The Idiot's Guide To Relieving Boredom

"I am so bored," Daniel announced.

"Yeah, well, the Infirmary is boring," Jack griped back. "What were you expecting, Danny? Hula girls serving us tropical drinks?"

"Hula boys, maybe," Daniel murmured, giving his lover a salacious grin.

"Hmmph!" Janet snorted, having heard Jack – but thankfully not Daniel's – comment. Shoving the curtain back, she gleefully took in the sight of her two chagrined patients. "Cassie stopped by," she explained her arrival. "She got you both a present. I'm afraid you'll have to share. Have fun!" And, tossing a brightly colored square to Daniel, she left.

"What is it, Spacemonkey?" Jack asked curiously.

Daniel held it up and his face fell. "A Rubik's Cube," he grumbled. "I hate these; I can never solve them."

"Solve what, Daniel?" Sam asked, peering around the curtain. When she saw they were both up, she entered, followed closely by Teal'c.

"Cassie's present," Jack said, gesturing to the toy Daniel held. "She gave us a Rubik's Cube."

"A Rubik's Cube?" Teal'c questioned.

"It's a puzzle, Teal'c," Daniel told him.

"A very difficult one," Sam said.

"Oh?" Jack questioned.

Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

"Tell them, Sam; these things are impossible to solve, right?" Daniel said.

"Well, I've never been able to do it," she said, sighing.

Sighing, Jack said, "A bunch of wimps, that's what you are. Something's a little hard and you give up."

Sam glared at him. Daniel, however, got a speculative look in his eyes. "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, Jack?"

Jack looked surprised. "What do you mean, Dannyboy?"

Tossing the multi-colored square to the other man, Daniel said, "Why don't you try and solve it?"

Grinning cheekily, Jack quipped, "I think I will."

Holding the brightly-colored cube in his hands, he examined it for a few moments before going to work. Decisively twisting the sides with confidence, it wasn't long before he'd turned the last side to reveal a perfectly completed Rubik's Cube.

"What?" Daniel gasped.

Teal'c inclined his head in admiration.

"How…? Sir?" Sam asked.

Jack sniffed and smiled. "Didn't think I could do it, did ya?" he goaded.

"I've never seen anyone complete one of those before," Sam said, awe in her voice.

"And that fast," Daniel added, obviously impressed despite himself.

"I'm smarter than the average idiot," Jack said haughtily.

Daniel just coughed.

Half an hour later, after Jack had repeated his feat with the Rubik's Cube three more times, each time taking no more than six minutes, Sam and Teal'c decided to take their leave.

"I think you really threw Sam for a loop," Daniel told Jack.

Jack shrugged. "It's nothing, really. I've always been good at puzzles; this isn't even the first time I've completed a Rubik's Cube."

Daniel smiled at his lover, and, reaching out to clasp his hand, squeezed it for a long moment. "Yeah, well, all joking aside, I know you're not an idiot, Jack."

"I know, Danny," Jack said softly.

"And since you're so smart..." Daniel started.

"Yes?" Jack asked, eyebrow rising in inquiry.

"The Rubik's Cube may be all good and well to keep you occupied, but what am I supposed to do?" Daniel demanded.


"Well…I'm still bored," Daniel said meekly.

Jack groaned.