Make Me Feel

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Chapter 35

Zachary had never felt so afraid to be around his mother. The way she spoke and the look in her eyes made him wish his father was alive. His father would have protected him from Satan himself but his father was not here. But as much as he feared his mother for himself, he feared her for Otto ten times more. He had no clue what his mother could possibly be up to but he knew, just knew, that it would do something horrible to his love and their relationship.

Emily stood frozen staring at her mother and felt fear clench tightly in her stomach. The

lack of emotion and sanity that once filled her mother's warm eyes scared her and she wished that she knew where the comforting warmth had gone. Her child instincts screamed at her to call for someone to take care of her but her rational mind told her that there was no one. He father was dead and her mother was the dangerous looking crazy woman standing in front of her.

Otto had already taken a defensive posture by reflex. He did not truly fear for himself but what would happen to Zachary if they were somehow separated. He knew he was the boy's first love, the teen had told him so, and it terrified him to think of what the teen might do if he suffered heart break at such a young age.

"You all look so unhappy to see me. Really now, I thought you were just getting ready to look for me. You said that there was something you needed to tell me, Doctor Octavius?"

Teresa smiled but it was like a smile you would see on a painting. She showed no true emotion at all and Emily actually whimpered softly at the look on her mother's face. The girl was obviously too young still to have to look into the face of her mother gone insane. Zachary's eyes didn't leave the face of the woman who had once cared for him lovingly but reached out and took his little sister's hand in his own. He would try to give what comfort that he could.

Otto stood up a bit straighter and tried to relax a bit. The situation was a tense one and he needed to think clearly and be able to react quickly to what ever the woman had planned.

"Yes, we were going to come tell you that the procedure was a success. Zachary is no longer in any danger."

The mechanical children twisted and curled around him in what appeared to be a lazy fashion, but in truth they were actually analyzing the woman in the doorway. They ran scans and checked for metal frequencies but the woman was unarmed. What in the world could she be doing if she had no weapon?

"What wonderful news Doctor! I'm so happy. But I'm afraid there is one danger that still needs to be taken care of."

Otto's eyes narrowed behind his dark glasses and his fists clenched by his sides.

"And what would that be Madam?"

Her tone and expression didn't change even slightly. It was like he was conversing with an ice sculpture.

"You. I'm afraid we need to get rid of you Doctor Octopus. You are the real threat; Zachary was a good boy before you took him. Now he's a wanted criminal and the world thinks he's a gay boy-toy.

I'm afraid I can't just sit back and watch you ruin my baby boy. Or start on your way to wrecking my little girl. I've seen how you act with her; pleasure from a young boy isn't enough so you want some action with a fourteen year old girl as well!"

Her voice was finally rising in pitch and Otto heard Emily gasp in horror at her mother's cruel accusations. The woman did not end her rant there though, she continued on using even worse words. Otto couldn't help but flinch wishing the woman would at least not say this in front of her children.

"I had tried to tell myself to be patient and understanding. I thought that being home for a little while would be enough for Zachary to come to his senses. But I believe that you must have done something monstrous to him while he was alone with you to make him so dependent on you. What did you do to him Doctor Octopus? Did you ever tie him up? I heard somewhere that's what sadists do to make their slaves so dependent on them. Did you make him touch you when he didn't want to? What have you tried with Emily so far? Have you gotten her to sit in your lap as you pet her? I bet you've done something you monster! I know what your type is like, you seem friendly and nice on the outside but underneath you're really a fiend who would sell his soul to get a fuck with a warm young body. Well, I'm afraid you targeted the wrong children for your romps Doctor.

As we speak there is a government SWAT Team and Task Force on there way to covering the whole property. They believe you came here to lay low and get your barings while taking me and my family hostage. They even know about what you've been doing with the children. Now the world will know that not only are you a murderer and crackpot scientist, but now they will know you're a sex fiend. Good luck with the death sentence Doctor, because you are a sure candidate for it."

The woman's expression finally changed and took on a look of accomplished arrogance. Otto was still stunned from the woman's horrible accusations towards him, but she had contacted the government? Why on God's Earth had he not considered that she might do that?

"Mother! How could you do this? Don't you realize that they love each other? How can you say those horrible things about Doctor Octavius after he saved Zack's life?! How could you accuse him of being a rapist? He never even touched me mom! He never even touched me! And I know he never even would have consid-"


Emily's tear filled babble was silenced by the harsh slap her mother planted across her tear streaked face. The woman's expression had turned to that of mild disgust.

"Don't lie to your mother Emily. I know he's touched you, and now that I look at you, I bet you didn't fight it. I bet you just jumped into his lap like a little slut and let him have his way. I bet you enjoyed it too. I should have realized what kind of girl you were sooner. With your tight shirts you wear to get boys to ogle you with. That music you listen to, I should have known that you would turn out a natural whore."

Emily broke down into sobs as she looked into the disgusted face that was her mothers as those cruel words were targeted at her. Otto stared at the young adolescent's sweet face as she sobbed and tears ran down her red cheeks.

It was one thing for the woman to insult him for his relationship with Zachary. But to insult her own daughter in such a way because the girl was sticking up for him, that was a truly heartless thing to do.

But he remembered what the woman said about the SWAT Team and the Task Force and he realized with growing horror that he had to leave. He had leave before something bad happened.

The thought of leaving those kids with the mother from Nightmare on Elm Street was the worst thing he could do to them but he knew in his mind and even his heart that it had to be done. He was putting them in danger, and Teresa would most likely lessen up on the accusations if he was gone.

But he could come back. After everything cooled down he could come back in a year or two. Hell, he could fake a death and just go off and live with Zachary someday. They could go live on the West Coast, get a tan even. Or maybe leave the country all together. Greece would be a lovely place to live, or maybe even France. Greece would be nice seeing as his mother Mary had been full Greek and his father had been half. They could find a way.

He looked to Emily who was standing with her head bent towards the ground and her hair covering her face like a veil. Sobs were still wracking her body and he noticed where tears had hit the carpet covering the floor.

Zachary to say the least had gone into a deep state of shock. He was staring blankly at his mother and sobbing sister as though he thought they were a part of the wall. Teresa looked away from her daughter as though the poor girl was a disgusting spot on the floor and looked back to Otto himself.

"I suggest you go out and meet with the authorities. I don't want them to all come trampling into my house. Give me regards to the Devil when you go to Hell as well."

Otto looked at her and replied coolly.

"I'll let you have that privilege yourself. You are certainly just as good of a candidate for being damned as I am."

He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when the woman hissed like an angry cat who been stepped on.

"But under the circumstances, I fear I will have to leave. But I am certainly not going to the authorities. Zachary, will you show me a safe way out?"

This seemed to finally snap the teen out from his frozen shock. He stared at Otto and opened his mouth several times before actually being able to speak.

"You…you're leaving me?"

"I'll explain, lets get going quickly though while I still have time."

Teresa looked as though she was going to scream and protest but Otto was surprisingly quick for his large size and grabbed Zachary by the arm and was out the door and racing for the secret door that led into the Batcave using Three and Four instead of his organic legs.

"Tell me which turns to take so we don't need to slow down."

Zachary managed to comply and they reached the grandfather clock in just less than three minutes. They opened it up and Otto ushered Zachary inside the small passageway and shut the small door behind him.

"Otto please tell me you're not leaving me. Please say that your not."

He sighed and used One to find the light switch and he managed to get Zachary to start walking down the steps. He used his hand to wipe his brown and adjusted his glasses.

"I'm not going to lie to you Zachary. I am going to leave but I promise you with every part of my being that I will come back for you. We just need to wait until everything has calmed down. I think I'll leave for a while and fake my death. After that I'll lay low and let people grow to believe I'm really gone for a year or two, then I'll come back and we will be together again."

They stepped off the stairs and Zachary turned to Otto looking like he might cry. The young man wrapped his arms around the older man's neck and buried his face into the material of his coat.

"You promise you will come back? How will I know how long to wait?"

Otto sighed and rubbed his boy's back trying to calm the boy and even reassure himself. He didn't want to leave his love after they had found each other.

"I promise. I don't know how long I will be gone but I don't want you to waste your life waiting. Remember you will need to seem normal in those years. Go to school, take over your father's company, date someone to seem as though you forgot about me. But when I do come back I will make sure to have taken precautions. I'll change my name probably."

Zachary didn't speak for many moments. He didn't know how he could date somebody if he was in love with Otto. But the older man was the genius and he could tell this was the only way.

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

Zachary pulled his face away from the cloth of his older love's coat and kissed the man on the lips. Neither of them wanted to let go, but wanted to enjoy the moment for ever. But all great things must come to an end, even if it will start again later.

They finally had to let go and a single tear ran down the cheek of both men. Neither were able to form words and Zachary had to point to a manual exit of the cave instead of speaking.

And Otto left. But his heart stayed behind beating side by side with his loves.


21 year old Zachary Wayne walked out of Wayne Industries Headquarters and adjusted his suit as his chauffer drove up. He had definitely changed from the 17 year old the public had known for quite a while as Granite. He was taller, he had reached a solid six feet and he had more muscle though he had managed to remain leaner than the typical guy. His bangs still fell into his eyes but they fell in a certain natural way that people would fight with their hair stylist to get. Along with his suit he had become famous for always wearing a classy leather glove on his left hand.

He was obviously no boy when you looked at him. He was a strong adult man with a quick wit and sharp frosty sea-foam green eyes.

He slipped into the car as the chauffer held the door open for him and sat down inside setting his brief case on the seat next to him. He was tired from the business meeting and just wanted to go home and fix himself a drink. He would probably make a few calls as well. He definitely needed to make one to his fiancée Monique about the wedding.

The drive was boring and he thought about Monique. She was a pretty African American girl he had met at a Ball a year ago and they had dated until she had asked him if he would like to get married. He had said yes without really thinking about it but he now felt guilty. He was going to marry a girl he didn't even love but he knew was crazy for him. Oh he was fond of her, but he could not feel any true deep feelings for her.

God he needed a drink.

After he had gotten back to the Manor he went to his den and fixed himself a brandy. He had had a long day and needed to try to relax. He gave Monique a call and she asked him what he thought of white roses for the wedding, he said it sounded lovely.

He had just gotten relaxed sitting in his chair with his brandy in one hand when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Alfred walked in looking very withered and elderly. The man servant had been getting more and more elderly but he still insisted on carrying the tea trays. He was a strong old guy.

"You have a guest Master Zachary. A Dr. Molina."

Zachary frowned in thought and tried to recall if he knew a Dr. Molina. He couldn't think of anybody by that name.

"Send him in Alfred."

The old man gave one nod and left the room for a few moments. Zachary feeling curious and confused set his drink on his desk and stood up so he could welcome the man properly when he came in.

But he had not been expecting who walked through that door.

He looked exactly the same albeit a bit thinner. He was wearing a newer brown coat and he had his hat on. But he had the same sunglasses on and Zachary could even see the sad puppy look of his beautiful brown eyes.

"I made you a promise, gypsy boy, and I never forget a promise."

All thoughts of marrying Monique vanished from his mind when he and his love embraced and kissed.

End of Story

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