Well, I decided that I'd finally try my hand at a Full Moon fanfiction. The thing is, I didn't really appreciate the ending, leaving it off as it was, and I'm really running out of ideas for Rayearth stories. Besides, there aren't enough in this section, and Full Moon is one of my favorite animes. Grins. Anyway, the specifics of the story are; this is set in the future when Mitsuki is sixteen, and she has finally become a singer, for real, though by her own name. She and Takuto never really met at the end of the last episode (based on anime obviously, I can't seem to find the Manga anywhere), and Mitsuki has spent her past few years trying to impress him and make him remember somehow.

Same Rhyme

Chapter 1 Mitsuki's New Voice

Her arms reached up toward the heavens as she yawned thickly and sprung out of bed. She mused over the thought that she was possibly one of the only high school students that sprung out of bed. Well, she commented to herself, none of the others have as much good fortune as I do.

With her new career ahead of her, she'd been able to put her past behind her. Her surgery had been successful, and the tumor that had seized her vocal chords for so long was gone. She was totally and completely free, able to sing loudly and beautifully whenever she chose. And whenever she chose, was really whenever her agent chose, but that was okay with her as long as she got her message out to everyone. And her message was her own, not Full Moon's, not the stereotype she had become.

Yet, there were two things she could not so easily put in the past. Her eyes darkened slightly as she ran the silver comb through her hair. Yes, but how could she convince him? How could she even approach him? There were five years difference between them. She knew that didn't matter in real life, but in high school that was an impossible mountain.

Shape up Mitsuki, her mind scolded her, you've never been a quitter. You've always found a way.

She resisted the urge to scream at that voice that she had not always found away, not on her own anyway. She hadn't found a way to save Eichi, or Meroko. Meroko…still…the name stung in her head. Where was Meroko? If Takuto had been reborn, to try again, then where was she? Had she been reborn too? Something told her that wasn't it, but she was still willing to search. She would do an-

A loud honking outside her door made her thoughts cease abruptly. She tossed the comb back onto her vanity, grabbed her book bag, and ran for the door.

"Mitsuki-chan!" the driver called, "You're going to make us late! Come on!"

Mitsuki jumped into the car as it tore off, giggling helplessly from adrenaline. She let the wind push her dark brown hair backwards as she soaked in the sun lovingly. Convertibles were a great invention.

"Hey Mitsuki! It's your new song!" the girl in the front shouted, turning up the volume. Mitsuki could only laugh as they sang the words loudly, with all their hearts.

"Ooh, speaking of new songs! Guess who just released a new record?!" the girl next to her squealed.

"Who?" Mitsuki inquired.

"Takuto Kira!"

"Ah, Takuto," everyone in the car sighed as one.

"Hey Mitsuki! Why haven't you hooked me up with him yet?" the driver demanded, sending a heated glare toward Mitsuki via the rearview mirror.

"Because she's going to hook him up with me, right?" the passenger turned and smiled eagerly at Mitsuki who blushed fiercely and looked down at her interlocked hands.

"I-uh-well…" she stumbled. "The thing is-"

"Mitsuki has a crush on Takuto!" the girl on her left cried, causing Mitsuki to blush harder.


"Aw," the girl in the passenger seat whined, "You always get the good ones Mitsuki."

"I'm sure your boyfriend would love hearing that," the driver countered sarcastically, and all the girls burst into a fit of laugher, moving the subject from Mitsuki and freeing her mind. So, Takuto had finally released his second album. This could be her chance…


"Mitsuki, you're not ready to take this test?" the teacher demanded angrily, rapping her fingers on Mitsuki's desk.

"I-uh-well…" she stammered. "It was…I had to be at the studio, and- and-"

"See me after class!" she turned quickly and stormed away. Mitsuki sighed heavily and slumped further into her seat.

"Oh man…"

"Kouyama!" the teacher hissed, and Mitsuki stood hurriedly and bowed, heat flooding into her face.

"Sorry sensei," she muttered before she sat once more.

At the end of class, Mitsuki walked hesitantly toward her teacher's desk, keeping her eyes lowered.

"Mitsuki," she sighed heavily, shutting her desk drawer and looking up at the young girl. "I do not mean to be harsh with you, but your grades are failing. You are rarely in class, and when you are, you simply struggle to catch up. It doesn't seem to be a fault of your own, just a lack of time. I know you have asked me not to bother your grandmother with this, but I feel that I am forced to. Your music is being placed over your education, and she should be notified so you two can discuss it."

Mitsuki's throat closed so tightly that all she could do was nod her response.

"You understand?"

"Y-yes," she bowed quickly before exiting, tears welling in her eyes.

"Mitsuki!" her eyes turned upward to find that the voice calling her was a friend of hers, Eitoku. "Hey," he smiled warmly as he caught up with her.

"Hi," she grumbled, trying to push away the tears.

"What's wrong?" he inquired, attempting to peer into her eyes.

"I-" she turned away from him, "just got yelled at."

"Oh," he laughed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "That's not too bad. I get yelled at all the time."

She shook her head, but he didn't seem to notice. It wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that now her grandmother was involved.

"I was wondering if you wanted a ride home."

"Oh," she bit her lip, "I normally get a ride home with-"

"Come on," he begged, giving her puppy dog eyes.

She laughed and pushed him away from her, "Fine," she groaned. "If I must."

"Cool, I'll meet you by your locker," he pushed his bag back onto his shoulder and headed to his next class.

She watched him go, suspiciously. Wonder what that's all about, she pondered, but didn't have time to think because the late bell sounded, and she had to go sprinting to her next class.


"So where do you live exactly?" he asked, and she gave him her address in a quiet voice. "What's wrong? You're not still worried about her are you?" he demanded. "Come on, Amori-san is a stickler for the rules. She-"

"No, it's not that."

"Well, then what's wrong?"

"I-" she knew she couldn't explain. She couldn't explain it to anyone, no one…except for the one she had to explain it to. "It's nothing."

"Uh huh, sure," he muttered, but let it drop. "So, I heard your new song, it's amazing. I loved the lyrics."

She smiled and thanked him, "I've been trying to work more on my English," she told him.

He grinned, "Well you're doing pretty well so far."

"Thank you," she nodded to herself, she had come a long way. Ever since her time in America…even now the pain ripped through her. Eichi…Takuto…both lost. When she found out Eichi was dead, she was sure she would never love again, and then Takuto surprised her. Now, they were both gone, and her heart was more empty than ever. She had to find a way to make Takuto remember, there had to be a way!

He stared curiously at her clenched fists and hollow eyes, what did she have hiding inside her? "Mi-"

But he couldn't finish because Mitsuki's cell phone was ringing. She looked around confusedly, then sighed and began to dig through her bag until she found the small device that had disrupted her thoughts, "Hello?" she answered cheerfully.

"Hey Mitsuki-chan!" Ooshige-san called from the other side.

"Hello Ooshige-san," Mitsuki responded brightly. "What's up?"

"Takasu-san wants you to get down to the studio right away. He has a new idea for your next record," Ooshige informed her.

"Right…now?" Mitsuki looked hesitantly at Eitoku, "I…"

"Please come as soon as possible Mitsuki," Ooshige gave Mitsuki the 'this conversation is finished' tone, and she knew she had lost.

"I'll be there shortly."

"Good, see you then!"

She shut her phone with a soft 'click' and turned to face Eitoku, "Um…change in plans?"

He laughed and shook his head at her, turning the car around and heading toward the studio.


He stopped in front of the building and looked at it with awe, "Wow," he whispered.

"Th-" Mitsuki stopped, he had come out of his way to take her here; she owed him. "You wanna come in for a minute?" she inquired, and his jaw nearly came unhinged.

"Yes!" he shouted, a bit too enthusiastically, and Mitsuki smiled weakly.

"Okay," she motioned toward the doors, "Let's go."

He shut off the car and followed her through the doors toward the studio.

All the way through, she heard him take in deep breaths and whisper quiet words and phrases as musicians wound their way through the halls. She laughed, remembering a time when this had been all new to her, and she had looked at it in the same way.

Finally, they reached the door to Takasu-san's office, and she turned to Eitoku, "Well, thanks for walking me, you know the way out?" she realized how harsh that sounded and winced, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah," he mumbled, still taking everything in. "Wow, is that Takuto Kira?"

Mitsuki's eyes flashed in Takuto's direction as he headed down the hall, and she nodded, "It is."

"Insane," Eitoku shook his head unbelievingly, then turned back to Mitsuki and smiled, "Thanks for the ticket inside," he laughed, and she smiled and bowed, thanking him for the ride. "Anytime," he answered, tossing his keys and heading back down the hall.

"Mitsuki!" Takuto called and raised a hand. She echoed the motion and smiled sadly before heading into Takasu's office. It had taken her two and a half years to develop her voice enough to bring herself back into the singing world, and now that she had, she couldn't manage to capture his attention for more than a few moments. She had so much to tell him and no time in which to say it. There had to be some…

"Mitsuki!" Takasu greeted her over his desk as she entered. She jumped slightly then bowed, smiling warmly at him.

"Ooshige-san told me that you had a new idea for my record."

He pointed his hand toward the chair in front of his desk. She accepted his honor and sat down in the offered chair, "I did; I did. I love the work you're putting out Mitsuki. Your lyrics are getting more and more inspirational everyday. My idea was more for the tour than for the actual record."

"The tour?" she inquired, and he nodded quickly.

"Yes yes, this album is going to be huge! And when I mean huge, I mean, big. Your new album is going to cross over into the United States, big. There hasn't been a name like yours since Full Moon, and that's a compliment," he was speaking very rapidly, telling Mitsuki he was extremely excited about this new idea.

"But I have school, I mean…"

"No," he stopped her. "We're going to hire you a tutor. You're going to un-enroll from school when the album comes out. Sooner if you wish, it's far past time you weren't hindered with school. Most singers have a tutor from day one. Madoka has never spent a day in school."

"I-" he told her this, as if it was not even a choice. "I-" did she want to continue singing or not? "Okay," she mumbled.

"Good, very good, no fuss there, of course. No one likes school anyway," he forged on, leaving Mitsuki no room to argue. "Now, what I was thinking was, having a double concert, maybe even getting you two together for a duet. I mean, think about the possibilities!"

He was going to continue, but Mitsuki interrupted him in a quiet voice, "Excuse me, Takasu-san, but, who are you talking about?"

"Takuto Kira of course," he responded as if it was common knowledge, and Mitsuki's eyes barely stayed in her head.

"Takuto?" she whispered, and he looked up at her, looking like he had just realized she was even in the room.

"Yes, he's going to tour with you. You're both big names, your albums are coming out at basically the same time- you…" he cocked his head at her curiously, examining her blank expression.

Finally, something in her sighed. Finally, you'll have plenty of opportunities to speak with him then. She tried to keep her heart from leaping.

"You don't-I mean, you're not-" Takasu tried to figure out her countenance, even though he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know what those looks meant.

"Sorry I'm late I was caught in traffic!" Ooshige flew through the door and did a quick bow.

Perfect timing Ooshige-san, Mitsuki commented to herself, adjusting her face so that she could greet Ooshige.

"It's quite all right Ooshige, I was just informing Mitsuki here that she's to be touring with Takuto Kira."