOU DID WHAT!!!!!!!

ScienceGeniuS- I told him that he just was sick..LOL I got myself a good bruise on my right arm now.

IluvMe- oh jimmy...you honestly didn't have to..

ScIenceGeniuS- Ah, but I wanted to.

IluvMe- you are such an awesome friend Jim

So we droll on and on about different topics. Not fighting. Just agreeing. Soon 12 rolls around.

I sign off.. Soon six o clock rolls around. Ya my days go so fast. I walk to where I am supposed to meet this mystery guy. He is tall about Jimmy's height maybe taller. And he is in a long coat and a hat. (Looks like one of those secret agent guys) I walk up to him.

"Well hi there," I say to him. A smile just crosses his lips. I know that melting smile..I've seen it somewhere. I look into the sunglasses

" Who are you?" I ask he just laughs. No response.

" So you love me?" I ask touching his right arm. He pulls away quickly. He nods his head yes. I hug him..he doesn't know what I am planning. I pull off the hat and sunglasses.. My mouth drops open at what I see ...chocolate brown hair, freezing blue eyes....JIMMY. JIMMY IS MY SECRET ADMIRER. I stand here completely speechless..

He just laughs.

"Oops guess I've been caught!"

"But what, who, how...you love me??"I say breathless.

" Cindy, didn't you wonder why I went to talk to Nick...why I comforted you, all that, I was trying to get on your good side," he smiles. I just am standing here...not believing what is happening.

" You ...you ...love me?" He is now closer to me. Very close. He could probably hug me if he wanted to.. Now he is moving closer...he touches my face with his hand. His melting warm skin....

" I do Cindy, I really truly do, more than anything in the world," He whispers. Jimmy.. Loves me?? This only happens in dreams.

"But how ??" he interrupts me.

"Since I met you Cind, since I met you...I've been only trying to make you jealous, and than with Nick I was hurt... I just kept trying with April..with Betty..you think a genius like me could tell a girl how he feels about her...but I just couldn't I was afraid I'd lose you forever," he is blushing I've never seen him blush this much before. Even when I've kissed him.

" Oh Jim, that's so sweet!"

"So you don't feel anything for me right?" Just then I fling my arms around him.

I kiss the top of his ear playfully and whisper.

" I love you to Jimmy...more than anything...I've loved you ever since I've met you.." I kiss his ear again. I pull away and look into his blue eyes. They are sparkling more than I have ever seen them sparkle.. They look so gorgeous.

" Really???" I smile with a slight blush.

" Really," I assure him. My arms still around the back of his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist.

" I've dreamt of this so often James, how do I make sure it's happening?" I ask smiling.

"You make James sound so good," he laughs. He appears to be thinking. Then he whispers. " I know how to make sure," he smiles wisely... He moves closer into me. He is leaning toward me. I perk my lips forward as he does so also..and he leans down into me and then.. Closer...closer.....than it happens.. His lips touch mine. His lips are like sweet burning honey. I feel like my back has grown wings....this is heaven..in fact I feel like heaven itself opened up and is in this kiss.... I never want this to end..I am in heaven...my father never died..Nick never did any of that stuff...nothing..no problems.. I am seeing glowing bright lights..and on top of it all I have serious butterflies.. I can only hear my heart beating....we slowly pull away.. I just stand here with my eyes shut for a while. He laughs. When I open them he is still really close to me.

" That was .." I start but he finishes..

" Heaven," . My lips still burning with his sweet taste.

" I think I like heaven," I say blushing and lean into his lips. Again heaven. He moves his arms up to my neck. Holding, cradling my face. Just then his lips open and his tongue caresses my lips. Oh sweet mercy, his tongue is like candy..sweet candy..like that perfect candy that he made oh so long ago. My stomach has the same feeling...who am I kidding?? This is better than I ever thought... just then I seem to figure out that he wants entrance into my mouth. So I relax my mouth and he gains entrance. Just then our tongues collide..I moan with unexpected pleasure as he tastes again of sweet honey.. I want more!! French kissing is way better than I ever thought it could have ever been.... give me more candy...please..I feel like a child digging in the candy jar.. Just then the kiss turns passionate...his arms move to my back and run up and down it as I wildly rub his neck. He starts rubbing my back oh my gosh this is so perfect...to perfect...he slowly pushes me up against a nearby tree. He pulls away.

" Wow Jimmy, that was," I try to state breathlessly. But he shuts me up by forcing me up against him and the tree. His tongue finds mine quickly.. He is pushing himself up against me with my arms around his neck. Rubbing the back of it. In and out his tongue moves..wow..he is really good...soo good. He breaks away from the kiss and gently kisses my neck. Starting at my cheek bone..down to where my shirt starts. At which point I slowly sit down. He sits there across from me kissing my neck..then his lips find mine again. Yummy this is soooo yummy....he tastes so good..I want more!!! I all of a sudden push him onto the ground. Wildly kissing him....I sit up breaking the kiss. I kiss his neck playfully. He also sits up and then pushes me beneath him.

" Jimmy, this is weird," I say..

" Oh sorry," he starts to move away. But I forcefully pull his face into mine. His hands at my side. he pulls up and breaks each and every kiss... then passionately starts them again. Oh, this is way to perfect. Than he rolls on his side while kissing me and takes me warmly in his arms. We break the kiss. I am now completely breathless. I lay my head warmly on his chest and his arms surround me protecting me from everything. Silence. Well after making out so wildly like we just did there would be silence between anyone. We lay hear looking at the sky. Watching the perfect pink, gold, purple, and orange sunset. Finally I break the silence.

" This sunset is amazing James, the most perfect one I have ever seen,".

" I know Cind, and it's all the better watching it with someone you love," he says. I smile at him and again he playfully places his lips up against mine. Then after the sunset we stare at the stars.

"I've dreamt of this, ooo so often," I laugh.

" I know Cind, and now to make this the most perfect night in history, will you go out with me?" he asks smiling.

" Oh...YES!!!" I laugh. He playfully rolls on top of me again. Intertwining his fingers with mine.

" That's what I thought," he says. Again he passionately kisses me. Have mercy ...

"Well we best be going my mom will be worried,".

" And so will libs, you know no one is ever going to believe all this,"I say as he helps me up off the ground.

" Who cares," he laughs as he still holds my hand. He then wraps his arm around my waist. And walks me to Lib's.

" You look so beautiful right now Cind," he says smiling.

" Good night Jimmy," I say smiling. He moves into me.

" Can I get a good night kiss?" he laughs. I nod my head yes as he moves closer. Our lips gently meet. This is way to much like heaven. I giggle as I pull away.

I quickly kiss him again and head inside. He is standing outside..but when he walks away .... a feeling over whelms me. Happiness..burning happiness..and that's when it happens..

" YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I almost dance to the couch where I fall backwards on to it. I sit here staring at the ceiling. If I had known that I would be kissing..dating...JAMES ISAAC NEUTRON.... last night I wouldn't have given a rip about stupid Nick. I touch my lips..now burning ....he touched them!! I touched him! I never want this to end. Libs comes running down the stairs.

" Are you okay?" she looks awfully worried and pale.

" MORE THAN OKAY!!! I AM PERFECT!!!!" I yell happily. As I stand up. I hug her excitedly.

" I love life," I say smiling as I practically skip up the stairs. She follows me.

" What in the world?" She asks. I play nervously with my ponytail.

" You'll never believe me anyways," I say laughing.

" Try me," she says.

" It turns out Jimmy was my secret admirer..he's loved me this hole time..I told him I loved him to..then we kissed...and made out.... and we are officially dating now..." I say laughing a bit fast.. Libby just stares.

" You and Neutron..are ....going out?? You kissed? Made out?? HE LOVES YOU?? YOU LOVE HIM???" she smiles happily. "FINALLY!!!!"

I just look at her.

" Like I said I've known that you two have had a thing for each other..you've loved him ...ever since he came here..and him same with you...I could feel it girl! Finally you two weirdos have come to your senses!!! haha!! He actually kissed you!! He actually told you!! GO JIMMY! GO CINDY!" her hand makes a triumphant stab in the air. I just blush.

" This is defiantly going to be better than I could ever imagine," I say blushing to every corner of my face. Just than the phone rings...it's Jimmy. Yes, this is going to be better than I could ever ...ever.. Imagine...

Well that's all folks hope ya liked it!! :D :D all my love kTe

Again..this ch. Was dedicated to Philip Ryan Long with all of my love..even though I know you can't return it!! I still luv ya honey!